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  1. corresponding to [] WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_0770.zip (14,866,117 bytes bytes) (update Operation "Raptor Rescue" and "Narai")
  2. corresponding to [] WoWS_Kyokujitsu-ki_V2_0770.zip (2,761,320 bytes bytes) (incompatible with [] or earlier)
  3. corresponding to [] WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_0760.zip (14,866,102 bytes bytes) (update Hotspot, Mountain Range and Sleeping Giant / add Cherry Blossom)
  4. corresponding to [] WoWS_Kyokujitsu-ki_V2_0760.zip (2,588,819 bytes bytes) (incompatible with [0.7.5.X] or earlier)
  5. corresponding to [] WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_0751.zip (14,357,553 bytes) (same content as [0.7.4.X])
  6. corresponding to [] WoWS_Kyokujitsu-ki_V2_0751.zip (2,571,067 bytes bytes) (incompatible with [] or earlier)
  7. corresponding to [] WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_0750.zip (14,357,553 bytes) (same content as [0.7.4.X])
  8. corresponding to [] WoWS_Kyokujitsu-ki_V2_0750.zip (2,571,977 bytes bytes) (incompatible with [0.7.4.X] or earlier)
  9. corresponding to [] WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_0741.zip (14,357,553 bytes) (same content as [])
  10. corresponding to [] WoWS_Kyokujitsu-ki_V2_0741.zip (2,544,779 bytes) (same content as [])
  11. corresponding to [] WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_0740.zip (14,357,553 bytes) (update Tears of the Desert & Northern Lights / remove Space for April 2018)
  12. corresponding to [] WoWS_Kyokujitsu-ki_V2_0740.zip (2,544,779 bytes bytes) (incompatible with [] or earlier)
  13. Bug Reports

    Dear EU staffs and developers, I'll report 2 issues which occered in replay mode. (I'm usually playing WoWS in ASIA server, but hard to trust their relay enough. So, I'll report this for EU forum to closer to developers.) issue A : Tactical map doesn't work in replay mode. 1. Description Tactical Map (usually, it called pressing M key) isn't work in replay mode. This issue occered already in 0.7.2. 2. Reproduction steps Boot replay mode with WoWS replay file (*.wowsreplay). Wait untill finish opening count down. Click right MB to change free loock mode. Press M key, or click map icon beside of speed meter. ... Nothing happens. 3. Result It's not able to use tactical map in replay mode. 4. Expected result Tactical map works in replay mode again. I'm publishing playing video (for Nico and YouTube), and utilize tactical map for debriefing section. 5. Technical details Always in current version. It doesn't work too, when add another key as secondary hot key. issue B : Configuration menu appears keyed to replay speed ratio. 1. Description Configuration menu (usually, it called pressing ESC key) appears keyed to replay speed ratio. If stop replay, and press ESC key, the menu appears very very very slowly. (It able to escape from freezing menu with pressing ESC key again.) 2. Reproduction steps Change replay speed with Del/Ins key. Press ESC key to call configuration menu. Comfiguration menu appears quickly a little with increased speed, slowly with decreased speed. 3. Result The menu works nomally without appearing speed. 4. Expected result The menu works same speed regardless of replay speed ratio. 5. Technical details This issue occered already Beta test (in 2015). (I reported this issue at that time, or sometimes after official launch.)
  14. corresponding to [] WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_0730.zip (14,958,479 bytes) (add Space for April 2018)
  15. corresponding to [] WoWS_Kyokujitsu-ki_V2_0730.zip (2,485,643 bytes bytes) (incompatible with [0.7.2.X] or earlier)