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  1. Air_Cheese

    The Ranked One thread (post here when you reach Rank I)

    Kamikaze R, 21 games, win 14 lost 7, AND I saved 6 stars !!.. This ranked means nothing.
  2. Air_Cheese

    Does karma actually do anything?

    I think i am somewhere between them. Not a good one but also not bad. I got the karma gain from 200+ to 400+ while i was grinding IJN CV from t6 to t9.
  3. Air_Cheese

    matchmaking in weekends

    EDIT I mean, just dont bame the matchmaking. Nothing will work well when everyone is about 30+% wr.
  4. Air_Cheese

    Ranked - some changes are needed badly

    i would say without these guys act as star supplier, very little player can reach R1 before the season end by no player. Check sea wolves when you got R1
  5. Air_Cheese

    What's the most Karma you've had?

    470 for a while. I dont chart much in game. There are always kind players check the chart for me and compensate for the reports i got. It seem like not much people know when your karma over some point (110?), you can send 11 compliments and 11 reports per day instead of 7. Then you can chart like, "fxxking noob team, i will report everyone of you!"
  6. Air_Cheese

    Ranked "Season 10" - Observations...

    First rule doesn't means you will be guaranteed a win out of it :D Specially with only one DD in each side and you sunk it. Then your team: cheers! dd dead, lets push!.. Why don't you just not try to kill the dd
  7. Air_Cheese

    Ranked "Season 10" - Observations...

    I played DD in all my ranked seasons S6 to S10. Beside the first season i attended, i got R1 in around 150 battles in S7-S10. In my experience, I played DD in most case, and only Khabarovsk in S10. I dont think there is much different between each season. No matter capping or not, not dying at the first minutes is the only rule for regular DD.
  8. Air_Cheese

    Ranked "Season 10" - Observations...

    I would like to have some people sitting behind than rush to dead at the first 12 minutes. Alive does mean 80 or 60 points advantages. One cap advantage to them doesn't mean they will win in the first 10 min. But if someone dead for the Cap, that is a win for them. In this game, defending a cap is much easier than capturing.
  9. Air_Cheese

    "Selfish" Khabarovsk in Rank Season 10

    Why do you want to ban a "traditional" DD? This ship must be the best fited istorical facts. That is how a dd should be.
  10. Air_Cheese

    "Selfish" Khabarovsk in Rank Season 10

    Good to hear you guys talking about Grozovoi I think, having speed boost, heal, AND smoke together is the most adv of Grozovoi. Avoiding torps and shells are mainly on your positioning instead of maneuverability
  11. Air_Cheese

    "Selfish" Khabarovsk in Rank Season 10

    Thank you, Looking for your share after you done with the rank
  12. Air_Cheese

    "Selfish" Khabarovsk in Rank Season 10

    I DO think Grozovoi is better than Khabarovsk in most of cases :D
  13. Air_Cheese

    "Selfish" Khabarovsk in Rank Season 10

    I just happened to record one video with that situation. Apparently that dd is not doing a right move. In the game, both team make mistakes. For them is mostly because the wrong move of DD. For us is the 3 BBs stick together and move slowly to B. HIV was killed and I was in dangerous because they couldnt sunk the hin fast. If there is only one DD each team, then i know exactly where he is, i will report his position constantly. There isnt much choices for him to move. In this case, if there is someone following me, then i can push to their cap and out spot everyone. If none following me, and they have CA/BB to that point. Then i will flank them. So our team will have at least ship advantage to the competitive Cap.
  14. Air_Cheese

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Gremyashchy I would trade her with all my T10 ship
  15. Air_Cheese

    "Selfish" Khabarovsk in Rank Season 10

    I think Grozovoi would take that role as well. The current Grozovoi are more versatile than Khaba. I think it is a bit more difficult to play Grozovoi than Khaba because she has much more options.