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    Aggiornamento 0.7.5 - Feedback generale


    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Nice.... server reported for AFK

    Lista rossa

    i TK nemici li vedi dalla lista del MM prima della partita spostando il cursore sui nomi...

    Matchmaking Chart

    Let me say something about what is happening in Wows... well, I think that now that there are over 20k players daily online this MM should be set to have only 1 tier of difference in game... but no one cares about it and complains because there are "OP" ships, so with all those complains about game play WG thinks to find the solution nerfing ships and the worst thing is that this happens even after they have been set in game (maybe testers have done something wrong?)... and the result is that now we have many many ships that noobs say are OP.... CVs are "op"? the GZ will become an useless barge!, BBs are "op"? they will burn longer than other ships!, Belfast and Kutuzov are "op"? they will be retired from the shop!, smoke is "op" now you will be seen shooting (and i think this is the only good thing they did in the last 1 year), low camo and long shooting range are "op"? now when you shoot your spotting range is equal to your shooting range!, torps are "op"? lets start exalting DDs with only 1 torpedo launcher, cause they are good in AA...., and so on. There will remain only noobs in this game. Until they will become "OP". Now 3, 2, 1 ... go with replies that I am wrong, this game has not been nerfed, and so on. This IS MY OPinion closed. Fair seas captains

    Lista rossa

    Salve a tutti, vorrei sapere se esiste una lista rossa per il MM, visto che ne sento parlare spesso, e se sì come si può visionare? GRazie
  6. Salve capitano!! sei in cerca di un clan che ti dia spazio? hai volontà di implementare le tue stats e di "crescere" come giocatore? vuoi divertirti e apprendere nuove tecniche? Allora MGI è il clan che fa per te!!! Cosa aspetti? fatti avanti, noi abbiamo un posto riservato per te! PS: utilizziamo discord, quindi se volete entrare a giocare con noi dovete scaricarvelo (totalmente free); le nuove reclute avranno un periodo di prova della durata di una settimana durante il quale saranno scrupolosamente seguite e attentamente valutate dal capo clan o da un suo vice. Importante: contrariamente a quanto accade in alcuni clan italiani da noi NON è richiesto alcun tipo di pagamento, nè è necessario essere maggiorenni. Allora che aspetti? Noi siamo sempre disponibili!!!! A presto.
  7. I think i'm not the only fortunate guy to witness this terrible bug! why WG didn't repair it? i would ask to the programmers if they would like to pay for doubloons, premium accounts and premium ships, and then play in this conditions as in the picture attached.... ah, and this is happening to me only with the last update! Believe to receive serious answers to this question, and not from baby brained one-day so called testers.

    Match Making: how does it works?

    Certainly you are right because of game mechanics, and here returns my first sentence about mm for equal tier ships. You don't have to take it as a personal thing, and remember that a paying client (like he who is writing) is not ever in right, but have to be respected... Now case closed.

    Match Making: how does it works?

    And to all nice guys TESTERS, professors of all and nothing: Akitsuki (tier 8) hit 123 times Shimakaze (tier 10) with HE shells.... damage dealt: 9214! Which better way for a fun & challenging experience..... oh yeah, I was in mistake, must have used AP, blah blah blah
  10. Guarda visto che qui ci sono 2000 professori con 5000 tesi, ti rispondo io: devi sempre anticipare il tiro, anche nella realtà - e per quest'ultima ipotesi potresti guardare anche su google alcuni estratti di balistica. Nel gioco io faccio "a occhio", ovvero guardo il fumo della nave avversaria per intuire la sua velocità e sparo un primo colpo, poi correggo gli altri se necessario.... dopo un po' ti viene naturale e spontaneo cittadellare anche a lunghe distanze. Il segreto è giocare giocare e giocare. E questo metodo vale per tutti i casi, ovvero navi che vanno in senso opposto al tuo o nello stesso senso. Spero di esserti stato utile. Ciao

    Match Making: how does it works?

    It seems Oscar Wilde was right. End of discussion.

    Match Making: how does it works?

    My question isn't offensive or sarcastic, while some answers yes, so I don't want to be offensive or sarcastic like someonelse here, but please reserve your sarcasm for your friends or home or whoever permits it. Thank you. Kind regards

    Match Making: how does it works?

    How do you think the match making works? are you satisfied about this? I think that the image attached speaks alone... take a look and try to explain... Best Regards