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  1. corresponding to [] WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_0910.zip (17,269,699 bytes bytes) (added Northern Waters)
  2. corresponding to [] WoWS_Kyokujitsu-ki_V2_0910.zip (4,073,821 bytes) (incompatible with [] or earlier)
  3. corresponding to [] WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_0900.zip (17,068,664 bytes) (same content as [])
  4. corresponding to [] WoWS_Kyokujitsu-ki_V2_0900.zip (4,033,736 bytes) (incompatible with [] or earlier)
  5. corresponding to [] WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_08B0.zip (17,068,950 bytes) (same content as [])
  6. corresponding to [] WoWS_Kyokujitsu-ki_V2_08B0.zip (3,999,231 bytes) (incompatible with [0.8.10.X] or earlier)
  7. Pardon my poor English. There is no special technique. It's only adding ray-band with same color on the original PNG by myself. In Photoshop, I drawed it with Pen Tool or Polygonal Lasso Tool. About "Kriegsmarine" flag. It impossible for me to provide a MOD. Because, I don't have enough time. (GIVE ME MORE MORE MORE SLEEPING HOURS IN REAL WORLD!!!) If you make it by yourself, using "white cloth" photo is the easiest way. (many CC0 photos are distributed on the WEB) Cut it same figure with PNG, draw shadow, paste flag texture you want, deform texture to fit cloth, be a Multiply layer, and adjust color & brightness.
  8. corresponding to [] WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_08A0.zip (17,068,950 bytes) (same content as [])
  9. corresponding to [] WoWS_Kyokujitsu-ki_V2_08A0.zip (3,953,989 bytes) (incompatible with [0.8.9.X] or earlier)
  10. corresponding to [] WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_0891B.zip (17,068,952 bytes) (fixed distance indication in some maps)
  11. Thank you for your help. I corrected those mistakes in latest virsion.
  12. corresponding to [] WoWS_Kyokujitsu-ki_V2_0891.zip (3,874,443 bytes) (same content as [])
  13. corresponding to [] WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_0890.zip (17,062,019 bytes bytes) (added Halloween2019)
  14. corresponding to [] WoWS_Kyokujitsu-ki_V2_0890.zip (3,874,443 bytes) (incompatible with [0.8.8.X] or earlier)
  15. corresponding to [] WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_0881.zip (15,850,196 bytes) (same content as [])