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  1. Operation Killer Whale - collective amnesia?

    Just had another loss down to people who are UTTERLY CLUELESS at the scenario - No idea that they have to cap and too busy with "No Cap Kill All" stupidity, completely ignoring the mini-map pings, the chat etc - My suggestion is that the first time you play any scenario there is a 30-60 second un-skippable animation or video to tell you what you need to do to win. Still won't help most of the mouth-breathers that I've played with but if just 1 of them can find a brain cell to use which helps us win a game, I'm all for it!
  2. Groundhog hour?

    I must also being using "your devices" (according to Colonel Pete) as I'm also seeing 11,372 players right this second
  3. Suggestions thread

    WG - Another Co-Op suggestion - Originally only PvP got achievements but now, as PvE Scenarios have got their own "achievement" awards, would it be possible to create some Co-Op ones like Co-Op Kraken, Devastating Strike and Detonation etc? It would also be nice if these came with very small rewards like 1-3 signals, compared to the PvP modes 5-10 signals, so people can't farm them in "easy mode", however still think the achievements are a good idea even if there's no "rewards" added. Nope, in the 2 years I've been playing I've always seen them ram, especially the DD's and Cruisers when they sail past each other. The "Dodge/weave" behaviour is very noticeable in Scenarios, which makes DD's especially hard to hit (I like) but in normal Co-Op the behaviour is still fairly basic, although the Cruisers do now swap to AP more quickly now.
  4. Some Co-Op Kutuzov fun - Plus a new ship I just unlocked and had a great time Torping everything - Can You Guess Which DD? (answer in the Spoiler)
  5. Suggestions thread

    Would there be any chance that WG could look at this Co-Op issue please - when you have Bots on your team and both sets just end up ramming each other within the first 2 minutes. It really reduces the fun when 1/2 yours and the enemy team die within the first 2 minutes because of this. Thanks!
  6. Operation Killer Whale - collective amnesia?

    People tend to be stupid, unable or unwilling to look at chat, the instructions, the tasks in the top left or the various map "pings" people do. I had a 5 star Loss earlier because 2 ships wouldnb't enter the cap circle in the NE, they just sat 1-2km outside and shot away at the bots while ignoring all the rest of team who were screaming at them. I think some people are just too stupid to play the game and should go back to dribbling instead
  7. Captain slots in consumables containers.

    But you still can't get rid of the ships, if you wanted to, you still have to hide them instead which, while it may be no issue for some, seriously annoys me and my OCD-ism
  9. Server currently unavailable?

    Seems to be up and, more importantly, Stable, at the minute. Played 4-5 games without issues, other then the dozen or so game breaking bugs they already know about but can't fix as sorting out BB citadels are clearly more important...................(sarcasm )
  10. Server currently unavailable?

    Thats odd as the complaints started on here within two minutes of 5am GMT (6am CET) but there was no complaints from 4am GMT on the forum (5am CET) when the servers kicked you out.
  11. Server currently unavailable?

    Maybe someone got CET and GMT mixed up as it went offline at 5am GMT (which is 6am CET)?
  12. Server currently unavailable?

    Just seen this on the EU front Page - The EU server will be down temporarily on Friday, March 16 between 05:00 - 05:30 CET. The game will be unavailable for 30 minutes while minor server issues are fixed.
  13. Server currently unavailable?

    Yeap, can't log in at 5:00am to 5:07am GMT/London time.
  14. Yeap, ran the Op 5 times now in my Atlanta, always top of the leader board with the Heavy CA's (Pensacola I'm looking at you) at the bottom, every ....single....time! Out of the 5 plays I've won 4 (3x 3 Star and 1x 2 Star) with around 1400-1700XP, even when I didn't feel like I'd actually had the best game but the 5th game, wow, I did great, killed planes everywhere, smashed DD's kept BB's on fire and had a really good game, the best I've had so far in this Op with 170k+ damage for only 3 kills but 17 ships damaged, 69 planes knocked down and finished with nearly double the XP of the next player yet the mongs (sorry, other skillful players) in my team still allowed the very last DD to sink the BB and lose the game, despite me pinging the map showing it's location, thanks to the TWO Pensacolas who were within 6km of it decided instead to shoot at the Hipper/Eugen comdo 15KM away with their slow reload. Random players sometimes makes me question whether an IQ test should be necessary to play this game!