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  1. snake_sv

    Ranked battles rework - Stars retirement

    current rank system is just fine. if you want it altered better ask for a new mode .
  2. snake_sv

    Brief review of ranked.

    So i am the only guy in here happy about all of this? i play dd mostly and that was the safest rank season to play so far, with no death traps.. i mean caps that i am forced to go and get radared endlessly . anyway i ranked out at my 62 game witch is a record ill never pass ever again and i was one start before rank 1 at the 51 and then had to play 10 games for that last one. By far the easiest season so far. and i tried udaloi also with great results of daka daka . heal and smoke is to op in a mode that you get constant heal also . anyway i hope you guys the best . the season is not worse than the 2 previous 1 as a dd at least
  3. snake_sv

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    So... 108 bbabies know how the forums actually works and came here to vote? there is still hope for humanity
  4. snake_sv

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    Though i am not a poster , i have been forced to log for this one. crap is serious atm.
  5. snake_sv

    No more cruisers

    i don't get it at all. i don't see more than 1 bb per team at tier 10
  6. snake_sv

    Rank season 9 Discussion

    its better now than what it was the first day for sure .but still playing dd feels kind useless right now . still ill have my final judgement after a week when more bbs appear
  7. snake_sv

    Buyer's Remorse - Asashio edition **BUY HAREKAZE INSTEAD**

    rpf still has the ability to be the most broken thing ever. make it 1 point skill again and then come here and say otherwise
  8. snake_sv

    Rank season 9 Discussion

    my point exactly.
  9. snake_sv

    Rank season 9 Discussion

    i didn't manage to play at all yesterday so today ill resume with a clear mind. is the bb population any better now at tier 10 ?
  10. snake_sv

    Rank season 9 Discussion

    its free for limited time. it might be for people that took part in clan battles. even module demount is free atm.
  11. snake_sv

    Rank season 9 Discussion

    Let me start with this. When i first saw the announcement for tier 10 the hype was real and i mean it it took me a couple of hours to go rank 10 with a 65% something win rate at around 12 :00 o clock and then 12 hours later at 24:00 i was still rank 10 . i main dds for ranks and damn it. What i didn't see coming. 1. Battleships are nowhere to be found, max 2 per game if lucky 2. The amount of demoins. I know the ship is old but see 2 or 3 per team is really something Now if we take these 2 factors and combine the z-52 and the pan asian tier 10 dds running around with radar you understand that playing dd is so much more difficult from all the other seasons. My main problems during game play are the following. People want me to go cap asap witch i found impossible ,every time i tried to do that even with my z-52 the results was the same. Either get pined behind an island for all eternity (the same goes for the opposing dds) counter hydroed and radared for ever or if no cover die in the first minute taking someone with you if lucky. Working or not the problem is that its not fun at all.Maybe for the cruisers teammates but not for me. Then i tried to stay a little bit behind and wait for the caps until some radars are used, having to deal with all the hate in the chat ,but the results were even worst, because of the amount of randomness people are using their radars. so many times i rushed caps and asked for radar and none was ready because it was used already and many times more than one at the same cd. Anyway what happened later . i saw that retraining captains is free for the time so i retrained even my grozovoi for gunboating so i can spam games but that was even worst mistake , a mistake i know i should never done in rank . to sum it up i played a couple of games with my zao and no matter win or loose i had fun. it was nice for a change to not even give a damn about spot or caps or get one shoted radars and all that crap, mind you there are not many bbs around so i can deal with cruiser play and actually enjoy it. so until more bbs are to be found or until i get over the first day of tests and bla bla ill take it that there is not even a single person in this game that is not better than me, even in the way they hold the mouse to the position of the keyboard in the desk, relax disable the chat and start doing what i feel i need to do .yea the chat is getting me cause i tend to not ignore it .
  12. snake_sv

    Carrier Rework and the artificial fog around it

    my last comment on the matter I just hope one day that CVS will be popular enough and easier to perform so you can nerf them just so you can see 2 CVS per battle always at all tiers even if it makes them increase the cap to 13 . Why 2 CVS per battle to perform the same as 1 good of today's games? This is another topic and my reasons are many.
  13. snake_sv

    Carrier Rework and the artificial fog around it

    Well I can't say about that. If you ask me personally I would prefer if we had CVS at every single game. I'm saying that because for some people due to my posts some might think or assume that I'm against them or something. The only thing I hate about CVS is that they are not popular. I really wish it was the opposite. Off that doesn't change my opinion that wg will nerf them.
  14. snake_sv

    Carrier Rework and the artificial fog around it

    bbs are the most played class its only natural if you take in consideration that the only thing they do is aim and shoot. dds do games with zero to 15 k damage very often due to nature of the game unless ru ones ca hide to much cause of bbs cvs are the least played and need tons of skill to actually perform. and even with that still 3 spots in the top 10 says it all. what more to explain. when we talk about cvs we are always talking about great players (sorry but that is the way it goes with cvs)its the great players that stomp the worst ones and actually make the cv stats drop . you can have 2 bbs per team and all 4 of them do great damage and many kils but with cvs even if yo uever see one it will only be 1 per team and only 1 of the 2 total cvs will perform because of the other.
  15. snake_sv

    Carrier Rework and the artificial fog around it

    o god this bashing is at another level. and yes i know what cvs can do in the game even with my almost zero games in them. wave !!