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  1. Scenario: Futility of Naval Station Newport

    Well broke my own self imposed "no try" limit and had another go but this time in my Huanghe with it's rolling smoke cloud for cover and TRB for surprising Bots around islands. Did 130k and 5 kills for 1200 base XP and the Assistant achievement for a 3 star win. I also had a very enlightening conversation with the full health Fuso sat in the health-regen area as he told me with a straight face that avoiding damage in a BB was a "skill", while all the remaining cruisers were now dead which lost all our DPM and the chance of a higher win. He's played 6K+ battles and is a 42% WR player with an average damage of 24k overall and only 30k average damage in the 2300+ TX games he's played - Guess I should listen to the expert! After that I've stopped playing again
  2. Scenario: Futility of Naval Station Newport

    Played one game in my Molotov today, got a 1 star win with 5 kills and about 120k damage and topped the team score with 700-ish base XP. I died under the focus of about 4 ships while the rest of my team sat behind islands unwilling to fight except for 1 NM BB who can second with 550-ish XP. Eventually they all slowly got picked off one by one until the NM BB finished the game as the last one alive. There's only so much carrying one single person can do if the majority of the team just don't want to scratch the paint on their shiny pixels ships yet, unlike Co-Op, the amount of epic carrying that single person can do just isn't enough. I mean I could have played another 10-15 games and won them all with 5 star wins (you never know) but after the disappointment of yet another poor team in Scenarios I just couldn't bring myself to hit the battle button after that and I doubt I'll try it again during this rotation.
  3. Co-Op Battles - Why?

    It's only a few challenges/missions the are do-able in Co-Op, most are still PvP only.
  4. Co-Op Battles - Why?

    Generally speaking for those who play mainly Co-Op, as you can 95%+ guarantee win people just aren't all that excited by winning. Instead, and certainly for myself, it's more about setting your own challenge - can I sink 5 ships, can I do 150k+ damage, can I get over 500 base XP every game, can I get 50+ plane kills - etc and getting those "goals" is more important than the actual winning. As ColonelPete also mentioned, some people are just there to train, try new modules/ships etc so don't fall into those patterns I mentioned. Personally I just find Co-Op gives me what I want from the game better than PvP does. So 3-6 ships all hard brawling, torp dodging and plane smashing in the middle of the map in a massive fur-ball is far more enjoyable to me than border sniping stealthy play at max range until a few people get bored and charge in, get nuked and their team rolls over, which is what the majority of PvP games are like.
  5. Thats one of my biggest gripes with the reward system. If you win you get PvP levels of reward but losing gives you Co-Op levels. So, with the teams being so poor so often, it's just not worth wasting 20 minutes of my time to come away with <300 base XP when I can just pop over to Co-Op and in 20 minutes win a guaranteed 2-3 games each with over 500 base XP instead.
  6. Game fps

    Yeap, the lock is in the \res\Engine_Config.xml file and can be removed/changed there - <engine_config.xml> <renderer> <cacheEffects>false</cacheEffects> <gammaCorrectionOutside>1.0</gammaCorrectionOutside> <gammaCorrectionInside>1.0</gammaCorrectionInside> <gammaCorrectionSpeed>0.2</gammaCorrectionSpeed> <tripleBuffering>true</tripleBuffering> <maxFrameRate>75</maxFrameRate>
  7. Oil collected without a Clan

    What a strange way to advertise your clan and show the attitude to others that can be expected from it's members
  8. Oil collected without a Clan

    There are a lot of people who may not want to join a Clan due to a million different reasons yet feel they "have" to join one just to get the rewards that are otherwise unavailable. So by making some rewards "Clan Only" there will be people who feel that WG have "forced" a situation on them where they have to either make their own Clan or join a "For Oil Only" clan and in doing are going against the reason WG say a Clan should be created for in the first place, meaning WG's own actions seems to be "hurting" their creation at first glance. Yet as WG get paid real money by people to create Clans WG obviously want as many Clans as possible so they very probably don't care "how" Clans are used, as long as they are paid money to create them. So single person clans or "For Oil Only" Clans etc all bring in raw cash for WG so for them it's a win/win situation regardless of anything they say. TL:DR - WG's "Clan Only" rewards have created "Anti-Clan" Clans which WG like due to cash income.
  9. Fair enough it's just a difference of opinion.
  10. How do you get the "statistics" tab on that screen, is it a mod?
  11. It would have to be automatic in the same way the Santa Crates were, rather than "player choice".
  12. Seen this in Co-Op a lot since the update to the Pink/Orange Punishment system happened. Players who are Pink start a match, press "W" a few times them Alt-Tab to do something else for 10 minutes until the match is over then do the same again. Saw the same guy do it twice, once in a DD and once in a BB a few days apart (very unique latin-style name so I remembered).
  13. [Co-Op] - Picked up the Kronshtadt today, played it like a Scharnhorst minus the torps and did terribly so played it like a cruiser instead and well..................... PS - "Bad AA" Not had an issue so far when a T9 Taiho focused me (last game)!
  14. I'm a whale so I'm afraid there's no magic way! I do contracting type work in Saudi so there's no beer etc to spend my money on and, out here, WoWS is my only hobby.
  15. You've missed my point - The SC should look at what YOU personally have to give YOU a worthwhile SC. Nothing is "removed" at all, the container just gives you something you haven't already got so you get a worthwhile SC and not something which is a bit of waste.