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  1. lameoll

    What are you the most unsatisfied with?

    AHWWW!! how could u Annyways ui would be something. Litterly scared to us the search engine to look someone up because it takes an hour.
  2. lameoll

    Ships for T9 ranked

    they are putting it in ranked? NOOOOOOO
  3. lameoll

    Salty kids reporting for no reason

    the report system is broken yes ppl reporting left and right mostly because they can. Butt then again karma is useless annyways. but getting up top on the scoreboard does not always say you actualy did something usefull in fact a lot of times that guy might even contributed to a loss.
  4. lameoll

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    *small* facts of no importance BTW great song
  5. lameoll

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    that thing is immume to torps I call BS
  6. lameoll

    World of HE Games

    yes but you shoot HE in that ship no question asked :D
  7. lameoll

    World of HE Games

    man if OP would said ifhe i Might have taken him serious. now i just feel like this is a troll topic
  8. lameoll

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    All the RN cruisers are just heavely reliant on positioning and on high tier it is more easy to delete them with what u have at your disposal. there are probably just more and more bad players playing these ships now so the WR will drop. its just that with other lines u can kite better Or shoot over islands better. while RN cruisers just have a Big here i am sign. Now good players will adjust and move in smokes or find better locations But the bad players just dont.
  9. lameoll

    Is WoWS becoming as Toxic as WoT?

    altho giving out teammates positions can be lame and should not be done (unless their afk) i feel that ppl suiciding in the first 5 minutes not caring about their team at all should be considered a traiterous act as well then. as they are throwing the game for their team who wants to win. a lot of ppl just play this as a single player game and dont give a [edited]about their team mates and that can get annoying very fast. But for some reason they wont play Coop because that does not give xp so they basicly want the rewards by letting their team carry their [edited].
  10. well Vs Cv's the only thing u can do is stick close to your AA support. But the tirpitz is a brawler u want to get in close and use those secondery's (and make sure u hit something with your main guns for that mather). But that does not mean u need to go rushing in from the start tho. Especialy with the T10 MM u get that can be very deadly. Instead u want to either stay mid range at first Or if u think it safe u can get closer with your team when u have an escape ready (liek an island to turn back).
  11. why would it? i mean the guy getting the gifts cant buy them afterwards he just gets it gifted by a generous person. so theirs no gambling involved. Edit: ah reading it better now. But still would not think it to be an issue tho.
  12. lameoll

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    i would like to join
  13. lameoll

    Important question

    who says its snow
  14. lameoll

    Look into the mind of a team killer

    talking in caps lock and his grammar is worse then mine. Clearly there is no mind to be seen here.
  15. lameoll

    Fun with divisions

    WHY AM I NOT SUPRISED! no wonder u always get reported !