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  1. WarburtonLee

    Fairness of chat bans

    Yep and his Reminds me of Pink Floyds song Brain Damage. "If the band youre in starts playing different tunes, i see you on the dark side of the moon"
  2. Im starting to think that if we wished for more planes and subs, they would actually do the opposite
  3. WarburtonLee

    Operations skill issue

    The point about bots turning guns towards you even when you are unspotted, is that really true though? In Aegis, when playing Akizuki, i like to go up to the islands where the 2nd wave comes after they have died. When the 3rd wave that escorts the cruisers arrive, i can usually kill the 2 closest cruisers to the island with AP at 5-6km range before they even get to turn their guns on me. Even though im much closer than any allies, they still shoot at them until they pop around the island at 5km from me and then starting to turn their guns towards me.
  4. WarburtonLee

    Fairness of chat bans

    I think i just found the theory of everything
  5. WarburtonLee

    How Much Of A Mess Is This Game In?

    The game is such a mess, that right now im about to enter a coop-battle for the first time since early 2016 to get some missions done. I dont see the fun in going into a random battle one bit, so i might just try it out. I remember there was a time where clanmates made fun of eachother if they where ever spotted in co-op (as per the "who have you seen in random battles" thread)
  6. Flamus "Toxic videos" are one of the things that highlight the very bad direction the game is heading. That helps. What does not help, is just playing along, and pretend things are fine when they very clearly are not. The only way to change things for the better, is when WG notices reduced income somehow.
  7. WarburtonLee

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Ive never ever complained or got on my tinfoilhat regarding the MM, but something for sure was up like a month ago or so. When i came back to the game, i started playing mostly ranked, to dodge CVs and Subs, and i didnt do very well in the start. My ranked stats from back in the day were horrible, and i almost never played it except when i was new. But, i started to adopt to the game again, and it went better and better. I kind of stabilized at 60% WR or so (recent mind you) when i started to figure the game out. Then a new season came about around the end of january i think? And i couldnt win a battle. I simply couldnt. That went on for 2 weeks straight. And PR ofcource also plummeted, since there was no or very little time to do anything before the games where lost. Now, ive had loosing streaks before, but nothing like this. I dont know how significant this decrease was from a statistical perspective, but i do think it was almost 200 games before things normalized. You can clearly see the IMO to big drop to be called a part of "normal variance". I know this is a bit tinfoily, but it sure was very strange.
  8. WarburtonLee

    [Poll] Why are you here? Why do you (still) play?

    Same here, mostly ranked. Didnt know subs where coming to ranked, in that case i will probably stop playing that mode. Then it will be a few operations every now and then, and thats it
  9. WarburtonLee

    [Poll] Why are you here? Why do you (still) play?

    I came back to the game only because i dont have my gaming rig anymore, only a work laptop. And somehow, even though it wont let me install anything on it, WG launcher and games went right through. When i get another gaming-rig ill be gone again, Subs and CVs are the main cause if this. Its mind-boggling how they managed to mess this game up, considering how good it was pre-CV rework
  10. WarburtonLee

    What is the point of Cruiser in 2023?

    Does it though? I dont play alot of ops, but if i bring my Tirpitz or Akizuki, im almost always on top. Is there a way to check stats from ops?
  11. WarburtonLee

    What were your most embarassing moments in WoWs?

    I also managed to get into "Ocean" map with Schlieffen, without a captain. I didnt even know it was possible before it happened. Fun experience right there, no CE no secondaries :)
  12. WarburtonLee

    I dare you WG!

    I managed to rank out, but i kind of wish i hadnt, since i dont enjoy randoms anymore (at all). I will probably play a few, but it would be mostly operations from now on. Back before i left the game for years, i rarely played ranked, as randoms where more fun, now its the opposite by quite some margin. You can dodge the CVs (in the que), and no subs.
  13. WarburtonLee

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Its both a curse and a blessing really, the good thing is that when you get spotted really early, most people tend to start shooting you, so you know where they are and can control the engagement from range. If it had like 7km detection, you would get spotted much closer to the enemy, and still not close enough to spot their DD, so it would actually be worse. I think having battleship rudder is worse :D
  14. WarburtonLee

    What were your most embarassing moments in WoWs?

    From recent memory i have 2 good examples. Both in ranked games. First is simple, i said "well done" to a BB on my team rushing in to get killed at the start, while detonating seconds later in Khabarovsk, in a dd fight i couldnt possible lose (exept the one time i forgot to buy flags ofcource) :D Second, it was on the map Northern Lights, south spawn. I was in Schlieffen. I just guarded the strait on the east flank, as sometimes a sneaky DD or some fast BB will try to flank that way. And there comes a Khaba, and we engage, and he retreats just behind the island with low hp. I hydro him, so i see he is retreating, and i decided to wait a little in case of his torps before i go around the island. No torps spotted. So i start to go around, and are met by completely undodgeable torps that cripple me, and a teammate of him all the way over at the western flank kills me before i can finish him. Now you may ask, how could that happen when you got hydro? Turns out, i had the complete brainfart, that if he launched torps i should spot them at the same distance as i spotted him. I simply forgot, even though i knew very well, that torp detection and ship detection is not the same. And as he was leaving my hydro range, and me not seeing any torps launched, i thought i couldnt possibly be torped by his 6km torps :D
  15. WarburtonLee

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Had a good game in the Khaba in ranked, i dont think the enemy Salem and Moskva enjoyed it too much :D 11 fires to the Moskva