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  1. yesterday during CB half teams just disconnected on occasion. and i just disconected today as well
  2. lameoll

    In-Game Tier Balancing

    he might be right on some reasons. but this is clearly a complaint about his lack of game knowledge. not about his knowledge of the game mechanics.
  3. lameoll

    How much have you captains spent on WoWs?

    YE this made me so sad Lol Also i dont want to know what i spent in wows
  4. just a tip and smollensk players are gonna hate me for it But if a smollensk is broadside within 10 km Load He if u can
  5. lameoll

    RANKED SEASONS T10, most suitable ships in the current meta

    - Khabarovsk (with legendary module) - Grosser Kurfurst - Hindenburg (close to the legendary module) - Zao - Conqueror - Smolensk SMOLLENSK SMOLLENSK!!!!!!!!!!!!REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE yes its smollensk Delete your other ships
  6. well you dont push from the start. you want to get into position first. i did not have had an issue yet with russian bias yet and half my kills are secondery kills. that said when you do get in a bad position smollensk and such can be a pain in the [edited]. but thats the thing with kurfurst in ranked you instantly want to have a damage impact. Kurfurst cant provide that and usualy your teammates die before u can do something.
  7. dunno doing fine in kurfurst. No its not the best ship for ranked by far But you also need to learn how to play it ofc and im not sure but do you push in with your kurfurst? or sit in the back. Because your winning with your other bbs that makes me think your not one for brawling.
  8. lameoll

    Should I get the Harugumo?

    its still a good ship to play. nothing has changed appart from now u have to play a bit more passive in the start if there is a cv.
  9. lameoll

    help in push, or all shoot on one target

    yea no one got that
  10. lameoll

    help in push, or all shoot on one target

    meh dont even know how to post annymore
  11. lameoll

    Buff the ZAO

    i feel like a health boost would not be too bad. But comparing it to a hindy? nah its not really the same :P.
  12. lameoll

    King of the Sea IX

    seems that the 1 vs 1 format is not class specific right now so im really curious how that is gonna work.
  13. lameoll

    I'm absolutely rubbish, or so some say

    and this is because those ships have a WAY smaller sample size then the silver ships. OFc there are some that are OP like the belfast and stalingrad. But most will level out with the rest if the sample size would be the same as in silver ships.
  14. lameoll

    Current Sprint Season

    needed 19 battles with most in a divison on EU played ashitaka mostly thats also the only ship i have losses in. Bb's are just not enough On NA im 9 battles in only lost 1 and kept my start while playing lenningrad only You just Rush around the map with your speed and deal with the dds. as usualy its all about the dd play in ranked.
  15. lameoll

    When the game does drugs ...

    how manny of them Chaos pony;s are there!