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  1. True But if your not familiar with the game mechanics those impacts usualy have the opposite effect u want. and thats what a lot of ppl dont get.
  2. lameoll

    Base XP

    https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Base_Earnings think this comes closest ? not sure if this is outdated tho
  3. because your playing T10 ships mostly now so mistakes get punished even more . And silver might be better on players right now That will change after a couple of weeks.
  4. lameoll

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    one can only hope
  5. oh it is i played bbs and i was pretty addapt to draw half the enemy's incoming fire and survive. but i have seen stuff like 1 kutuzov getting a cap and holding it against 3 of my bbs alone. i could take on that entire enemy flank and survive but my 3 bbs could not win of that 1 kutuzov. sure your skill plays a factor because your way above the average. But skil alone does not cut it luck is a huge benefactor as well
  6. lameoll


    same deal. -Atago flanker and uses concealment -mogami better to use islands with the 155's with 203's play it like atago But it has no heal and is way easyer to hit. -amalfi open water u have your smoke if stuff gets too hard -charles martel use the speed to open water -edinburgh uses stealth and smoke or islands if u can -hipper and eugen u rather open water -chapayev u can do both -cleveland balti rather use islands But that said the thing with cruisers is if u can make advantage of islands Use them. And if u cant hold a position at an island and u can still get out Get out its better to open water gunboat and be alive then dead while staying in position.
  7. lameoll


    This is what positioning is for... i know 90% of this playerbase thinks as tanking to just draw fire from the entire enemy team in the open and last between 10 seconds and a minute but its not. Yes massa can take some good HE damage as well and you should not show broadside in it But that does not take away that its hard to citadel. depends what kind of cruiser. cruisers like des moines and minotaur for instance require islands and smokes. They can not open water gunboat. Moskva or petro can bow tank descently and kite if they need. Cruisers like zao can use stealth and flank and they are useless behind rocks because of their flat arcs. Henry then again uses speed and range to stay in the open
  8. lameoll


    every ship gets massive damage when there broadside ... Dont let ships come broadside if ships come at your broadside you fucked up
  9. lameoll


    it is if you have a small knowledge on how to play
  10. lameoll


    thats because they all think its a strong ship because of the secondery's. But the real stength comes from the quick heal and hard to hit citadel. (Aka tanking for the team while still staying alive). And the guns are way better then the german bb's
  11. lameoll

    teams are awful, as expected

    no because the qualifiers are still bronze but u need to do them in order to get to silver getting rank 1 in bronze does not mean u get in silver
  12. lameoll

    teams are awful, as expected

    yup when u get to rank 1 in bronze u get into the qualifiers wich open up your spot in silver and those qualifier matches are T9/10 matches
  13. lameoll

    teams are awful, as expected

    the qualifications are silver levels's so T9/10 MM @Deckeru_Maiku
  14. lameoll

    Your new ranked system SUCKS

    Yes but if u want over 5500 steel now u basicly need to play every week get to rank 1 every week and mostly do that in at least in silver or gold. so more games and more time needed. and also no other rewards
  15. lameoll

    what happened with high pings ?

    yes its a known *feature* i had it as well a few times