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  1. IanH755

    Premium Shop slow today?

    This has happened to me once, left a single message to WG customer service and a few hours later everything was credited correctly.
  2. IanH755

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    [Co-Op] - Last ones for the week - Went to the B point and got absolutely no support as the terrified humans hide behind islands until I solo killed a Shima before having 2 of the bots (Montana/Daring) help out as I killed the Yamato and Salem. Then I stalked the Montana for a Solo kill on that too. In the Cossack I played a waiting game against the Bot Cossack and an Atlanta (citadelled it - take that Anti-DD ship!) before torping the Lyon and getting a surprise Jervis caught by my Hydro before being HE'd to bits. And lastly for what seemed like a fairly "normal" Missouri game I was amazed at the Credits earned, which would normally be around 1/2 of that, then I realised I had 3 caps which helps explain it!
  3. ...................and in return I was also honoured by the presence of @Mandalorianer although I absolutely mangled the spelling of your name in Chat, sorry! I was doing my "500 secondary hits" mission for G8 missions in my Massachusetts and was so busy clicking on all eleventy billion Midway planes and clicking targets for my Manual Secondaries I've no idea how the match went for you but I saw you were in the top 3 at the end!
  4. IanH755

    Premium shop containers poll.

    Hey, have you been stalking me I absolutely agree though, some people will just by without looking which is both good and bad for the community - Good because they pay for the servers and bad because it makes WG feel like they can output any rubbish and still get money.
  5. IanH755

    I this Possible, citadeled by Hindenburg

    You're already on your way to improving your skill levels because you've come onto the forum and asked for help. Most new players don't and will keep their "beginner" level skills for much longer than is good. Next thing is to listen to what the players on here are saying, even if it feels a bit negative to start with, because once you listen your skills will improve quickly and you'll notice that you get better during the matches with better scores and more wins, so stick with it even it it seems hard at first!
  6. IanH755

    Premium shop containers poll.

    People WILL buy them for the chance to "win" the special Halloween camos like the Myoko/Octopus mix etc, sad but true!
  7. IanH755

    Premium shop containers poll.

    Thanks for the info - For those very low "15 camo" rewards (which is what you would mainly get) I wouldn't pay very much at all, say less than £0.50 (half a Euro) per crate but I'm guessing WG will ramp the price up over £1 (in your post of 60 crates I'd expect WG to charge around £55) so even myself, as a huge "must buy containers" whale, won't be buying any!
  8. IanH755

    Premium shop containers poll.

    I haven't seen any Halloween ones for sale this year, only the G8 ones, have I missed something?
  9. IanH755

    Poll on WG points mentioned during CV rework video

    Just watched a Flambass video where his "HE" bombs are doing 18K+ damage to BB's and Cruisers AND starting fires - 2 full runs (2-3 minutes total) was enough to kill a Yamato due to DOT - Yeap I'm glad this is in Testing as wow this gameplay is awful right now. A Worcester (best AA ship in game) couldn't kill his attack squadron (did damage it) when using Def AA which Flambass flew through - It damaged 80% of the planes but they all made it through - So AA "counter-play" looks to be garbage compared to it's current form.
  10. It's official - WG players are EDIT! 3 games, 3 defeats and no-one, NO-ONE listened to ANY advice! Blade - Catapults are a nightmare when NO BB's knock them out EDIT Jackel - Knock out the Catapults, DD's all used smoke at the start and chase Rear BB's EDIT Igor - Burn all the boats, Cruisers chase rear BB's, DD's killed by Catapults or sit in smoke So I finally got sick and tired of this and FINALLY found a team with more than 1 brain cell. The amount of people playing who haven't even bothered to look at the WG website just to understand what they're supposed to do in this Op is amazing and their incompetence shows through! EDIT I'm not touching the T8 game or the submarines, WG can lick my taint if they think I'm going through that!
  11. IanH755

    Alexander Ovechkin mission ready to be activated

    Yeap, not worth it. The whole collection is only 12 items (each group of four only earns a emblem for your patch too) so only really consider buying more than that if you want more of the special signals as well as the collection.
  12. IanH755

    Premium shop containers poll.

    Yamamoto - 50 containers for £74 gets 600 special flags and 100 collection items worth 1.5 Million credits - more credits, around the same amount of flags but no camos compared to Bismarck which, with 600 flags, would still give 150 camos as well.
  13. IanH755

    Premium shop containers poll.

    I think it's getting worse and here's why - June '17 Bismarck containers - 50 containers for £77 October '18 Hockey Containers - 24 containers for £77 Rewards per Bismarck container - 7 or 14 Special Flags, 1 collection item, 0 or 7 camos depending on number of flags. Rewards per Hockey container - 10 Special Flags, 1 collection item, 10 Camos So for the same £77 you get - Bismarck - 350 to 700 Special Flags, 50 collection items (worth 750,000 credits), upto 350 Camos (again depending on number of flags) Hockey - 240 Special Flags, 24 collection items (worth 360,000 credits), 240 camos It's not hard to see just how different the rewards are with nearly 18 months between them.
  14. IanH755

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    [Co-Op] - Almost managed to secure myself a 6th kill but the GK from his max range stole the final 200hp on the CV I had burnt down. The a couple of 4-Kill "mini-Krakens" with new award. and finally, a Full AA specc'ed Yamato vs a TX Hakuryu in a 1 on 1 where the CV threw every plane he had at me and only got 3 torp hits for his trouble. I love being AA specced!
  15. Collected a few of these now, it really does make a difference being "awarded" these, even if after the event they stayed as "non-reward" versions I'd still be extremely happy!