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  1. Ah of course, smaller than Großer Kurfürst so she's harder to hit and has a smaller turning circle, but still more water displacement so she gets more HP. Also doesn't lose four guns when switching to the bigger guns, unlike Conqueror. But remember everyone, there is no Russian bias here!
  2. Wizmoe

    World of Warships & Steam Play

    That's interesting to hear, I only started playing this on Linux today. Before I actually tried it myself I did a lot of reading up about compatibility and didn't see anyone else say what you're presenting here. Glad it works so well though.
  3. Wizmoe

    World of Warships & Steam Play

    The game itself is now fully playable with the Proton 3.16-4 beta. The only things that still don't work (that I know of anyway) are the external parts that rely on CEF to display content, such as the Arsenal, Premium Store, Clan Base and News section. I was afraid I'd have to install Windows again to play this, but now I know I can get by on GNU+Linux.
  4. Seriously, you're removing half of the carriers? Why? The "reason" given can be applied to all ship classes.
  5. Wizmoe

    [] Remove/Hide Insignias

    Thanks for this, couldn't play without it.
  6. Same here, no other flag mod has this level of quality.
  7. Wizmoe

    Bug Reports

    1. Description The minimap can't be expanded to its 0.7.2 "4K compliant" size anymore. 2. Reproduction steps 1. Start battle in any ship 2. Press the plus key (or whatever key you have rebound the map expansion function to) 3. Notice it stopping before it reaches the 0.7.2 maximum size. 3. Result The minimap is too small for comfort and for relaying information efficiently. 4. Expected result The minimap used to be able to be expanded to a much larger size. 5. Technical details I have provided screenshots of the maximum sizes of the minimap over three patch versions: Patch 0.7.0 Patch 0.7.2 (PTS server) Patch (current)