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  1. the_black_bar0n

    English speaking clan

    DM sent to you
  2. the_black_bar0n

    Looking for a clan EU

    DM sent to you
  3. the_black_bar0n

    Pirat looking for a new clan

    DM sent to you!
  4. the_black_bar0n

    EU clan non hardcore

    DM sent to you!
  5. the_black_bar0n

    Hope I can find a clan that can suit me EU sever 

    DM sent to you!
  6. the_black_bar0n

    I want to shoot boats

    pm sent to you
  7. the_black_bar0n

    New player in need of a clan.

    DM sent to you!
  8. the_black_bar0n

    [Please close] Improving, but AVG potato looking for UK Clan

    PM sent!
  9. the_black_bar0n

    Avg potato looking for clan, serious CB

    pm sent!
  10. the_black_bar0n

    [Please close] Looking for an oil clan

    pm sent!
  11. the_black_bar0n

    Looking for active CB clan

    pm sent
  12. the_black_bar0n

    Kurze Frage, kurze Antwort - Der Erste Hilfe Thread

    Also brauch man beide Schiffe dafür? So'n Scheiß!