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  1. SiriJoka

    Help With Some Questions.

    I can play the game with low settings, it's just that i have noticed i have a smoother experience with most games while here it still feels "rough" and "heavy". That's why i mentioned Paragon (UE4), were in the options you can set it to 30fps. Anyway, thanks for the replies! I was hoping that there would be a workaround for this (30fps) but i guess the game's engine is different than the usual ones.
  2. SiriJoka

    Help With Some Questions.

    So there is not an answer/way to make the game run in 30fps?
  3. SiriJoka

    Help With Some Questions.

    I started it because i have more than 1,000 games in my main account. I agree with your statement that it does punish ppl who pay money....that train of though should be disturbing though you see? You make it sound like the game is unfair, that you get benefits others can't have IF, they pay. Borderline p2w. But it is not, ofc. Now, "people like me" are actually the majority of gamers (I am not providing any stats and facts here, i give you that", but a company chooses a F2P model for a reason. Don't you think? Wider/bigger audience that is. On top of that exactly because i like the game i keep playing it and every so often i buy a Premium pack. So, me, the f2p gamer also helps the game. I only asked something and i din't get a direct answer to that. Or, the answer is, "If you prefer to not use Premium consumables and such and be rewarded by getting reduced costs, then i who pay a lot of money will feel cheated". I guess then i'm ok with it...
  4. SiriJoka

    Help With Some Questions.

    When you say "always" it sounds like it is forced, that it is not a choice as it feels they made it to be. Premium consumables+Camo+Repair/Resupply costs are too high in the sense that they diminish the earnings in higher tiers. Thus, i would argue, the incentive. Especially for F2P accounts. So the "always" is like intentionally made this way to make people keep buying Premium and the Premium Ships which btw they do have lower repair costs. That's borderline P2W. Technically it is not ofc. Perhaps i should phrase it as question. Do you (by "you" i mean all the high tier players) feel it is unfair for someone that does not want to use premium consumables, upgrades even, signals etc., to have a discount in Repairs/Resupply costs? If yes can you elaborate as to why? As i don't see many people demanding it, like the high demand for reasonable prices in the Shop for example (...yet nothing is being done...), i am not expecting anything to happen really. More so, i never see Devs here answering to the playerbase. Thing is, i know my skill won't change because now (in higher tiers) the demand to play better is bigger. Anyway, thanks for answering, cheers.
  5. SiriJoka

    Help With Some Questions.

    Hi. Recently i started playing "Paragon" and in the graphic options they have also the frame rate lock for 30, 60, 90 and Unlimited. I have an old graphics card (can't afford new one atm) so i had some issues with the quality, not with anything else. The game runs smoothly even on this early stage, guess it makes sense with UE4 and their engine but, the recommended quality was bad for me. In this game the main issue is backwards, the game never seems to run smoothly. Ok-ish yes, smooth no. So i have all my graphic settings to low, but i just realized i never tried anything beyond that. Is there a way to change the FPS to 30? Does anyone know? Thanks! The other thing i wonder is, since the resupply/repair cost is off limits for F2P accounts/players for ships above tier 7, have the Devs ever thought of giving a reduced cost for those that are brave enough to not use Premium consumables, any camo with benefits and signals? Considering they lose something in power or otherwise i personally consider it a fair trade off. Nothing changes, only the costs will go lower for the ones that will not use everything i mentioned. Thanks, cheers!
  6. SiriJoka

    Q&A stream next week - send me your questions

    Q: Will you develop the Co-Op to a point which can appeal the PvE gamer? If not can you elaborate as to why?
  7. SiriJoka

    Unplayable game

    Well, the "equalizer" i mean is the skill factor missing from "1v1 is a lost battle for low tier". I made my argument there. Further, this is an arcade game, not a simulation to compare it with real life, not to such an extend in any case imo. Otherwise the BB's accuracy would be even worst in game, isn't it? But the main point, to be fair, is that people should realize it's a 12 vs 12 game/match. Meaning, even not having an elaborate plan/strategy/tactic, the best bet is to stick together and support each other. And it is harder than it sounds really. 9 out of 10 games i see people hitting W until they reach "Full Ahead" and they go to were they see Red, much like a bull, without much thinking in to it. What i'm trying to say is that, i hope it is not just black and white concerning 1v1 while having tier differences. The first thing i said anyway was that i agree with the basis of the comment. I just understand why a casual gamer may feel frustrated at times, that's why i also mention a more in depth and detailed in-game tutorial.
  8. SiriJoka

    Unplayable game

    I agree with everything above but, "If you are in a 1v1 situation vs. your class counter, esp. higher tier than you, then frankly you are screwed. That is not sign of bad design, that is a sign of lost battle." I don't see how this counts as a logical argument, or, i can't understand it. Aren't there ways to counter this Tier difference from a Developers point of view? I find hard to believe. I think it's a Dev decision to have that gap, strictly talking about 1v1 situations. Of course the high tier has the advantage, clearly, yet there should be a kind of equalizer. Meaning, since the MM decides these ship can compete...they should. Plain and simple. When i see a tier 3 vs a tier 5? That's not right right there, especially knowing that in tier 5 many ships get a huge boost in stats isn't it? What i'm saying is, tier difference should matter ofc but, MM should be refined and think thoroughly on how to process tiers. Furthermore, is it a complain to take into account and here's why from my point of view. When a game decides to be F2P, it means it will appeal to the casual gamer. From having a good tutorial explaining many things in depth (i mean in-game tutorial, not in the Official Website..), from having mechanics to ease the casual gamer. F2P means you target that audience/consumer, isn't it? Then every Dev should provide the tools to help that casual gamer stay in game and yet the game be challenging to anyone. For me, the game is fairly simple, easy to understand and after awhile you learn the ships have roles, indeed. Thus you must play in a certain way each ship, yet not strict. I should also say that, i do not consider it "bad design", but it can be improved, considering everything i mentioned. Cheers. EDIT: I actually forgot my main argument, having so many things in my mind.: When you say it is a "lost battle" for a low tier ship, doesn't that mean that the skill factor does not play a part? Doesn't that disturb you? You are saying, it's all about the ship then, no skill involved (and let's put aside the heavy RNG based factor here, even if ppl say it's just 25%, it sure feels a lot more)? I thought an individuals skill should matter, regardless of tiers. The difference in tiers gives the advantage surely but, why a "lost battle" in 1v1? I think you should reconsider.
  9. SiriJoka

    Greek language

    The reality of the thing is, Greece seemed to have money. They were loans, from British, French, Americans even, you know, all the "great" empires that rise and fall. Anyway, the point is, we didn't had money then, they were loans and steadily but gradually, those loans became debt. A non sustainable one. At this point Greece is still under Capital Control status. Meaning, for example, i can't use my PaySafe account to purchase Premium. But that's another issue. As priority goes, i would say anything Greek added to the game is something i honestly do not care, considering historical accuracy i want British, German, Italian and French even and certainly i do not care about anime theme or greek language pack in the game at all.