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  1. LesBearEU

    Context Widgets

    This site i did from the API NBI19 with the context widget on the player name and the correct vehicles, the correct vehicles fails sometimes with that tank can´t be found, but still good... Best Regards LesBearEU
  2. LesBearEU

    Context Widgets

    Hello Yes WoT have context widget, see here Context Widget and i did a demo in my first post how that function... Yes i know i can create this popups and widgets, but if WoWS have them already done, easy to use... Best Regards LesBearEU
  3. LesBearEU

    Context Widgets

    Hello Do we have any Context Widgets for world of warships? Demo: Is from wot: https://nbi19.com/gamehub/nbi19/ Thanks Best Regards LesBearEU