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    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    Dear WG developers I love this game and am playing WoWS for over 2 years now. Although Im good in cruisers (DesMoines/Stalingrad) I also enjoyed the CV's (both old and new reworked style). Please make the new CV rework: - Exciting! Make it sothat there is a lot of action at stake, sothat it doesnt become boring after 500 battles in a CV - Beautiful! Make the special effects sothat you feel you are truly submerged into a "naval vs aviation" combat - Adventurous! Make it sothat there is an element of chance and or reward daring players who take riscs for team play - Strategic! Make it sothat seasoned players stand out from novice new players and reward progress to grind further. Thank you !!
  2. Thanks for all advises folks! Ive given up playing CV as whatever I have tried (including all suggestions here AND in official wikipedia pages AND other forums) does not allow me to enjoy playing in a "relaxed" arcadic mode at least not in the current UI / CV game mode. Who knows perhaps in the reworked version (which will take a year orso) I (and others who totally hate playing CVs at the moment) might enjoy playing the CV mode but for now its more frustrating me than it is joyful fun to command the squadrons "precisely" into their positions.
  3. At 4:41 the MAP view gets smoooothly and silently focused on to the currently already selected squadrons. HOW is this achieved?? What did he do to TOGGLE between Map and this? If I press M while in Map view, I get to a useless left upper corner. Very frustrating to say the least! The user interface is garbage the way it is. No wonder they are changing it completelyu and entirely. Untill then I would like to enjoyu if only somebody tells me the way to how - its NOT user friendly design / not obvious to me. Thanks
  4. Thanks but none of these answers my question. I know I can enlarge the minimap. I want to use the MAP instead. Fara doest NOT roll zoom in and out in multiple steps, he single-clicks for that. No double clicks or rolls. Thanks
  5. This players goes back and forth between the normal (zoomed in view) and the MAP (overview) very quickly. While if I click on the [M] and back, then I lose the focus on the area where my mouse was! HOW can I switch back and forth between the normal view, and the Map view and maintain my focus on the squadrons I intend to perform an action with? Thanks!
  6. Yesterday I had a game with a friend, in which: - I did NOT do lot of damage (I did less than my friend for example) - I did NOT do more kills than others did - I had NOT a huge potential damage taken - NO cap ribbons at all I believe - I had no medals nothing special And yet I ended up top Base XP. This was interesting as it countered everything I knew about Base XP! could not explain why and me and my friend went thinking what it could be... But we couldnt figure it out! He had more damage dealt than me, more caps, more everything! Still he ended a few spots lower in that particular game! How can a player with less damage, less kills, less caps and less potential damage taken, end up top BaseXP earner??? WG is not telling us everything! If you have any information on this please share with us, thanks cheers.
  7. 3 captain perks left on this Henri build. How would you spend it on a Henri?
  8. Beautifull posts all thanks. Swapped my Concealment Expert (CE) for Inertia Fuse High Explosive (IFHE) since its free (thanks for the tip!!!) and in my first game I had similar total damage as before (see original post printscreen). Now lets examine the results and my early conclusions. (pleas add your conclusions from this!) Similarities: - Both games were in ranked. - Both approximately 180 successful hits - Both approximately 170k damage - Both games I achieved a High caliber - Both games 2 citadells using AP - Both games I ended up top of the team, with approx 300 base xp points more than the player in the second place - Interestingly enough I set 12 fires in the game with IFHE without CE, while I expected to set LESS fires than before since my firechance went from 24% to 21% when equipping IFHE build Differences: - I was much more irritated in the latter game with IFHE without CE due to the fact that I was spotted the ENTIRE game with a concealment of 17.7km, everybody shelling me thus not allowing me to cap! Turned the game into a loss as I could not carry the team towards a victory since the enemy was constantly resetting my cap points wherever I tried to cap. And so perhaps this makes me change back to concealment over IFHE and go back to my lovely stealthy 15.5 KM concealment ;)
  9. Thanks aaaaalll for your great comments and your suggestions! I will take these tips into account and - learn better angles - learn softer spots of ships - use AP / HE at the right moments at the right targets on the right places - keep an eye on the hits see what shattered what overpenetrated and what bounced to get instant feedback from no on - try out IFHE on the Henri and see what that does to battleships and cruisers PS any of you also enjoying the Henri in Ranked battles?? Its not very popular... let me rephrase, at Rank10 ive not seen any other Henri except me and I started at Rank13 orso (was Rank1 previous season). This is my first season in Ranked playing the Henri and so far I cant complain... When it gets more tough probably I have to switch to something with radar tough...
  10. Out of 182 perfect shell hits only 81 did any damage. A WHOPPING 101 shell hits did NO damage at all! Any tips how I can reduce this vastly "wasted" shell hits? Your know-how is greatly appreciated.
  11. ZAMRAM

    Hiryu unplayable

    Guys wanted to say I read everything from start to till here and found lots of helpful info on the Hiryu! I must be one of the worst Hiryu players as I'm clearly doing something wrong in the Hiryu! Curious wether WG is planning any changes on this Tier 7 CV which seems plagued with so much complaints by the community, especially her lower tier fragile torpedo planes seem to make her less fun. Boy that epic screenshot post (#64) from Trigger_Happy_Dad with 10 games won (in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) really silenced that Muppeteer (#60) who kept saying its an unusable and broken CV... So I guesse it all depends on the ability of the captain playing this ship then! Evidence is always better than complaint, but I do agree that there is something missing on the Hiryu.... Who knows one day WG might give us that something... My only two CVs at the moment, I like the 2,2,2 loadout. HIRYU MIDWAY
  12. ZAMRAM

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Dearest WG developer team. You asked my opinion. 1. I like very much your development and improving of visual aesthetics however not when its at the cost of smooth fast response in game (port) 2. on my quadcore intel i7 pc with 16 GB fast memory W10 64 bit, the "port" in game is terribly laggy, always been, and slow on reaction to EVERY click when loading different screens. - Switching between ships - clicking on different modules panels - changing adding or removing flags and camouflages - changing such panels react so slow that it really makes the gameplay less enjoyable. 3. Once in battle all is fine!!!! No problems i have super fast reliable professional internet 400 mbits down / 40 mbits up, and the game itself works perfectly fast nothing to complain there! 4. As soon as game ends, the final score board is shown and back to port and its all the same again... Its so irritating that everytime I switch from a chip, there is a whole compulsory 3d animation. I WANT AN OPTION TO SWITCH OFF ALL THIS ANIMATION PLEASE! and just be able to click through the modules/ships without having to wait till the stupid animations finish, which I have now seen 40.000 times since I have already played 4000 battles, I must have clicked 10 times between battles on something, and so you agree we are happy if you can provide us more granular controll of: - on / off for various EFFECTS in port - on / off of various ANIMATIONS in port - on / off of other options to speed up in-port experience Thank you and a big HUG to all you developers! love you guys! Keep the synergy flowing. I love WoWS and that is why i spend real money on your game to support you improve it further. Thank you!
  13. I was enjoying watching this incredibly good player and being happy about my grind towards the Des Moines untill I saw this part. Please view this moment in this replay oa a Des Moines starting at 8:30. Then at 8:39 something strange happens which nobody else noticed in the comments. How can this Des Moines shoot straight forward, while all its three turrets are still turning from more than 100 degrees away? A second earlier all three turrets were pointing backwards while that torpedo hit, then after that it looks straight forward and shoots with both front turrets. In my ship its not possible to fire untill the turret has finished turning. Happy to learn what the explanation of this detail is. Thanks. Des Moines gameplay
  14. ZAMRAM

    Alternative US Cruiser Line Expected Launch Date

    SO you mean that the American Alternative Cruiser line will be EVEN LATER than March? Soon the Pan-Asian line, i understand, after that will be the French Battle ships?