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  1. IanH755

    Something has changed with WoWs - graphics

    Kitakami just entered Live testing so the servers are getting choked on 40+ extra torps per ship flying around every 3 minutes
  2. IanH755

    Is there something special planned for 1.0.0?

    Ideally, WoWS v1.0 would include a game engine change away from BigWorld, just like WoT V1.0 did, but I'm not convinced that'll happen for a long time yet.
  3. IanH755

    Pommern, 228000 Coal, Next Patch

    Is the Ship Model a completely new one or is it just more of WG's current laziness of popping new turrets on existing models and saying "New Ship!" and they've just regunned the FdG model with a few extra tweaks?
  4. I'd Ignore individual ship Win Rates - the rest of the "individual performance" stats you have for that ship are OK so the WR is more down to your team. Here's the reverse of what you have - My MK has a near 51% WR over 69 games which sounds good, only my "individual performance" stats are terrible, I was just carried by my team a lot -
  5. IanH755

    Azur+Hololive Collab with WoWs

    Just to add regarding "bundles" - The easier WG make it for us to give them money, the more money WG will make. It may take a little extra work for WG to create extra "non-bundled" items for the store but the increased financial benefits will make it worth that little bit of effort.
  6. IanH755

    The Kitakami returns!

    I've always said I'd never bother with the rubbish that is RB, yet this ship would make me consider using up all my 3M FXP to reset lines just to get it. Sad really
  7. Derpski the T3 Ru DD - 10 torps every 20 seconds - only 4km range so gotta get close - 171 battles averaging 50k damage Clemson the T4 USN DD - I think it's possibly the most "overpowered when compared to the other ships at it's tier" tech tree ship in-game - 99 battles averaging 65k damage
  8. IanH755

    All the fancy names are blocked by inactive player

    Is it - E-Razer - as in an electronic razor for shaving? or Eraser - as in something that deletes a thing? I'm with the other dude who also thought you were called E-Lazer
  9. IanH755

    What's up with submarines?

    I was referring to WG's test itself as "disastrous" rather than the Subs themselves, which TBF were also disastrous Virtually all the "data" WG got from this testing is worthless for any except "do Subs cause the game to crash" and the 5.9-6.1m exploit. For every single other metric the testing not only failed hard but the results WG got are so utterly skewed due to the bots thats it's absolutely worthless and a waste of 6 weeks of effort. This is just like CV-Rework when PTS CV testers including myself told WG numerous times that the Rework on the PTS was a massive failure with dozens of examples and reasons why. WG didn't like being told that they weren't the geniuses they thought they were so WG management ignored everything, took the awful bot-filled results as accurate and then had the nerve to claim that "as the PTS was undermanned all the (bad) results are worthless so we have to make it Live and test on there instead", followed by 6+ months of wildly swinging balance changes caused by all the issues that everyone on PTS told them about. It's just one more example of WG management being bad at managing, amongst the hundreds of other examples we already have!
  10. IanH755

    What's up with submarines?

    Nothing. WG had taken them away whilst they try to get any useful data from an absolutely disastrous testing phase before decided what to do next. I would suggest it'll need at least another 2 maybe 3 testing phases before they were fit for purpose but I have a horrible feeling WG will just dump them into the game "as they are" sometime in September, which is the 5th Anniversary of WOWS. Why was testing disastrous - Because WG management are stupid, to be blunt. They wanted people to test these new Subs out but made it so very "negative" to do so that hardly anyone did. So things like you couldn't do daily missions in that game-mode, they had Ranked during the test so people played that instead, there was no worthwhile "reward" for playing the test mode etc - all of which meant that by testing day 5 (out of 40-ish) there was 10-12 humans per match at most out of 24 players with the rest being WG bots, which invalidated the vast majority of testing because there was very little "human vs human" testing so it was far too easy for human Submarines to run riot through the bots.
  11. IanH755

    Space battles

    The best mode ever and I'm so gutted that WG have said they won't do it again. Originally it was different, IIRC it was WOT tanks (or turrets) on moveable islands and, at the last second WG scrapped it and left a few 3D models to look at, and if you DID look at the Sub it bricked your game and forced a reboot - LOL!
  12. IanH755

    Just how intelligent are the bots?

    It's not a "cheat" as such, all bots have an AI version of the RPF captain skill baked into their code. WG said that this was done to prevent Co-Op games dragging on too long if the last human decided to hide rather than fight. This way the bots always knew the rough direction to sail to find the human. Again, it's a skill you can use to your advantage by forcing bots to sail towards you in a known, predictable pattern making island ambushes very effective.
  13. IanH755

    why gift a ship that you cant play

    New T4 German CV.
  14. IanH755

    Just how intelligent are the bots?

    Their basic programmed targetting list is this - shoot CV's first, then DD's, then Cruisers then BB's - and they'll target which ever ship they can see as the highest priority on that list. There's slight adjustments like remaining target health, distance to bot and ship tier which can alter that list but it's pretty reliable i.e. a cruiser seeing a DD at 14km won't retarget that DD if there's a 2km away BB the bot is already shooting at, but if both enemy ships are at the same range from the bot, it will target the DD first etc. The human DD vs Bot BB interaction makes it interesting as Bot BB's won't fire AP at DD's, so they'll reload HE (taking time) as soon as they target a DD which gives you 25-30 seconds of "safe" time and the second the DD disappears they'll reload AP again, taking even more time, and they'll keep swapping every time they retarget you. So you can use that "Ammo Reload logic" to completely stop a BB firing at anyone for a few minutes, if done right, as you pop into/out of cover.
  15. Not me as such but I saw @T0byJug in a Daring during Flambasses latest video, where Flambass kills a ship then dies quite quickly into that game and, when he goes back to the results a few minutes later, his team were utterly wiped out 1 kill (by Flambass) to 7 enemy kills with Flambass top of the losing side by 300XP! Games like that could easy break someone's spirit