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  1. heaved_up_the_anchor

    navigation lamps

    i suggested that for those who likes the navy ships' original looking more then fantastic shaped ARP or new soviet cruisers with a nonsence kamuflages or space ships , on the other hand i respect also who likes those kind of stuff as well , meanhwile navigational lamps wont be spotting before normal spotting time of a ship ; in general it will be just for a good looking real view such as when u navigate in real life , some poeple may not know well but i would like to explain ; starboard and port side lights ( which are green and red) same using at airplanes also , at ships these can be seen from front right angle ( both red and green light ) however from left side the red light and from right side the green light can be seen only and one white stern light can be seen only from back and 2 or 3 white lights can be seen again only from front side at mast
  2. heaved_up_the_anchor

    navigation lamps

    hi guys , i have a suggestion to wag that if they may able to keep turn on all navigation lamps on a vessel that would be so naturel and real especially during battle in the darker maps ( such as rainy , cloudy or stormy maps ) you even can undertsand the ships position by navigational lights such as starbord side and port side lights that are indicationg green and red at both sides also the White one stern light and two or one depends on ships lenght mostly on the mast , also the view would be more fantastic and more real and it is very easy to do by the technical support team of wag
  3.  Merhaba Yavuz Bey 


    benim wag a bir önerim olacak , nispeten daha karanlık bulutlu yağmurlu vs gibi haritalarda gemilerin seyir fenerlerinin yanıyor vaziyette olması çok güzel bir görsellik katar ayrıca bilgi açısından da önemli olur sancak iskele  fenerlerinin yanıyor ve belli açılardan gözükmesi  yine on direkte  ve kıçta bulunan fenerlerin yanar vaziyette olmaları gemilerin ne yönde ve nasıl oldukları hakkında da bilgi veriri , daha gerçekçi bir görsel sunar .