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  1. WarburtonLee

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Met @Aotearas on enemy team today. We got crushed, much thx to our CV. I hope you reported him :)
  2. WarburtonLee

    Skill based teams now!

    No thx, i have said the same in the 250 other topics of this kind before. I prefer it random, any messing around with MM will NOT be good
  3. WarburtonLee

    Wargaming wtf are you doing

    Maybe i will try to pick up CVs again now. I basically stopped playing them becouse of AS, as i found the gameplay extremely frustrating even though i usually won vs AS setup. I dont have more than around 200 battles in CVs, so im no expert at all btw, but i did decent im them. But sooo frustrating......
  4. WarburtonLee

    Nerf the Conqueror ...

    Well as i said im no expert, but i have somewhat success in my montana, and i just recently got it (last week). The Conqueror have not been my main issue, any fire dmg is fully repairable. But youll need to go dark when needed to use it....
  5. WarburtonLee

    Nerf the Conqueror ...

    Im not a regular BB player, but in my Montana ive found the Conqueror takes a lot of dmg even when angled. Dont sit bow on to him, move and try to dodge. Try to time when you go dark with a few seconds before his next salvo etc. Or just get real close and slaughter him. Dont repair single fires (ofcourse) and not always double ones either. This is my tip, but as i said, i am not a regular BB guy.
  6. WarburtonLee

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I just met @Negativvv on enemy team sailing his z23, while i was in minotaur. We won, negativv was the only one trying to cap back the cruicial B cap on islands of ice, but luckily our cv actually listened and spotted him for me. His CV though, kept sending planes my way for some reason, while the NC on his team kept shooting HE on me :P
  7. Asterix ;)
  8. WarburtonLee

    What's your most influential ship class?

    Destroyer. Its not about being good in them even, its more about removing a possible complete retarded DD from the team
  9. WarburtonLee

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Just had ghostbuster and clanmate on enemy team, while me and 2 clanmates where divisioning. I was sailing the Gearing, and fortunaly for us, their CV refused to spot me all game, so i could basically cap and torp all i wanted. Not much the enemy could do about that when CV think its more important to go after hindenburgs and montanas :P
  10. WarburtonLee

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Now, ive been away for 8 months still i remember this skybuck thing. And i really dont think i will ever do this naming and shaming that this forum has been doing against this player. Yes, i know, this and that but it doesnt matter. Not very nice
  11. WarburtonLee

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Hey im back after 8 months or so. Met Skybuck a few times, and Tenacious_Torps, who asked me to say hello from him to the forums as he isnt reading them anymore. Also seen others i think i recognize but its hard to remember
  12. WarburtonLee

    Buffing the tier 10s (cruiser edition)

    The only thing i want for the Des Moines is better armour, especially on the bow. Why isnt that an option in your vote?
  13. WarburtonLee

    DD spawn positions

  14. WarburtonLee

    DD spawn positions

    If you make it random, the team with both (or more) DDs at one flank starts with a huge disadvantage. Mainly, not being able to contest one side of the map, while the enemy who has DDs on both sides can