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  1. IanH755

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    [Aegis] - Same old Same old! Bayern who stayed out of range of the last wave of bots so couldn't even shoot his guns, a "charge right into them" WV '41 who didn't realise that the IJN 203mm being spammed by 3-5 cruisers can melt a USN BB very quickly, an Aigle firing a full spread of torps into a burning BB on under 1k health rather than into the full health BB right next to it but I suppose they all gave the bots something to shoot at rather than the transports which allowed for a 5 star win. Anyway, as per usual the list goes on and, as per usual, at least having such amazing team-mates means that I get lots of nice rewards out of the game instead.
  2. IanH755

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    [Aegis] - Different Scenario, Same Results!!! Players who don't know their ships, players who don't know the Scenario, players who don't understand what a mini-map is or why anyone would click on it and the list just goes on! When a Huanghe - A 'ING HUANGHE, WHICH IS JUST A DD WITH A CITADEL!!! - kills 47% of the enemy ships and does more than all 3 BB's combined you know your team is amazing, when the Leander is shooting at the bow-on BB's at 12km whilst ignoring all the broadside ships 8km away you know your team is amazing, or when the De Grasse sails into an island and just shoots rocks for about 1 minute you KNOW your team is amazing
  3. IanH755

    Poll: Imperial (doubloon) Bundle drop chance

    WG with some Big Brain = Big PP level thinking there!
  4. IanH755

    Poll: Imperial (doubloon) Bundle drop chance

    Just for context - there are 65 packages which each cost 1000 doubloon making a total of 65000 doubloons to open every one which is £182 or €213 at the current doubloon price without coupons etc. That is just ing retarded WG. Instead of "tempting" me with crates in the Shop you've absolutely 100% guaranteed that I'm not spending a single ing penny on this event, and I'm a huge whale so when even the whales rebel against your bull you should start to worry! We know WoWS isn't the best financially for WG, the playerbase size has stagnated, there's not enough new players who are staying more than a month and therefore might buy your stuff, lots of the existing players are getting tapped out for money (either cost to high or already own what they want) so you would imagine that a company which needs customers to pay for a "free" game to stay in business would want to encourage people to spend with really great deals (NOPE) but WG seem to have use the WoT method of "pooping out a million premium's" instead to drum up more cash.
  5. IanH755

    Poll: Imperial (doubloon) Bundle drop chance

    I have far better uses for that 5k doubloons. My 1st 1k pack is just a few signals so I'll not be wasting anything on that WG!
  6. Yeap, after the PR fiasco I'm not touching this! For me it was less about the ships and more about all the other stuff which came in the crates, so getting camo's, coal, signals etc was the main driving force rather than the "free" ships which you may/may not get.
  7. IanH755

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    [Raptor Rescue] - MY..........POOR..................SPINE!!!!!!!!!! Mk - Ah who gives a - WG obviously don't as them seem happy with their dumb as a rock playerbase and I'm getting sick of carrying morons. Just let this figure sink in - 11 ships spotted - ELEVEN - in a BB - in a match with a CV! Thanks how utterly amazing our current playerbase is in Scenarios! Yet more "rare" Major Contribution achievements (doing over 35% of the teams total damage on my own), doing over 2.1k Base XP, having nearly double the Base XP of most of the team etc are all nice rewards but a better reward would be teams with players who aren't at the game, with players who know how to best play their own ship, who know how to play against other ships - "Since when did IJN cruisers get Torps?" a serious question asked by the other Izmail in this game after getting torped - and with players who actually care enough about wanting to get better rather than being happy with being a dribbling <40% WR player. In my team we had 3 players with 41-43% WR who all came bottom of the table, 3 players with 47-48% WR who made up the middle and me with 52% WR at the top - It's not hard to understand why when you break the results down that way.
  8. IanH755

    WG causing the Blowouts?

    Here's how I KNOW that the playerbase skill levels have gotten worse over the past 3 years. 1. I stopped playing PvP in Aug '16 which means that my PvP stats have not changed since then (played 1300 games then moved to Co-Op only). 2. WoWS-Numbers assigns a PR (personal Rating) based on how your stats rate against everyone elses at that current time. 3. Over the past 3 years, when I have not played a single PvP game, my PvP PR has slowly continued to increase and is currently 10% higher than in Aug '16 (1360 vs 1501 today). 4. So my 3 year old unchanged stats are current rated as 10% better when based against the current playerbase of today. 5. Or in other words the current player base must now lower skilled than it was 3 years ago if my unchanged stats are now 10% higher. You can see this in the chart below, where the point I stopped playing PvP, and therefore stopped changing my stats, is shown on the Green and Red lines, yet my Yellow PR line keeps rising despite not playing.
  9. IanH755

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    [Raptor Rescue] - MY..........POOR..................SPINE!!!!!!!!!! Mk 8,534,987 Scenarios should be used as proof that the WoWS playerbase average IQ is now in single digits! Sooooooo many mistakes, sooooooo many people not knowing the very basic ideas of "How to Play WoWS", sooooooooo many people who have zero clue what a "mini-map" is or how to use one and the list just goes on. However, that means yet another "rare" Major Contribution achievement with double the base XP of 1/2 the team etc so that's a positive I suppose! and just to show that I'm fairly OK at all the classes (except that ginger step-child CV class) here's a DD game where I also did quite well. Although the top half of the team here was better than the one above I still had to play mini-cruiser and citadel some things to guarantee the win!
  10. IanH755

    Raptor Rescue feels EXTRA bugged this week

    Had it twice now, once with the afore-mentioned Atago and once with a Mogami - but NO T5-6 enemy BB's at the end when our team (both times) had BB's. No idea if this is new or if we've "tripped" some hidden thing?
  11. IanH755

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    [Raptor Rescue] - MY..........POOR..................SPINE!!!!!!!!!! Mk2 Yet again, poor player decisions, despite being told exactly what to do (with clicks as well as text) meant a much harder fight than it needed to be. In this game both cruisers went for the South CV and stayed out of position for the whole game (they never got another kill after the CV died), leaving me and the 3 BB's to kill the multiple DD's, cruisers, BB's and CV in the North. Luckily I'm fairly good and picked a good ship which, with proper planning, could get broadside AP shots onto every cruiser (hence the 30 citadels) and could burn the BB's down with ease, earning the rare Maximum Contribution achievement yet again whilst getting double the Base XP of the guy in 2nd place. I also managed to die in the silliest way when a bot literally spawned beside me (inside min torp range!) completely unnoticed and rammed me within a few seconds of spawning, just as I was looking the other way at the broadside cruiser that appeared as my AP just loaded! Shout out to the CV who really helped with the spotting too, great job for lower than deserved XP!!!
  12. IanH755

    wtf is going on with the people on this game?

    Something which doesn't help players improve is that there is no requirement to view the post match "leaderboard" before hitting Next Battle - so they never really know just how well/poorly they did on the team if they only ever see the "Results" page. Maybe WG would consider (they won't) adding the "Next Battle" button to the leaderboard screen instead, so players can actually see if they did well/poorly and can then figure out "hmmmm, I came top, I'll play like that again" or "hmmmm, I came bottom, I won't play like that again" - feedback which is vitally missing from the generic "Results" page.
  13. IanH755

    This is getting unplayeble

    Thats why players don't submit tickets @Sehales, because your customer service desk just parrots the same line over and over - "Not us, must be you" when certainly isn't this case as it's multiple players from all over Europe suffering the same bloody issue!
  14. IanH755

    Raptor Rescue feels EXTRA bugged this week

    Just an aside - I've just a T8 Atago bot sink me - since when does the Op have T8 Atago's??? I've never seen that before!
  15. IanH755

    Raptor Rescue feels EXTRA bugged this week

    You can drag and drop the file into the reply area of a post on here and it will upload it to your reply for you - like this replay of a normal Rescue as an example - and WG can collect it from there. 20200110_155542_PUSC506-Perth-1942_s03_Labyrinth.wowsreplay Don't bother watching it, you'll just see me utterly fluff a torp run on a T4 IJN cruiser in my Perth as I go for the South CV