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  1. Andy_Foulds

    Bug Reports

    Further update for PT 0.7.8 Round 2 - No change in the client behaviour, two more crashes due to the same BigWorld error (one in port, one whilst loading battle), PT participation terminated as the automatic report system has reduced me to Co-Op & training battles only for 22 matches due to inactivity; this is due to the time taken for the program error to appear once the crash has begun (it takes several minutes after the game locks up) & the program to close before relaunching & logging back in. Definitely not a happy player here, I hope you can find whatever the cause is before this patch goes live or this is likely to stop me playing the game altogether - assuming I don't get banned for inactivity first. :( Edit: Thanks for the info ThinderChief, I'll give it some further investigation although the issue only seems to occur on the PT client: the live server is unaffected so far, so perhaps it's interplay between this issue & the UI scaling subroutine? I'm on an older laptop with Nvidia 3D mobile graphics at the moment, so it's a possibility.
  2. Andy_Foulds

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Game crash whilst setting up ships & commanders in port (three examples) and whilst launching match (1 example, unable to complete ship & commander setup further). 2. Reproduction steps Launch game & login, begin setting up ships for battle, crash in BigWorld client after several minutes. 3. Result In-game experience - frustrating, extreme difficulty preparing ships for/entering battle without experiencing game hangup & crash. 4. Expected result Ship & commander setup complete, enter battle. 5. Technical details Crash times - 09:27 05/08/2018 (crash whilst loading battle), 12:21 05/08/2018 (crash whilst in port), 13:12 05/08/2018 (crash whilst in port), 13:28 05/08/2018 (crash whilst in port). The *.dmp files from these crashes were too large to send, but have been saved. Update: Two further crashes, both whilst waiting for a match to initialise in cruiser Charles Martel: BigWorld error whilst match initialises & loads. Crash reports added to original compressed folder (see attached). I intend to uninstall & reinstall the PT client; if this fails to stabilize the game enough to play, then I can take no further part in this Public Test as it is literally unplayable for me for the first time in over a year's participation. DxDiag.txt Crash Report PT Client 20180805.zip
  3. Andy_Foulds

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    The first game that I managed to get everything right in Edinburgh. Unfortunately the team lost, but nevertheless definitely a step up from my abysmal first few games & a decent profit, which is also new to me with the T8+ economy. Back to T6 for awhile to build up some more credits, I think; besides, I have more captains to train.
  4. Andy_Foulds

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Well tonight I can better appreciate @havaduck's POV. Not a great night, some okay results, finally managed to pull out the stops... & despite doing damage left, right & centre, spotting DD's, forcing off cruisers, managing to kill a BB and badly damage 3 others, not to mention stripping the enemy Zuiho of most of his planes plus over half his HP, did we win? Did we hell, their two surviving cruisers broke through & went straight for me whilst our 3/4 health Orion decided to keep his distance & snipe from 15km. I also got abused by our late Isokaze (who tried to take on their Clemson in a knife fight) & their Svetlana (whom I managed to get Flesh Wound from) for being a "tomato" & a loser. We lost on points a minute later. Sometimes, you just want to say "f*** you all". Could I have done more? Maybe, but there are eleven other players on the team as well.
  5. Andy_Foulds

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Highest damage to date, best CV performance so far. Still trying to do better no matter what WG's plans are for CV gameplay.
  6. Andy_Foulds

    Which dds now may play like UK dds later?

    Maybe a mixture of @mr3awsome's RN DD lines RN DDs: The End & @Trainspite's DD trees from his Royal Navy Tech Tree Proposal. Some great ships to choose from, although @creamgravy's speculative branches look good; personally I'd swap the 1917 S-class for the Modified W class.
  7. Andy_Foulds

    How change the server?

    The regions have separate accounts, but you can use the same email address for all regions. You'll have to register in each region first. I use the same email on EU & NA server accounts. Unifying a user account across regions & between WoT, WoWp & WoWs is meant to be in the works, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting.
  8. Andy_Foulds

    New ships on the horizon!

    Better to have Arethusa as a silver T5 & make Emerald/Enterprise the Premium with Mark IX torpedoes.
  9. Andy_Foulds

    Royal Navy Tech Tree Proposal

    The RN T5 DD being balanced against T-22, Minekaze etc seems reasonable, although it will be fodder for the Nicholas & Podvoisky's guns; I suspect the best we can hope for from the BL4.5" guns is 8rpm (please, not a 10sec reload). I'm hoping for Amazon or Ambuscade rather than Venomous - the armament is the same, but I'd rather have the A-prototypes' 37 knots. I too have a suspicion that they might end up as Premiums, I hope we're wrong. I can't see the Anthony or her sisters/close successors at T6 after Gallant, particularly not with a lighter torpedo armament. I could see one of the WEP classes at T7 with the quintuple launchers, Mark IX/IX* torpedoes & preferably a slightly faster per-tube reload, followed by hopefully Jackal at T8 - I still have my doubts about Broadsword/Scorpion. I have no guesses about what's currently in production, only what was stated earlier this year in the Dev diaries. If there's no schedule slippage, there ought to be another RN branch out this year - it's highly improbable that it will be either CV's or CA's, which leaves DD's. Fingers crossed that it's just under wraps or is an early 2018 re-schedule.
  10. Andy_Foulds

    Royal Navy Tech Tree Proposal

    The A class could have it's RoF nerfed to fit T5 with her 35 knots restored, it would be better than either Ambuscade or Amazon which have big problems with their guns, the likely torpedoes would be the Mark VII. Placed at T6, they'd need a faster reload per tube with the Mark IX than Gallant, I can't see them having any more gun power although the detectability should be the same 6 km with CE + Camo. This leaves the problem of what to put at T7 with the Gadjah Mada occupying that Tier in the Pan-Asian DD branch; Jackal should be T8, but could be nerfed to fit & restored to full stats for a future branch split, but this depends on what WG do with Gadjah Mada. Don't tease on the T5 torp destroyer, just tell! Unless I missed an announcement in the Dev Diaries. there's no news that else is in production beyond VMF BB's, French BB's, yet more VMF destroyers and another line for the RN (2017 Dev Diaries said TWO new RN lines), the Italians haven't been mentioned (but hopefully their CL/CA branch is on the way). Hopefully the 2nd RN line is the DD branch & close to Trainspite/Mr3awesome's proposals.
  11. Andy_Foulds

    Royal Navy Tech Tree Proposal

    It needn't be the Thornycroft R, the Admiralty R isn't that visually different. And the Shakespeare (Thornycroft Leader) doesn't require much alteration to be the Admiralty Leader (Scott). I'd like to see Anthony's model reused for the Tier 5, with Icarus as the Tier 6.
  12. Andy_Foulds

    Royal Navy Tech Tree Proposal

    There's also the ex-Radiant (1916 R-class) at Tier 3. I was hoping for the Admiralty V myself... J/K/N at Tier 7 would be interesting, though it would be very easy to make it borderline OP as it really belongs at T8. Hopefully WG aren't going to repeat what it appears they're doing with the BB's & shove the natural T8 to T7 & fill the remaining 3 Tiers with paper or imaginary designs (like L2 given a Lion Design refit, with an optional replacement of the 18" guns with an imaginary 16.5"...) So far (ignoring Campbeltown), we have a T3, a T5, a T6 & a T7, which bodes well for the arrival of the RN DD line soon (fingers crossed for release before the end of 2017).
  13. Andy_Foulds

    Future Cruiser lines

    You're being less than fair to the ships in question with that statement. Hawkins was a WWI design, used to define the upper limits of cruiser tonnage in the Washington Naval Treaty; she's the most likely Tier V & would suffer from poor firepower (her torpedoes were fixed so unlikely to appear in game, although an exception could be made), she's a candidate for some creative fudging of stats (Furutaka had her RoF bumped, for example) & possibly a fictional rebuild similar to the Furutaka 'C' hull. Exeter (York class, which we won't use to avoid confusion with the German Tier VII Heavy Cruiser) was roughly equivalent to the Aoba in armament & armour (although in RL had a higher RoF) but less length/height hence lower detection, so it's the Tier VI candidate. Tier VII would be Kent (https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/64198-royal-navy-tech-tree-proposal/?do=findComment&comment=1628374); the armour is roughly the same as Pensacola (and Yorck, both better than Myoko), the two gun difference is balanced out by Kent having torpedoes (as Yorck - see a pattern?) & Kent should have better concealment to make up for being 1 knot slower. As for Tiers VIII to X, there are multiple completed blueprint designs for British Heavy Cruisers suitable for each tier, depending upon the design year. The most likely Tier VIII is this: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/56110-a-detailed-look-at-surrey-design-y/. The same Forum Member also has a complete RN tech tree proposal including more than one CA branch. Personally, I'd favour RN CA's, US/IJN CL's, Italian CL/CA & Dutch CL/CA branches. I agree that the Commonwealth cruiser idea is best suited to premiums, although I'd also like to see a Commonwealth CV sometime. (Sorry RCN/RAN/RNZN enthusiasts!)
  14. Andy_Foulds

    How is your Dunkirk Collection going on?

    Sorry about that, it was a late post & I should probably have said 'collect' instead. I mentioned about the Elite XP because the Cyclone & Anthony Captains are the only 19 Pointers I have right now, so the Dunkirk event is an opportunity to get as much Elite XP as I possibly can for use on my other Captains. If you already have other fully trained Captains, then playing with the temporary pair is obviously less important. Congrats on completing the collection.
  15. Andy_Foulds

    How is your Dunkirk Collection going on?

    Either with Free XP or Elite Captain XP; Anthony & Cyclone come with 19 point Captains, so every time you play the scenario (or any other game mode if you transfer them to another ship), you amass Elite Captain XP. I finished the Collection on Wednesday, now I have to figure out what to do with Capt. Dunkirk; maybe buy Belfast & use him as Captain? He has less points than my regular RNCL Captain...