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  1. an important factor u want to remember is to make the zikassa;s turn so they wont get in the circle too fast as they are pretty good at dodging torps
  2. lameoll

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    When u have to play Below average to get a descent solo WR >.< 36 % WR today with games where u get 3 mil potential in a henry because u have to be the BB
  3. lameoll

    I this Possible, citadeled by Hindenburg

    mye unseen battleships are not a fun way to start your game. even the best get suprised by them sometimes. BB's are way too stealthy to begin with But i do agree that your minimap needs to be max size. you have a way easyer time spotting those BB's
  4. lameoll

    Being shot by team for not 'obeying'

    Haha in randoms i would not care but in ranked i would be annoyed if you would do that tho because u still have other teammates. intantionally team attacking should get punnished and the new system is pretty strict now. But they probably where just salty and *passed* it on to you
  5. lameoll

    What's the most Karma you've had?

    on that note i could report u for being on the internet even tho the internet clearly is not the place for you
  6. lameoll

    Ranked "Season 10" - Observations...

    the best way that might have an affect is to just do not have damage play a role in ranked as XP. But that would probably bring some other problems with it again. XD shima players
  7. lameoll

    One Sided Games. Do something.

    humanity can only go so far. -this will punish the winning team when they have all the caps. Why is it their fault that their enemy team is too dumb to sail into a circle. -ppl are already scared to push because of their precious hitpoints. introducing more ships will only give more chaos so ships will either suicide faster or camp more -this will only drag the game on longer when ppl run away in standard battle and try to hide all game. they can do the same in domination. -same issue the game will only last longer. These things only help u with 1 thing letting u farm more to get your rating up. now i have my games where i want to do that as well but in general its just better to move on to the next game as fast as possible. They tried to fix T8 MM by introducing that new game mode. so far that did not help 1 bit. about letting Ppl rush to T10 i would agree with u fully and say that they should not be alowed out of a tier after some ammount of battles. that would at least help a little bit for some players. most are still too dense to learn the mechanics no mather how mutch they play tho.
  8. lameoll

    Torpedos go straight through enemy

    sad that it took him almost 5k battles and then someone hitting him on the head on the forums after him making a topic while pissed. that he finaly realised he should actualy watch at his screen.
  9. lameoll

    What's the most Karma you've had?

    me playing well balances out with me being an [edited]in chat. My highest was 6 iirc.
  10. lameoll

    Climate change in WoWS

    OH god imagine this cassualy sailing your kurfurst and some schnelboats from behind an island appear with somalian raiders on them boarding your ship.
  11. lameoll

    Ranked "Season 10" - Observations...

    mye above Rank 10 i experienced this as well. when i went below rank 10 to rank 6 everyone went their own way for the star save. quit a while then i tried to get out of rank 6 the last week and got even worse. well a good player would say YES the DD is dead now i can go to the cap with my BB and assert some pressure. the average player would just say YES the DD is dead now i can camp safely in spawn.
  12. dont be sad! everyone always hides when they see me as well.
  13. lameoll

    Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    ?¿ Got myself 3 mission. but i bought some containers tho
  14. lameoll

    Players that do best in battles

    here is an eye opener for you. highest XP does not mean you did something usefull to win at all. just that u farmed damage most of the times. So no