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  1. T10 battles minimum 53% winrate

    If anything finally gets me to quit playing this game it probably won't be WG doing something stupid, it'll be the slow but unstoppable decrease in player skill and IQ making games so un-fun to play. Even Co-Op, the easiest game mode on the planet, is being infested by T8+ players with such an utterly poor idea of how to play the game and a lack of tactical; skill with no idea what a mini-map is etc yet they're happily sailing in T8-10 ships no problem. Unless WG make this a "Skill Based" game the ONLY thing you need to do to progress to T10 is just keep playing games - even if you are a total moron all you have to do is play 4K+ games and you WILL reach T10, it is a mathematical certainty, and the longer the game is out the higher the number of potatoes hitting 4K+ games will be and the further diluted the skill base will be.
  2. Rightful Heir to the Cleveland in Operations?

    In my opinion (so subjective), nothing at T6 comes close to the old Cleveland for all those three. A few ships have 2 out 3 but nothing really has all 3 but from the Tech Tree I'd say the Buddy is possibly one of the better ones but my pick would have to be the premium De Grasse, even though it's "tankiness" isn't the greatest.
  3. Des Moines 6th slot

    Range Module and Spotter plane - Because I saw it on Youtube and it looked hilarious. I mean it's utterly useless in Co-Op where the range closes to <10km very quickly but I use it for a very specific reason - to get deliberately "Spotted" right at the start by firing at max range so that the enemy BB's will shoot back (bots are forced to) and reveal themselves quickly, allowing much more time for everyone to shoot at them rather than waiting until they get to 14km-ish before being spotted. I ran the AA Module too for a while just to be Max AA (2400+ DPS with DF active) which works well in Co-Op where Bot CV appears quite often but I fancied a swap.
  4. [Co-Op] - Well I feel like I'm spamming with these Minotaur results so this one will be the last for a while but I thought I'd show the full AA spec potential against an admittedly lower tier T8 CV who just wouldn't leave me alone. PS The Trashcan who came top had an epic game involving a Ram kill on a GK who survived his 1km YOLO torp run etc, seriously fun stuff!
  5. Premium time, Victory Salute Camo and all the "new"signals like Oroboros etc except the Credits one hence why an 850+ Base XP 5 kill 10k+ damage game only gets me 25k credits.
  6. Hmmm Deja Vu I guess I like the Minotaur quite a bit! [Co-Op] - Had a fun game in my new Minotaur with a very healthy Base XP score!
  7. Wow, THERE WOULD BE NO EASY MODE - Both modes would take the same "effort" to win a mission - Co-Op - Sink 10 ships Random - Sink 5 ships SAME EFFORT Co-Op - Win 10 battles Random - Win 5 Battles SAME EFFORT Co-Op - Get 5k Base XP Random - Get 10K Base XP SAME EFFORT Co-Op - Get 100 gun hits Random - Get 100 gun hits SAME EFFORT So both game modes are "equalised" so that you can't jump into one specific mode just to get a "easy" mission.
  8. [Co-Op] - Had a fun game in my new Minotaur with a very healthy Base XP score!
  9. Maybe you missed that I'm a Co-Op player too and that Missions can go both ways - Harder for "easy to do in Co-Op" and easier for "easy to do in Random" so things like XP missions can be made easier in Co-Op to match the skill needed to complete the mission in Random i.e. if a mission takes say on average 10 games in Random to "Get 10K base XP" then in Co-Op it'd only be "Get 5K base XP" etc. It doesn't only have to work one way.
  10. I think people may have missed the point slightly - the missions can still be done in Co-Op, it just takes a bit longer (so the same time as it would in Random) due to how easy Co-Op is. No-one said "Deny"??? They can still do the missions but the requirements are harder due to how easy Co-Op is compared to Random. The last time WG gave stats for Co-Op (mid '17) they showed that around 30% (IIRC) of the entire player base ONLY played Co-Op, so WG will never get rid of it and if they ever did I'd leave too, I'm not interested in the toxicity of PvP. Bloody Autocorrect (honest)
  11. Hi all, while I think it's a good idea, as a mainly Co-Op player, that quite a few missions are now able to be completed in Co-Op as well as Random, I have to question whether its "fair" to random players that the missions in Co-Op use the same requirements as those in Random matches. For example, where a mission has "Win X games" it's almost impossible to lose in Co-Op (avg WR is 96%+) yet in Random it's about 50/50, so those players who stay playing Random are at a huge disadvantage to those PvP players who swap to Co-Op and often feel forced to swap because Wins or Ship Kills etc in Co-Op are "easy Mode", even though they don't actually like playing the mode. So would it be a good idea to make the Co-Op mission requirements match the "required skill" needed to complete the mission in Random by increasing the Co-Op requirement? So if Co-Op WR is twice that of Random and the mission is "Ship 5 ships" or "Win 10 Games" then the Co-Op requirement would be "Sink 10 ships" or "Win 20 games" etc, which would remove the "do this in Easy Mode" mentality that players feel is forced upon them etc. I realise there will be many PvP players who will disagree as they want to keep their "easy mode" for completing a mission but lets hear what you think anyway.
  12. [Co-Op] - Had a nice Massachusetts game brawling with 3 BB's in the middle and even got within the secondary range of the bot CV for a Co-Op Kraken which made for virtually double the base XP of 2nd place and the Massa's secondaries when max'd at 11.3km with IFHE made a good contribution too!
  13. Thanks for your work - I just can't understand WG removing things like Base XP etc from the Logs, thats just so stupid!
  14. Eagles or Sharks?

    Maybe this is just me but all this "competition" just feels a bit Meh, as in less worthy than the GNB setup of 2016. Maybe it's just me though.
  15. Just to add to the bugs - The Credits, Distance (km) and Karma columns are also not detected, although Distance and Karma were bugged before this patch.