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  1. IanH755

    Good bye, it's been fun.

    I've done exactly the same, just started my second 6 month break and, other than keeping an eye on the forums/Reddit, I'm not sure if it'll be longer than 6 months this time based on how I feel right now.
  2. IanH755


    The lock-downs effectively mean that more people will be playing in the short-term which makes WG happy - HOWEVER, because more are playing we've effectively got "weekend teams" every single day for the next 2-4 weeks and I don't think the existing playerbase can handle that much stupid for such a long time. I even think this "low quality" of teams over so long will cause people to get sick of playing and quit (either fully or for a few months) which WG definitely don't want.
  3. IanH755

    Good bye, it's been fun.

    So long @Blixies - my guess is over the next 12 months many more will follow but WG don;t care, there's enough "new blood" surviving the T4 CV nightmare that they are replacing everyone thats leaving, meaning the game has had zero net growth - after 4.5 years, WOW!
  4. This is exactly the same as me. I took 6 months off last year just because of a appalling CV rework and I've played just 15 games this whole month so I think I'll just take another break whilst watching the forums/Reddit to see just how much further WG screw this game up.
  5. I'm quite enjoying watching WG's management shoot themselves in the foot so much recently, it's saving me tons of money which, as a huge whale over the past 4 years (gotta be at least £1k a year), I would normally have spent on the game but not now they're screwing around with the few bits of the game I still enjoy. Even with the 2.3m FXP I currently have there's is no way in hell I'm even slightly contemplating wasting 2m FXP of it on a DD. So instead of spending cash on doubloons to convert XP to FXP or buying crates/lootboxes/camos to get "special" signals for more FXP, I'll spend absolutely nothing instead because I haven't wasted all my FXP - Great money management there WG! Economic geniuses they are!!!!!!!
  6. IanH755

    Blessing or a curse....

    imagine weekend teams for a minimum of 14 days straight! Thats how bad it is
  7. IanH755

    EU server is $hitting the bed

    Thats really hitting them in the wallet How about this - repeatedly play a 11 bot v 12 bot training room lasting 1hr and make sure all the bots are set to unmoving/unarmed. That setup will really use up WG's server power
  8. Somewhere in WG's HQ there MUST be someone who is sitting there thinking "but I don't understand why they hate us?" after every single attempt by WG to deliberately annoy the playerbase happens. Could you imagine how good this game would be if the WG bosses weren't edited and instead actually listened to what made the playerbase happy (and therefore more likely to spend money) instead of deliberately antagonising them with decisions which make no logical sense outside of some badly formulated spreadsheet? I said this to Sub_Octavian before, that it would be better for WG if they didn't continually annoy the playerbase by making "poorly thought-out initial ideas which then lead to community pitchfork/anger forcing WG to change that initial idea" and he just called me "Naive" - that tells you every single thing about WG, it's opinion of players, it's attitude towards the game and why this game will NEVER succeed how WG wants as the playerbase numbers are still stagnated after nearly 5 years (coronavirus bump excluded)!
  9. CV's - bad decision by WG, couldn't agree or support it. Now - Even Co-Op has been having the "fun" removed yet again due to WG's bad decisions with too many people using Co-Op for Directives meaning <4min blow-outs etc then there's the usual WG bull such as changes to IFHE without suitable time to test before the free re-spec ended, Payto Rico etc etc. Again, I don't want to support them.
  10. Even as a Co-Op player last year with the CV rework I took 6 months off and only really came back for the Xmas boxes. This year I played a bit in Feb for the UK CA's but I've only played 15 games in all of March so far so I think I'll probably just give up for another 6 month or so. When even Co-Op players are leaving because of WG's business decisions then you know the game is in big trouble.
  11. IanH755

    Defense of Newport Station

    I would agree if it wasn't for the fact Divisions don't seem to struggle in any of the Scenarios, this one included. So if divisions seem to cope but random teams can't them it stands to reason that its the inability of random players to cope which causes the loses, not the very slight changes to the Op, IMHO of course based on my own experience, yours maybe different.
  12. IanH755

    Defense of Newport Station

    It's always been the hardest of the Scenarios but, as an indication of the skill level of the random playerbase at the time (ignores divisions), it really shows how far the general skill level has dropped over the past 2 years when this previously "difficult but do-able" scenario is now almost impossible with 75% of the random team-mates I play with.
  13. [Co-Op] - Whaled myself into the new Swedish "European" T9 DD (faceplants into keyboard to create name) Ostsjdgakjsgfdkjgaafksfkjland and specced it for ridiculous Torp speed (ideal for Co-Op) so I've got 95kt, 1min17 reloading, 10k damage underwater anti-ship missiles with 10km range - Seems to work well
  14. The more mind-numbingly silly WG gets with its treatment of players the more angry those players become - It's a two way road MrConway, treat the customers well and they'll treat you well, treat them poorly and they'll just return the favour. A example right here - You can SEE that the playerbase is angry about this short reskill time yet they words you use are are "If we see........." which is just throwing yet more petrol onto the fire as it shows a complete lack of understanding of the players. Instead you could have said for example "We see you're unhappy, we'll discuss it with the bosses and get back to you after the weekend" which would show that WG understands the players unhappiness and might start to head off yet another WG PR poop-storm before it erupts just like the Puerto Rico, just like CV re-work, etc etc etc.