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  1. IanH755

    FPS drops

    Have a GTX1070, changed mine to 8192mb like yourself but still got my 20fps permanent drop but I think it's a good find regardless.
  2. IanH755


    Is there going to be an explanation later as to why there have been so many WOWS EU server outages recently? Is it constant hardware failures, software problems, external internet issues or a combination of all three? I ask because it looks like it's only the WOWS EU server which seems to be having one or more breakages a fortnight, while outages to the rest of WG's worldwide servers seem much rarer so I'm wondering what it is about the WOWS EU Server which makes it uniquely susceptible to these constant outages.
  3. IanH755

    FPS drops

    Wasn't 0.8.1 the patch which was supposed to start the removal of 32-bit dependancy from the game? I wonder if something could be looked at there.
  4. IanH755

    FPS drops

    Don't tell the Reddit OP that though, he gets cranky
  5. IanH755

    Liquidator achievement - does it need a change?

    So WG have completely changed the flooding mechanic and people will just have to wait until WG graciously decide to look at the achievement they need for Missions/Campaigns? Considering you can buy Juliet Whiskey Unaone signals from the Armoury/Arsenal (meaning the reward for Liquidator is no longer "rare") why the delay to get that all important "in-depth data"? The buyable reward makes getting the achievement worthless for anything other than completing Missions/Campaigns, so if you half the required amount of flooding damage required, everyone wins & everyone's happy, surely? TBH it just another example of a badly thought out mechanic change effecting lots more than only the 1 thing it's aimed at, nothing new there!
  6. IanH755

    FPS drops

    To give MrConway the benefit of the doubt, I would think he's suggesting that it is not a physical issue with our individual PC's, but something that has occurred during the installation of the update which may have corrupted something in the code, due to the relatively small amount of complaints there has been so far. Whatever actually has been broken, It's still been caused by the update though.
  7. IanH755

    FPS drops

    And if it does fix all our FPS issues will MrConway say sorry for telling us it was all our own PC's fault?????
  8. IanH755

    Initial "Alaska" stats...

    I've been garbage with her in Co-op, so many bad choices and forgetting it's a cruiser not a BB in armour etc so I'm not making the best of it right now.
  9. IanH755

    FPS drops

    Got a 20fps drop with 0.8.1, even in Co-op with no CV's so not CV related or anything specifically to do with Random. I also found my sound quality settings had dropped to Low without me changing anything and my gun sounds now start to break-up after 7+ mins if holding down fire rather than double clicking. So my best guess would be yet another garbage WG patch breaking more things because they're in too much rush to introduce things before they're ready.
  10. IanH755 mini patch good???

    Somehow, and I'm absolutely serious about this, people both at WG and a few players on here/Reddit etc genuinely thought the exact problem you're having, which seriously effects everyone, wouldn't really be a problem
  11. IanH755

    Yuro says watch. So you watch.

    Reddit throwing the Rework in the skip - My sides, my ing sides
  12. I would suggest that that while they will never be "merged" WG want both the Console and WOWS to be as similar as possible regarding gameplay so PC CV play had to change (I know the Captain stuff is different).
  13. It's obvious English isn't their first language but it still seems easy to read - He played a game (Game 1) and died There was no after game report for Game 1 He started another game (Game 2) He died in Game 2 after 15 minutes When he goes back to port after Game 2 the report from Game 1 is STILL not there Seems simple enough to me. Whether he's right or not is different but what he's posted is easy to understand.
  14. IanH755

    bot detection? what's that?

    There have been so many dozens of bot accounts reported for the same behaviour over the past near 3 years that I've been playing and yet are still "active" (some have over 12k games now) that I'm 100% certain WG do absolutely NOTHING about bot accounts because taking action shows there's a problem that needs fixing (which makes WG look bad), rather than just ignoring it and denying the problem exists and WG would never ever do that would they? (looking at you WOWS cheat program that WG say doesn't exist despite videos on YT of it). Also, this thread will get nuked for "naming and shaming" because WG - a - don't want "witch hunts" of real players (understandable) and........ b - don't want people to see that they refuse to deal with bot accounts as it makes them look bad. so expect a thread lock when a mod wakes up and sees this.