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  1. helps a lot :D. often u see ppl who give up from the start they become completely useless. but if u think about turning the game around a lot can happen. but it is still a team game so you can only do so mutch tho :P
  2. high tiers are way harder to carry solo. i always get crap games solo because i keep playing the same ship/class. like yesterday i kept going on BBS even tho DDs would just give me more wins. and thats just the best thing to do just either stop after 3 losses or try to switch up class and ships. going lower tiers would net you more wins as well.
  3. DAMN u WG i want ranked :D
  4. dds mean more for their team the longer they last in the game. so suiciding with a dd is a pretty bad choice.
  5. in random battles its never a good idea to sacrifice yourself. as you do not know what you ally would do. he might just suicide in with you. i would only ever do it if i am sure that the one im saving has the know how to carry the game. your cv example for instance if your cv is bad. he is more of a use in target practice for those 5 ships he is taking out of the game by them following him. sounds harsh but that would be the better play then.
  6. random players cant handle anny map. they will sail away from the enemy fleeing no mather what. WG should just start making new maps or reworking the t10 ones. as they are pretty crap. but when will they do that? wonder if we will ever find out.
  7. NO NO NO this is world of warships not world of warcraft :D
  8. you just listen everything that is bad for every dd. not only ijn ones tho the only thing i really find worse with ijn boats is that u can not stay in the battle and do damage at once, you cant fight other dds effectively. and bbs these days INSta turn and run to spawn when they get detected. and ofc cruisers either suicide in or hide.
  9. nah because of tier 10 MM its the worst of the line. the ship itself is not that bad tho. your armor when angeled is pretty good. it is also the first ship you want to get close with tho. use the stealth to get close and help your dds with radar. just try to keep the bbs between islands or turn before u get spotted.
  10. you see this happen too mutch they wont fire at all untill they see a low hp target. wasting their volley that could have done 20k to a more healthy ship for that 1k killsteal.
  11. yup totaly agree those games are boring as [edited]. normaly i would rather win a game ofc. but i would not mind losing if the game was actualy interesting or close. as winning like this is pretty boring and it seems to happen more and more. The annoying thing is in a lot of games ppl actualy say GG as well even tho nothing happend AT all.
  12. I agree 11 per game at least.
  13. this. i do the same.
  14. its not even the issue that they buy a high tier premium. but wg should at least try to make it so that they need some battles or at least a silver ship from the same tier BEfore they can go to normal battles. why cant they keep them in Co op most of these players will not even notice they are fighting bots annyway.
  15. we lost on time because the 1 donskoi ran off and our dd would NOT cap for the live of him even tho he was right next there. was forced to cap 2 caps and the other montana capped the other cap while our dd never entered the cap. but it was too late.