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    Gameplay für Doofe

    ich will kein statshaming betreiben aber wenn man sich dein profil anschaut solltest du in erster linie bei dir nach fehlern suchen und nicht das mm beschuldigen. Jeder fängt irgendwo an und ist anfangs schlecht aber wenn man so wie du im keller hockt und verschwörungstheorien schiedet kann man keine besserung erwarten. Das hauptproblem am mm ist das es komplett zufällig ist und es kein elo system gibt. D.h. wenn dann jmd wie du oder deine clanmates keinen großen positiven einfluss aufs ergebniss haben hängt es von den komplett zufälligen teams ab ob sie dich durchschleifen können oder nicht. Kannst ja mal schauen wenn du gewinnst, wo bist du eher: oben im scorebord oder unten? Und dich dann fragen wieviel du zum sieg beigetragen hast... D.h. such dir auf youtube videos mit tipps oder schau auf twitch streams von populären streamern und schau dir an wie andere spielen und lern.
  2. Short impressions on this rework: First rework that didn't bore me to death. So it is getting better. If we ignore all the crashes the gameplay is kind of fun. I say that as someone who likes the rts style and was very sceptical about the rework idea and disliked the first 2 versions of the rework. I am now in the stage of acceptance and try to get used to the new gameplay. But first big thing I still don’t understand: why can’t we control the cv while on an attack-run? Why do I have to abandon my attack just to defend myself? Note that I mostly played Midway on the test. The gameplay is smooth now and planes react how i want them to. The time to get from your cv to the enemy is fine now. You don't fall asleep in this version while waiting for your planes to get to the enemy. I played a lot in the last days. Sadly we can’t see our stats because the cvs are regarded as testships. I would have loved to see avg dmg and other stats. I know these values are WiP but at least how many battles played with witch cv would have been nice. I still don’t really know where you want to go with this rework. Is it a rework = nerf or just a rework? In this version they feel strong and it is satisfying to play them. But knowing how the general balancing works the dmg output will be nerfed and then I fear that the gameplay will be boring. It's not about not dealing much dmg but seeing minimal damage per attack runs is frustrating and would stop me from playing. But I am not sure how to judge the total dmg numbers in the test cause you basically only face bots. Many say that they have problems with dds hunting the cv. I think if you notice it early you can kill them quick because dive bombers destroy dds if aimed right. And the attack rocket planes also hurt dds. So i wouldn't say cv hunting is a problem. And on the live server you coud expect people to help you when you notice an enemy dd trying to hunt you (if noticed early enough). I am not sure if i like the AA. I like the health system but even as heavy aa ships at the start you just hurt the whole squad and only when they are all critical damaged they die. That leads to situations where you don’t shoot any planes when the enemy cv attacks and only when he flys away you start to kill the planes. I tried different typical aa ships like worchester and mino. Underwhelming even with def aa active. And as full aa Hindenburg and getting focused by enemy cv I managed to shoot down one, ONE! plane in the whole game. Hilarious. I tried grozovoi. On the live it can be an aa monster. On the rework test it feels like your aa could also be fireworks. It sounds nice and looks good but doesnt kill any planes. The aa system needs improvement. I don’t really like the call-fighter ability. Being caught by one you can't outrun them you just have to finish your current drop and then press F for the planes. Sadly the replay system doesn't work. Would have loved to rewatch some games. And last point: Pls let us control/switch to the cv while on an attack run. This might disappoint some but I think in the rework the skillgap gets bigger. In the current rts version potatoes can at least click and let the autodrop do the thing but in this action version they would actually have to aim. That being said here is my best game so far: It's "just" against bots but let's be honest if wargaming replaced some spots in the randoms games with bots nobody would notice it.
  3. sleim22

    the queen , gold bless her ( cv rant )

    you want to say that winning with a good division equals cheating?
  4. sleim22

    the queen , gold bless her ( cv rant )

    just one little question: If you see your friend and divi mate pick a cv, would you: a) Pick an anti-air ship that can support your mate and help him to focus on striking and therefor winning the game b) Pick a non-aa ship that dies just by seeing enemy planes I know its a hard question, take your time
  5. sleim22


    Okay, you enjoy cv gameplay. Then I have to tell you something before you get to T6. T4 and T5 CV are crippeled, which means with T6 a few new functions get unlocked. Instead of just clicking on an enemy ships and setting an "auto-drop" you will then get the option to manual-drop while holding ALT. For the fighters there will be something called "strafing", you can shoot down enemy planes very quick infront of your fighter. This enables a much more complex and skll based rts gameplay. You get much more deadly while being able to murder enemy planes and therefor defend your team better. There is a lot to learn and some great guides. With the CV rework being in sight I'm not sure if its worth it to learn all that stuff but I just give you the links so you can decide for yourself: Very long great guide: A much shorter one but everything needed in it:
  6. sleim22


    I dont really need to repeat what others said about minding own toprs etc. I just want to give you the advice that after "only" 400 games you havent seen the crap that happens in this game. You are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. The only ones you can expect teamplay from are your division mates. Everyone else is mostly playing their own game. Sure your stats are bad but so are almost everyones who just starts with this game. The fact that you are in the forum makes you better that most players bacause you seem like someone who wants to improve. I learned that expecting your teammates to do the worst that you can imagine helps to predict what they will do. Just try to improve your own gamneplay. Thats the thing you can activly change. You cant change your teammates(sadly). Try to be as good as you can and be a positive factor towards winning. And one last thing: being pink once isnt that bad. Just learn from the mistake and try to not get pink the same way again.
  7. sleim22

    Win Rate and High stat player attitudes

    Your whole rant was about wr and player attitude. And then out of nowhere your last sentence is about players cheating and using hacks?! Sure i only quote that last part if i refer to it.... I understand that games always might have cheats and e.g. CS:GO or other shooters have a real problem with that. Its because there if you shoot you nearly instant hit the enemy. In world of warships it takes sometime up to 15s or 20s to reach the target. Sure you could somehow have an aimassist that shows you where to aim but it shows you where to aim if the enemy doesnt change directions! So the only way an aimassist would help you is against compelte potatos who have no idea of using WASD. And over time you just learn to aim. And learning what the enemy does might seem like cheats. I had an enemy Zoa always slow down and turn away. First time i missed, the times later i hit him really hard and killed him. Got called a cheater. I really don't think that world of warships has a problem with cheats or hacks. It's just very good players and a lot of very bad players. The only ones that I ever see complaining about hacks are either new or seem very bad. It's the players that mistake skill and huge game knowledge with cheats.
  8. sleim22

    Allgemeines Feedback zu 0.7.8

    Offical World of Warships release: September 17, 2015 Das würde wohl bedeuten der eigentlich Geburtstag kommt noch. Jetzt ist grad noch die Vorparty
  9. sleim22

    Win Rate and High stat player attitudes

    Sure winrate depends a lot on what teammates you get and what enemies. And overall the average player is close to 50% (remember there are draws wich result in both team dropping their wr by a little). And at the beginning where you learn or just have a small amount of games wr doesnt tell much. It can and will change easily. But after at least 2000(?) games your wr reflects to some degree your influnce on the games. Trying to help players is difficult. I tried and will sure try in future. And i try to be nice but peolpe get offended when you tell them their mistakes. It's in human nature. We hate if someone tells us what to do. Some hate it more some less. For me the best example is after games with cv and i notice that either my cv or the enemy e.g. only uses auto-drops and left clicks with fighters T6+, I take my time to add them and tell them after the game that they dont use their class to full potential and even link them some yt vids. The answers you get varys hugely. Sometime I got insulted like: "Dont tell me what to do idiot! play your owm game" (someone even wished me death, several times) sometimes people are very nice and thankful. Most people can't take critic from strangers. And the problem with having a high wr myself people most of the time pull the "you are a tryhard let me play for fun"-card. And giving tips to players is hard in the way that you dont know how their game went and what they did. In the last month I got a friend of mine to try out the game. And it was hard to help him improve even though we both were on ts. Mostly you conentrate on your own game and can't think for two (plus he has a different location, sees different stuff). Only when you die and take their view can can give tips and tell them what you would do in their situation. Thats why you always see the dead guys talk. The living ones dont have time for talking. And most people sadly dont try to be polite which is bad because if you tell someone hes a "complete f*ing ******" you sure know he wont do what you tell him. In my opinion its okay(ish) to have <50% wr. There has to be player who have that. But I hate when people don't try to improve or even intenionally just go in and die. These people that dont learn make it hard and frustrating to play with. So... you want to tell us you think that good players use hacks and cheats?
  10. sleim22

    Bug Reports

    1. Description (live server) When loading into a game your cursor can get stuck in the "move-chat-window" mode. 2. Reproduction steps Open a chat window (normal, division, any should do) Click battle. While waiting for battle click on a chatwindow so you can move it. You dont need to move it, just the cursor should change to these arrows. Keep lelft mouse pressed until you loaded in (not 100%sure until when you have to press it to get stuck). Tested several times on vanilla client. Always same result. 3. Result Mouse cursor is still in "moving-window"mode -> You cant aim since your cursor is enabled -> You cant click on any consumable -> You cant use the Autopilot -> CVs cant start or use planes -> When pressing TAB you cant leave the screen You can still move your ship with wasd. When you accidentally get this you can't play. Only solution I found is restart the game with Alt+F4 and pressing enter to confirm (you cant click any button). 4. Expected result Normal game without restart and loosing a few minutes at the start of the game.
  11. sleim22


    halb hinterm Berg? Das spotting funktioniert so: sobal die Mitte des Schiffs sichtbar ist, ist das Schiff sichtbar. D.h. wenn die Worchester nur die vorderen Türme nutzt kann sie schießen ohne aufzugehen
  12. sleim22

    Muss oder ist die Shimakaze gezwungen zu Tappen?

    Ich habe in letzter Zeit sehr viel Yueyang gespielt habe zwar auch die Shima, finde die Shima aber zurzeit nicht so gut. Die Spielweise unterscheidet sich zwar, aber was cappen angeht ist das Prinzip generell ähnlich. Es wurden schon richtig angesprochen, dass es wichtig ist sich eine Übersich zu machen welche schiffe gegen einen sind und überlegen wo diese evlt hinfahren. Hierbei hilft es z.B. auf Divisionen zu achten (Gegner haben als Beispiel eine G.Kurfürst, Des Moins und Z-52 Divi), wenn du den G. siehst kannst du davon ausgehen dass die anderen zwei auch in der Richtung sind. Wenn das der Fall ist solltest du sehr vorsichtig fahren. Meiner Meinung nach das wichtigste an DDs ist die Präsenz. Damit meine ich, dass du vor deinen Teammates bist und spottest. Wenn du als DD stirbst bricht die Flanke zusammen. Die Kreuzer hauen ab weil sie von gegnerischen DDs gespottet werden (können) und dann von hinter Inseln oder Smoke beschossen zu werden ohne selber zu etwas tun zu können. Und die Schlachtschiffe haben genau das gleiche Problem und zusätzlich noch dass sie sehr einfache Torpedoziele bieten. Ich will damit aber nicht sagen den Cap komplett zu vermeiden, das wäre auch nicht ideal. Allerdings wenn du herausgefunden hast wer auf deiner Seite ist kannst du dich vorsichtig dem Cap nähern und wen du ganz sicher gehen willst sogar rückwärt reinfahren und direkt in Fluchtrichtung stehen. Dabei ist es sinnvoll sich den Speedboost aufzuheben um im Fall dass man von Radar offen ist schnell abhauen zu können. Dann abwarten bis das Radar vorbei ist und du solltest das Cap sichern können. Dabei hilft es sehr wenn du allein spielst und du den Gegner DD spottest ihn als Ziel mit F3 zu markieren. Random Spieler kriegen nicht alles mit und übersehen gerne mal wenn ein neues Ziel auftaucht. Es klappt zwar nicht immer aber häufiger als man denk. Außerdem bietet es einen rießen Vorteil wenn man schaut wen man selber als Unterstützung hat: So kann man z.B. für eine Des Moins oder Worchester in der Nähe des Caps einen Smoke legen. Weit genug weg dass sie im Falle eines Radars nicht aufgehen aber nah genug damit sie dir gegen den Gegner DD helfen können. Da in letzter Zeit so viel Radar rumfährt bringt dir der smoke selber nicht soviel, schlimmer eher wenn du dich aus Panik smokest und trotzdem durch Radar offen bist blockt der Smoke in der Regel eher sogar die Sicht auf den Gegner wodurch dein Team dir garnicht helfen kann.