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  1. lameoll

    I'm absolutely rubbish, or so some say

    and this is because those ships have a WAY smaller sample size then the silver ships. OFc there are some that are OP like the belfast and stalingrad. But most will level out with the rest if the sample size would be the same as in silver ships.
  2. lameoll

    Current Sprint Season

    needed 19 battles with most in a divison on EU played ashitaka mostly thats also the only ship i have losses in. Bb's are just not enough On NA im 9 battles in only lost 1 and kept my start while playing lenningrad only You just Rush around the map with your speed and deal with the dds. as usualy its all about the dd play in ranked.
  3. lameoll

    When the game does drugs ...

    how manny of them Chaos pony;s are there!
  4. lameoll

    When the game does drugs ...

    WG ui not working?
  5. lameoll

    bots invasion

    Damn the bots Clan its always the same with them ! Anyway i have never knew bot accounts where this much of an problem Damn.
  6. lameoll

    Old Islands of Ice

    i dont mind the new map. the old one was great as well. The weird thing is that they have become 2 completely different maps. i mean you could put in the old one and the new one and have 2 maps not remotely the same.
  7. lameoll

    Edited,dirty trick clan.

    This time it was @OneFreeHug Testing his hax who would not want a stealth DM
  8. lameoll

    ranked matches and rented ships

    wont Mather l never played conquerer. but i was playing on NA so i started playing Rental conq i had no cammo / no flags / no premium consumables. And i had a normal conq against me and he stood no chance against me. Even tho i had no experience in that ship. just because i had the map awareness i knew how to pre aim and all. Playing a ship for the first time does not say a lot in this game .
  9. lameoll

    ranked matches and rented ships

    yes equally good. But most ppl on their T10 ships wont improve and they will stick to their bad habits. A lot even think their doing the right thing in ranked while their literally the reason u lose Even tho they topped the score. While on the other hand a rental player You know what your dealing with. and usualy that is the only difference.
  10. lameoll

    ranked matches and rented ships

    if there is a guy with a 55 % wr in 1 ship with 1000 games he wont likely improve annymore. Now if there is one with a 55 % wr in a ship with only 20 games there is a high chance he could still up his game. So no i dont trust experience over skill
  11. lameoll

    ranked matches and rented ships

    experience in a ship Likely. But the chance that a rental and normal player in your team are just as good is just as high.
  12. lameoll

    ranked matches and rented ships

    ppl with normal tier 10 ships make dumb mistakes in ranked most of the times. At least with rentals u know what you are dealing with.
  13. lameoll

    To save a star or not, the big question.

    NOpe most dont deserve the star annyways and even the good players will just Damage farm and not try to win.
  14. lameoll

    Ranked matchmaking - thank you Wargaming!

    id rather have a new player in a rental ship then someone with 5000+ battles in a normal T10 who still cant play for crap tho
  15. lameoll


    i mean half his team looked like they where afk half a game so.....