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    Suggestions thread

    Ship classes Submarines I know you devs are pretty stubborn when it comes to: Submarines. Of course, everywhere are problems. But sometimes you simply have to try. I know you don't want to hear anything about this, but I am stubborn too. Don't allow them to dive, or just so deep that you can still see the scope. Detected submarines could be red surrounded, for better visibility. And maybe tie them to a special gamemode like submarine hunt or so. Or add a box where players can uncheck submarines, so they wont be matched with or against them. Show the german wolfpacks some love Dreadnoughts Smaller then battleships, but more heavily armored with big firepower. Carriers Do we really have to play them with mouseclicks? I want a feeling for my ship, not just clicking around. Maybe give them unlimited planes, but add a plane warning to the game, something like "Warning, torpedo bombers incoming!" Let me control Cv's like any other ship pls!