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  1. belly120

    Is torp Spam to stronk?

    like i said its not a question of nerf to make the BB master race, i just struggle to recognise a meta that refuse to grant high accuracy extreme damage shells that hit with consistency yet does allow for weapons that are widley available to have incredible stealth properties and huge damage numbers. that is broken, not because i don't like it but because it is.
  2. belly120

    Is torp Spam to stronk?

    nope not at all, torps that arrive on my door step from huge range yet only declare their arrival in short order seem a tad dull. maybe you like being hospital passed but me, not so much. torps in real life were not das uber cheese weapons that ended every major sea battle of ww1 and ww2. they were a bit player in most major naval actions not the constant defining wining element in all of them. they have a place in the arsenal, they aren't the arsenal in its entirety. Bismark was crippled by 1 lucky strike out of dozens launched and then a gunnery engagement finished her. In wows dozens are launched, Bismark won't be able to turn in time and then down she goes lol. if the real bismark was effectual at spotting and evading and enduring hits why are they considered to be a right? why should you get 40k plus dmg torps on your ships?? ships could and did detect incoming torps with ease especially as sonar and spotters quality of equipment improved, now that i don't want as DD players deserve to have that play style, i just question the need for every ship to tote such cheese. its simple really, well or not as you lot seem to clearly love torps so much. the game seems to have looked at torps in a literal paper statistic sense and granted them said power rather than a more narrative historical approach. If a BB shell can land with X amount of damage, please at this point bear in mind, a 15inch shell strikes a DD and its crippled at best but more than likely destroyed, yet in game it can and will carry on. why should torps be 40k plus god dmg? The meta is out of balance. you can't say oh well high calibre shells would be too OP if reflecting the sheer mind blowing levels of destruction they unleash on impact yet Torps is totes legit to get reckt son, torp spam 4 life!!! it makes no sense
  3. belly120

    Is torp Spam to stronk?

    plus don't bring stats in like you have a c**k to measure against its really uncool and makes you look like a total loser, i'm not saying i want torps banned, i'm saying i'd like a refinement to see a change in style. naval warfare is a thing, a thing not wildly well represented. there are so many variables that they have a huge challenge to keep gameplay balanced and fun. right now i'm not convinced that higher tiers are that inviting to newer players.
  4. belly120

    Is torp Spam to stronk?

    lol as stated i'm not a BB player.... and at range and in volume they are getting unavoidable, i encountered 3 waves of 12 plus torps in one bout and adjusting course to evade with less than 1km warning it seems a tad stronk. now i was only struck by 1 in each wave but still damage was huge! its not just me as i stated i always like to spectate how the matches finish and in the higher tier matches, torps were the deciding factor. i just think we're detracting from DD players, with so many cruisers now packing high grade stealth torp cheese it reduces the niche DD players have. i just think we should see an increase in detection range, warships bristle with spotters armed with binoculars hunting for threats alongside sonar and radar on later vessels. to have 12 plus torps appear 800m ahead of you doing 65knots in a ship with a turning circle the size of a lunar orbit is basically saying get deleted. its not oh i'll deal with that its oh i'll press some buttons futilely then quit to port DD players should get the focus of low detection short range torps and long range torps while cruisers should see long and mid range torps with higher detection ranges. as for CV torps god only knows lol
  5. belly120

    Is torp Spam to stronk?

    Ok so is the sudden surge in every monkey and his uncle having access to torpedoes having a negative impact. I for one have found that guns seem less useful, if you're aiming and firing you will inevitably be left vulnerable but with insanely short detection ranges of 1km and the sheer volume that can now be spammed by both teams, its not such a game of naval warfare as a game of endlessly dodge the huge tides of long range torps. i have no issue with torps, they are important to naval warfare but please can we reign in the scale and volume and range. just recently i've generally encountered multiple waves of 8 to 10 torps from ranges of 10km which in the larger ships become almost impossible to dodge as the numbers being fired by multiple ships and from so far out mean often the first, some second wave are just dodge only to finished off by a final wave. in that time gunnery is not an option. i don't want to play a torp dodging simulator, frankly that is the dullest game ever, i'd quite like a naval warfare game lol so wait for the Cool Aid pumped sweaty try hard torp trolls to rage at the horror of loosing their super OP dream weapons lol PS i'm not a BB player, although i'd like to be, they are slow and dull, cruisers at lower tiers are great but these higher tiers just seem real fubar. had matches last night, 4 to 5 BB, 2 carrier, 2 destroyers and the remainder cruisers. it was cluster f**k city. the game was decided by tides of torps from sea and air while shells from distant BB's missed everything before they succumbed to the TORP TIDE!!!! can we find the nerf hammer please, detection range is the key. yeah you can have long range torps but i want 3 to 4km warning. i still have to dodge all 30 of them so its hardly unfair lol
  6. belly120

    Gameplay change for BB

    Ok so i've always been a bit baffled by BB players, they are a key ship type but my god do secondary batteries totally blow chunks. as they are equipped with cruiser armament which is heavily nerfed and have huge reload times on main batteries would it make more sense to allow BB players to manually control secondaries whilst waiting for reloads on the main battery. this would help with balance to a degree as it would mean a BB captain has to make a choice between ordinance and can't rely on free close range defence so if cruisers close he has to choose to engage them properly. it also means they will become a bit more interesting although people do seem to like wasting time in them doing nothing but waiting to probably miss their dull long range shots lol
  8. belly120

    Battle Cruisers

    Hi all just curious to see if there are plans for a battle cruiser line for the navies in this game, I'm a brit so would be nice to see HMS Hood for example, cruisers and heavy cruisers are great but battle cruisers would be cool to see.