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  1. HMCite

    Mercenaries looking for a clan

    Looking to play as a mercenary.
  2. @Ze_Reckless Thanks for the input. Yes you are right , We could always ready up for div in CBs, and can talk to a Clan directly. And I might try that as well, but I think if there are people who want to be recruited or Clans who want Mercenary Recruits, Forum thread could be a nice place for Our gaming community to search what they are looking for.
  3. Hello wargaming Community. I am Hoping to play Clan Battles as a mercenary for a Team who is at least Typhoon in past. If any such team is interested , do contact here.
  4. Plat Form for Mercenary for Clan Battles
  5. HMCite

    PT 0.10.2 - General Feedback

    Can Wargaming please consider giving More special Flags as reward for PTS?
  6. HMCite

    Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update

    Issue resolved by starting the game in Safe Mode from the game Launcher.
  7. @tentative_noob Please Find an appropriate place for your post. This Thread is meant for recruitment purpose only. Still I forwarded your concerns to @stiker_Ali and he was kind enough to respond. Hope you got your answer. Good day to you sir
  8. HMCite

    Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update

    alright thanks, in mean while i will check game integrity
  9. HMCite

    Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update

    yeah but why cant i log in after update installation? Server will be down on 21st , not today right?
  10. HMCite

    General CV related discussions.

    well, Check my stats in Divisions, I have played about 8-10 K of my games in division and have a WR of 60plus as a whole.... So how does it not make sense? My Average WR in div is 60 plus in 10K battles and everytime i get FDR in div, I reach 80-90 percent miraculously?
  11. @tentative_noob First of all you are accusing players for colluding in Ranks , if you have proof please share it with wargaming and not just make baseless accusations in Forums. I would like to point out, Both players are Great CV players, and any one can have a good and a bad game. As far as Hiro Winning is concerned, Hiro is a Unicum player with around 62 percent WR over all and is a super uncium CV player and Is able to Win his own Ranks with CV and even with Battle ships, so you are wrong to accuse him. Please go and check his Over All stats and it will prove what i am saying. Look at his average performance in all games he played in ranks and you will realize you are wrong. 2ndly, correction : Striker is Clan Leader of Clan pn4vy and is not a Clan member member of hiro. And i dont think he will compromise his Star for anything like this. Both belong to different Clans and you are wrong in saying co-operative Clan mates. 3rdly , in case your team won the game , would you accuse Hiro for letting Striker Win? So either way , any team wins you would accuse the other team player of collusion? whats this logic? 4ly, Hiro managed to be on top of his team , which shows he was most effective player againt your whole team, so tell me , did the rest also collude with Hiro and let him be this much effective?
  12. HMCite

    Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update

    I seem to be unable to Log in after the installation of the new update. Anyone else having similar problem?
  13. HMCite

    General CV related discussions.

    Nothing you said was wrong, and I found talking to you very friendly. Have a Good day sir
  14. HMCite

    General CV related discussions.

    Thanks @Zuihou_Kai and @BLUB__BLUB , for the chat. I agree with most of what you said. Yet I still remain Convinced , FDR is the worst CV addition to the game.