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  1. lameoll

    Schlieffen rebalance

    schliefen is a great ship in good hands. in the average players hand who cant position its a bad ship. i dont really come at the forums that mutch annymore but when i do there is some topic about schliefen balance. personally i dont think she needs one tho
  2. altho he is not wrong Its clearly just a vent and not reallt topic worthy
  3. Team deathmatch Nice
  4. lameoll

    silver ranked easy..take this! :

    HEY i Doe not Lik whure Thas is GoEing!
  5. lameoll


  6. lameoll


    its probably true that there are a lot more bad players comming out who ony play the weekends. but its so random you can have horrid teams midweeks as well
  7. lameoll

    I only get crap teams

    i also only get crap teams... What do i do
  8. lameoll

    Soviet Destroyers advices for a New Player

    as a dd not at all. u play them as an annoyance to spam ships from range or u can use them as support for other dd's But going for caps is rarely worth it in lower tier u learn how to play it that way dont focus on torpedos but on guns and not being in the front line
  9. lameoll

    Way to go Wedgie, frakkin up ranked.....

    experience players already know that the team does matter. But they also know 90% of the time you cant rely on your team. So the only thing u should worry about is your own performance. and in smaller team formats your personal performance simply has more impact
  10. lameoll

    Way to go Wedgie, frakkin up ranked.....

    i mean... if that musashi was a 61 % player you picked one of his 4 out of 10 games he loses.... thats how that works. it proves nothing.
  11. lameoll

    Way to go Wedgie, frakkin up ranked.....

    w8 just a darn minute! are you telling ranked was not fecked up with the rework ? Damn the more u know i guess
  12. lameoll

    Ranked: Crash Zone Alpha map.

    you dont have to be unicum to understand to not fight a battle u cant win and retreat and wait for reinforcements. Or to understand there is NO enemy at one side of the map and u can just let 1 dd Take c and then instantly position yourself to help your outnumbered team at the other cap. Sadly most players dont understand and just keep sailing into your spawn after they cap C. Or the 2 defending the other side die way too fast to make a dent . what you are doing is gambling the enemy team has no descent players and Hoping yours does. sure it might work 4 times in a row It also might backfire 4 times in a row
  13. lameoll

    WarGaming is alering player stats.

    its special skill is tax relief
  14. lameoll

    Ranked: Crash Zone Alpha map.

    yes and no. Tactics wise its wrong because if those 2 ships at And B actually had a working brain then they would start kiting u and stay alive and then u would have a hard time advancing as the enemy gets the C cap and can just split up and go support the 2 kiting and some can encircle u further into your own spawn. and Sure u would have 2 caps for a while. But as you slowly get surrounded you wont manage to hold them. The only reason this tactic works is because most of the player base has no map awareness.
  15. lameoll


    meh tirpitz is still a good ship tbh Just dont expect mutch of the guns you can opt out of concealment and go full secondary but thats up to you I would recommend fire prevention in that build tho if u can