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  1. Hi there, in my oppinion it would be a nice touch to include more ships into the game which were part of the Battle of Jutland in 1916. This is the largest naval battle ever fought if you have a look on direct ships vs ships engagements and it is not very good represented in the game right now. There are just few ships in the game which participated in the Battle of Jutland itself AND are interesting to play. As a matter of fact the ships or even the whole type of ship which bore the brunt of this huge naval battle are not included in the game at all. It is the battlecruiser! For me - and I guess for a lot of other people - it would be nice to see this ships in the game, maybe as premium ships, just some of them! It would not be as hard to implement an HMS Lion or HMS Tiger on Tier V into the game. The same would be true for the SMS Derfflinger or SMS Seydlitz (whereas the Derrflinger class would better suit into the game in my oppinion). I really would love to see those ships ingame. They would be faster as the BBs on this tiers but they would not have the ability to sustain as much damage as the BBs do. To make those ships competitive they should be a bit more accurate. And to underline there character you could restrict their repair party to 2 charges. This really would make sense and would also create a different approach to the game as normal BBs. I really hope someone of WG reads this and is going to think about such an implemantation for such ships in their 1916 configuration. They would also have bad AA which is compensated with higher speed and better maneuverbility as normal BBs have. In my humble oppinion this would enrich the game by some really famous ships (for example HMS Lion, HMS Tiger, SMS Derfflinger, SMS Lützow, SMS Seydlitz) and I would think some people - for example me - would by those ships. Especially if you make them Tier V which is way more interesting to play as Tier III or IV. What do you think? Best regards, Markja