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  1. IanH755

    Number of active players

    A game which has no competition and yet hasn't been been able to grow it's playerbase numbers in any meaningful way over 5 whole years can't really be considered a "success" in my mind. At best the game is constantly treading water, losing too many "veterans" due to game changes and yet unable to retain enough new players with the same game changes. If WoWS had any genuine competition it's playerbase numbers would have plummeted and it'd be just as bad as World of WarPlanes is right now. I can only assume WG is hoping and praying that a true competitor never arrives.
  2. IanH755

    Worst Team I've ever Met in Narai

    I had a fairly good streak of about 10 Narai's all being 5 Star even when I played very badly in 2 of them so couldn't carry as usual (I'm usually top 2 in Ops/Co-Op) but it shows just how poor some individual players can be that even killing Bots, following simple instructions from the game or even just understanding what a minimap is/does appears to be a struggle for so many.
  3. [Co-Op] - Yay, I can't wait for WG to 'no lube' my Atlanta/B/Flint with the captain rework next month, I mean who needs a fun cruiser anyway? Instead it looks like I'll have to become a fulltime BBaby to have fun, which won't be too bad with brawling ships like the Ohio TBF which is lucky as it's still my new favourite BB.
  4. [Scenarios] - Played Narai for the first time possibly this year (definitely since Narai XP Nerf). Played Flint first and got nuked by the very first BB because I'm an idiot but still didn't finish bottom, then played a Nelson and had a very skilled and aggressive Scharnhorst player absolutely ROFLStomp almost all the bots single handed leaving very little for the rest of us but then I tried the Flint again and remembered how to play it, where the bots come from, where to sail etc and did quite well, although the XP nerf hit hard as this was a 2K+ BXP game pre-nerf! [Co-Op] - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAAATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  5. IanH755

    When and why did WG break the autopilot?

    I agree, it makes no sense. I think they were trying to make the Autopilot more "new CV player" friendly so CV's could just concentrate on flying but they somehow broke it and now don't know how to fix it without removing all the post-rework fixes they tried.
  6. IanH755

    When and why did WG break the autopilot?

    It makes perfect sense as, prior to the rework, there were no Autopilot issues reported - the autopilot got messed around with and broken (causing far more issues than it solved) only due to WG's CV-Rework as prior to then RTS CV players had no issues using the Autopilot.
  7. IanH755

    Removal of the Kamikaze from the game.

    As a tool for farming current T5 potatoes (who are now generally less skilled than "new" T5 players from 3-5 years ago as you can now get to T5 in a day) they are fantastic, but the tech tree ships were better before they were nerfed into oblivion way back in '16-'17 plus the players back then tended to be more experienced by T5 as they had to spend longer per tier due to the lower XP available way back then (only 5 economic signals, very few camos etc). Now however they are definitely in the top 3 OP ships just due to to the typical current Kamikaze player being a seal clubber and many new T5 captains still being very inexperienced as they drop out of protected MM for the first time.
  8. IanH755

    AI (Artificial Intelligence) BOTTs

    Bots aim at the centre of the ship and at the waterline just like every ships secondaries do, so knowing this if you angle correctly you can mitigate bot salvoes quite easily. What he meant by "more accurate" is that bots aim is only effected by salvo dispersion and your manoeuvrers after they fire at you as the bots use an "aimbot" in their programming to tell them exactly where to aim to hit you if you don't change speed/direction, where as instead a human has to guess where to shoot at to hit you.
  9. WG don't believe they've done anything wrong and that, as the Xmas crates have been the same since 2018, it's OUR fault if WE are disappointed and want a refund - so with that in mind there is zero chance in hell that WG will tweak the Santa's Gift crates for increased items or increase the T10 crate to a "Big" crate instead, no way at all.
  10. IanH755

    Snowflakes ❄ REWARDS

    Unfortunately for you Snowflakes only give the cheapest Santa Gift crate whilst the Makarov's come in the Santa's Big Gift crate (the middle one of the 3 crates) however, as Harbinger mentioned, you'll get one of these after 24 days of the advent calender.
  11. IanH755

    Snowflakes ❄ REWARDS

    The T10 reward is a Santa's Gift crate per T10 - which has a shortlist of 3 ships IIRC - but as these ones are free rather requiring cash, I'm less inclined to rage over these free crates about the lack of "fairness" in the shortlist scheme they are running.
  12. IanH755

    "Snowflake" Event

    All this Santa Crate controversy might make 0.9.12 interesting as WG shoe-horned in 3 different events into the one patch for some epic grinding - 2 different campaigns and the Dockyard - so if people decided to give WoWS a break over Xmas I wouldn't be surprised.
  13. IanH755

    WOWS Twitter

    When hard times hit a company the best of them will be open, admit mistakes and be transparent with their fixes whereas the worst of them revert to more a Communist style of tactics to any bad news such as utter denial, silencing of critics and, as events like Chernobyl prove, that kind of "Nothing to see here Comrade" doesn't wash with Western audiences anymore.
  14. IanH755

    "Snowflake" Event

    Something which I think is VERY important to point out there before people get excited - Just like last year a "Santa's Gift" container gives the LOWEST winnings out of any crate you can buy - Premium Ship - LOL 300 doubloons 2,500 Coal 10,000 Free XP 30 days of Warships Premium Account 5х New Year camouflages 5х "Type 3 – New Year" camouflages 4x Winter Strands camouflages 4x New Year Streamer camouflages 4x Frosty Fir Tree camouflages 50х Zulu 50х Papa Papa 50х Zulu Hotel 50х Equal Speed Charlie London Xmas '17 was the best year with 100 Steel per TX ship but I think WG realised that giving away Steel (normally earned for being a higher skilled player) wasn't the best idea.
  15. IanH755

    WG, do you want to know what's wrong with your game?

    Ah, it wasn't always like this young padawan . Back in ancient history you only got 3-4 patches a year but people complained about the lack "new" things and the delays to fix things broken by a previous patch. So WG introduced the current 4 weeks per patch system and initially it worked well, but then the self-imposed drive to introduce "new content" with every patch broke the Dev/Coding/QC side so now bugs take longer and longer to fix and get missed by QC who are max'd trying to check so many things out, allowing the bugs which should have been caught into the game in the first place. The "best" practice would be to keep the 4 week patch cycle but alternate the patches into either a "Fix things" or "New content" patch, so effectively 6 fix things and 6 new content patches per year, rather than trying to cram everything into 12 patches. This would allow more testing (so less bugs, more balancing etc) and better quality new content to be given out but WG are instead chasing the "must release new content to grab money" route, to the detriment of the game itself.