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  1. whaha yes probably half of the reports u get are undeserved thats just the system. But that chat tho XD laughed my [edited]off.
  2. YOU GET IT BRO ! HIGH FIVE! btw heared this on flamu´s stream loved it
  3. well as far as i know reflective damage kicks in way faster so there is way less chance to do team damage. unless the teamkiller counts himself as a team member.
  4. i WISH! imagine for how mutch i could sell that place treasure and all
  5. basicly the mines of moria
  6. What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    thinking furutaka was a carry ship UCH.
  7. i played DD hunting cap contester with my NC i littterly could rush the middle cap sit next to an island in that and cap meanwhile the dd;s just thought the would torp me but for some reason kept missing. .
  8. The credit grind is ridiculous.

    its a really sollid argument tho. only not one u would accept im afraid.
  9. 46 hits, 3200 damage...

    he has to deal with armor to you know
  10. 46 hits, 3200 damage...

    only thing i can think of u had AP loaded and hit his bow
  11. How Karma helped me get better!

    NEVER let @MortenTardo read this. thats exactly what happends with him when i play with him XD
  12. How Karma helped me get better!

    WHAT is this magic! i even get negative karma when i had a week chatban .
  13. not really as i would just watch a bunch of clowns Not playing football when i came for a football match. ppl fail to realize its not always about the winning or losing that annoys the living crap out of a lot of players.