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  1. tired of abysmal players and MM

    Or alternatively people want to "have fun" and not get so annoyed with the game that they quit playing because it's currently "not fun" for them. The posts in this thread from some of the posters, who must clearly be 90%+ WR Super-Unicums which carry every single game with double krakens, are amazing!
  2. I've been in Co-Op games with guys who have played 5000+ Co-Op games and yet still haven't got a clue how the bots work inc one match where a Bot DD (Okhotnik) got a Kraken, wiping out everything on the left side of the map before he bumped into me in my Atlanta
  3. Co-Op Battle revamp?

    I'd actually make "Right Click Attacks" like Manual Drops and Strafing into a Tutorial. I'd also make a tutorial for each new "ship type", so one at T2 for DD's and torps, one at T3 for BB's with AP vs HE and one at T4 for CV's.
  4. Co-Op Battle revamp?

    True but originally you faced a larger number of higher tier Bots, where as now you mainly face T4-5 bots with a few T7's when playing a T6 Op, but thats just an opinion.
  5. Co-Op Battle revamp?

    Yeah the strict limits of "only 1 tier" and "only Op of the week" for single players on Operations are a hassle which I'd like to see removed. I mean the game see's +/- 2 tiers from T6 onwards so I'd be happy with Ops doing the same and allowing the current T6 Ops to use T5-T7 and the current T7 Op to use T6-T8. Plus all the Ops should be available so that people from T5-8 (the most numerous in the game) can play Ops. However I would suggest a reduction in XP (not credits) if we are allowed to play all the different Ops at the same time as the XP is a little high compared to Co-Op as a mode, unless WG decided to make Co-Op T1-T4 only (as a training tool) and T5+ Co-Op became Ops only!
  6. Co-Op Battle revamp?

    For new players Co-Op really should only be used to "learn the basics of the game" i.e. how to shoot, steer, use torps etc upto T3 at most (T4 for CV's), but ideally they should be jumping in PvP by as early as possible to "learn how to play the game" instead of "Learning the basics". Expanded Co-Op Teams - They trialled it about a year ago with 8 players vs 12+ bots in either a normal game or a "humans in the middle, bots surround them" mode and, while it worked at lower tiers, it was a failure at higher tiers and they scrapped it after a month or so. However, Operations now seem to have taken over instead so you get 8 players vs dozens of bots in waves in most of the Ops but now there's objectives you have to carry out to be successful. Give them a go, they're pretty good.
  7. The "Ultimate Frontier" Scenario is just a bloody nightmare because people are absolute mouth breathing window licking morons! The bottom ship didn't fire his guns ONCE in 20 minutes and got only 41 XP - that person should be perma-banned by WG as they are deliberately ruining other peoples games. I mean he wasn't even AFK, he sailed around the whole time and NEVER FIRED HIS GUNS!!!!!
  8. I'd looked at that before and couldn't see anything but I've just found that the info is not there if you're only looking at Co-Op results, you only see it on the Random screen, Doh!
  9. Which Stats website gives you that Info, I've used it before but can't remember what it is and none of those I've checked recently have that function.
  10. Bots and AFKs

    This thread will probably get closed too as the Mods have a "No discussion of moderation" policy which everything except the last line will probably violate. Your best bet would be to re-post your original thread but edit the names out of the images yourself so the Mods are happy.
  11. A few fun Co-Op games - Started off in the Belfast by hiding in smoke and spotting a DD with hydro and HE'ing it to death, followed by sinking an Emile Bertien in the same way before spotting my first Ashitaka IJN BB in the wild and burning it to death before using island cover to drive-by AP a Kongo, which I thought was sunk by a CV strike which narrowly avoiding team-killing me (turned out not to be a CV kill), allowing me to find the enemy CV and AP it to death. A fun brawling twisting/turning Tirpitz game (aren't they always) vs 2 Cruisers, 2 DD's and a Tirpitz. I sank the 2 DD's with full AP pens (one Mahan got an 11k salvo through the nose), before fighting a <5km brawl with a Roon and Algerie, sinking both before finally the Tirpitz came straight for me and at 2km from a Ram it got detonated by our DD's 127m shell, LOL. After that I was at under 400hp and a Schors finished me off.
  12. Suggestion for future campaigns

    As I mentioned those are only examples to show the types of mission I'm thinking about rather than "this is 100% what I want so please pick it apart". So the example is we want to stop things like the ARP Nachi disaster happening again, where there was a "kill X Russian ships" mission meaning no-one sailed Russian ships, wrecking the mission. In the new campaign there would also be another mission running at the same time saying "in a Russian ship cause X damage" or "in a Russian ship sink X ships" etc so that people are given an incentive to continue playing all the nations and classes. The specifics of those missions would be up to WG to create, not me, so I'm not giving any specific mission requirements I want to see.
  13. Suggestion for future campaigns

    Combine ships types for missions, so for example have a "Sink X ships in a DD" mission running at the same time as a "sink X DD's" mission, or "in a French BB cause X damage" mission running at the same time as "cause X damage to French BB's" one. That would get rid of the current "in a X do X damage" mission which means everyone is out playing X's and doing silly stuff.
  14. No Campaigns for COOP?

    My mistake, it was the first Science of Victory I was thinking about, doh!
  15. Since when? Is this a new problem with Replays because I've not seen that particular "shells not displayed in the right place" issue before?