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  1. IanH755

    [EXCERPT] WGFest 2018 - RUBBs and RNCVs

    PoopMeme Incoming, sorry! -
  2. IanH755


    Watched a guy in a ARP Myoko on the North Map sail to the Old "D" cap (no longer there) to hide whilst my bot DD and my Tirpitz took the C cap from 2 DD's, a Cruiser, a Tirpitz and a Musashi yet, as he got 1 plane kill from a CV he still got 150-ish Base XP when he literally did NOTHING, so WG will reward even the lowest IQ players! I looked up their Stats and, sadly, was not surprised - 42% WR after 8K games, a PR of 211 and lines and lines and even more lines of red ships on WoWS Stats/Numbers.
  3. IanH755

    FIX the damn game

    I KNEW I wasn't going crazy, this has only started happening to since 0.7.11.X (one of the micro updates) but I wasn't sure if it was just me "missing" the ESC button which I clicked but I paid more attention and now see that it takes an extra 1 second to become selectable (the colour changes from dark grey to light grey) and then ANOTHER second before it registers a click!
  4. IanH755

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    [Co-Op] - Started off with 3 really fun back to back games and then two games where having a Full AA spec makes a huge difference - and then to finish everything off, the stupidest game I've played in a long time. The right side of the Shatter map is bloody stupid for Co-Op as the bot routes mean that 90% of the time the Bots at C will all charge to B instead and then get stuck on islands so no-one can shoot them for the first 5 minutes. Anyway, after that 5 minutes of gameplay I'd missed a few salvoes against ships 20+ km away (the only ships I could shoot at due to the bad map design) and only had a single over-pen on a DD to my name so I was abusing WG in the chat, raging about this being a terrible map when two Montana's popped out infront of me at 10km-ish fully broadside and 2 salvoes later I had 8 citadels and 2 dead Montana's....................thanks WG I guess????
  5. IanH755


    I remember lots of posts complaining that a single part of the Bots new behaviour (they ran away) meant that game were less enjoyable but I don't remember any threads complaining about the rest of the bots new behaviour, like changing direction/speed, DD's actually using smoke etc, which were all fairly well received on the EU side I thought but I didn't realise that the NA forums had a much bigger out-cry against the bot update.
  6. As someone with zero steel already and no chance, after the end of the snowflake/steel-campaigns, to earn anymore via CW (I don't play CW), do we think there will be much benefit from keeping the steel earned, rather than converting it to Coal, just incase another Steel campaign/event happens? I'm guessing the amount of steel earned would be so low that you couldn't earn a ship (the Flint is the cheapest) just from these Xmas events and would need to play CW to "top-up" any steel earned.
  7. But Co-Op is 98%+ guaranteed a win, regardless of how you play, which is why you can go completely and utterly nuts and still win and, for me personally, that ability to "go nuts" is what Co-Op is for, as you won't do those crazy things (which would negatively effect your team) in a PvP situation. So I don't "play to win" as such because it's virtually guaranteed, instead I play to do the crazy stuff However I realise everyone plays their own game. Thats my personal favourite part of WoWS, getting into a 2-3 ship mega-brawl
  8. You're playing it "wrong" - It's not a PvP mode and winning doesn't matter - all that matters is having fun by playing exactly how YOU want to play regardless of others. Whether that means brawling against 2-3 ships with secondaries flying everywhere or just practising in your CV, the idea of Co-Op is just to relax and have a blast and forget about WR's and team-mates etc.
  9. IanH755

    Newport scenario after changes

    A well played DD can massively help the team with smoke for cover, spotting and acting as a magnet for the bots, giving all you allies broadside shots at the bots. A badly played DD is a waste to the team and can easily cost the team stars or even a win. In my 150+ Op games I've seen the vast majority of DD's being badly played and probably less than 10% being well played.
  10. Ah another Co-Op convert Isn't the game so much more fun when you can play like you did, I love a good brawl in my Derpitz!!!
  11. IanH755

    Newport scenario after changes

    True, and that is the random part, where WG throw 7 strangers in a battle without worrying about the skill levels on those 7. I datamined a bunch of Scenario loses I had a while back and made a post of my findings and found that, in games with 4 or more players with less than 45% WR you were virtually guaranteed to lose regardless of the the rest of the team, while if you had just three 50%+ players and less than three 45%players on the same team you were almost guaranteed a 4-5 star win. This is down to the simple fact that "good" players can only carry so much and 4 or more "bad" players just can't be carried. Of course there were a few outliers but that breakdown was true for 95+% of my loses.
  12. IanH755

    Newport scenario after changes

    Same here too, with the added bonus that these ops can take the whole 20 mins yet still "reward" you with very low XP compared to the time spent unless you get a 4-5 star win, which is getting harder to get everyday! I find that Co-Op can be more rewarding as it's a consistent amount earned for the time spent in-game where I'm currently getting at least 3k-4k XP per 5-6 min match.
  13. IanH755

    Suggestions for OP Hermes

    The issue is that the multiple DD's and Cruisers targeting you can all pen your armour with HE regardless of which Cruiser you choose, so when you have 4x DD's all shooting at you (8-16 shells every 4secs is like an Atlanta shooting you) your health pool takes a bit hit and that happens twice after you leave the heal point until the finish and doesn't include all the cruiser fire too. I've now got all 3 French BB's allowed in the OP so I might try those next-time alongside the Boise.
  14. Haida is Middle of the pack, average, OK, not good but not bad, 7th out of 14 DD's in Win Rate, Damage etc - that is the EU server stats so while you or others may think it's "great" for everyone, the stats show otherwise. Stats aside, I do like the ship, I'm not saying that "it's bad" which is why it needs a buff at all, I'm asking why the exact same torps on one ship reload in 60 seconds yet on another they're 90 seconds and, for the fairly small buff it provides (seen as it's mainly a gunboat and the T8 ship hasn't seen a big increase in performance), couldn't the Haida also get the 60 sec reload?
  15. Yeap it was one of things I found better and I was quite surprised top see just how good the arcs were the first time I used it.