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  1. a little less bbs would not hurt per game. but my biggest issue lies with the bb players who are afraid tho we got the whole threat about the smoke being nerfed most say its a good thing because it will help with passive gameplay. but it wont because its the bbs who play passive. if bbs pushed with their team smokes would not get its use that often.
  2. lol poor parks cant even kill himself now
  3. abselutely garbage bb players and the kongo even wanted to report someone when he died .. reported him instead.
  4. did u get an achievement? :p
  5. OH and IF u where serious this was probably the reason. not that i have superintendent right now tho went for CE
  6. annyway press y to smoke. (so that im not completely useless on this topic)
  7. well its just that the german bb line suffers from crap dispersion. but with the bishmark i dont really have an issue with it. the T9 will be more annoying tho as u keep the same ammount of guns and rng but u will mostly be put in bigger maps. but the irony is for the potato broadside players its a good thing as they will either get misses or overpens. meanwhile the good players who actualy angle and pay attention get fucked by some random rng dispersion hit witch goes right into a citadel somewhere. and there is ofcourse the bb overpopulation.
  8. as a german bb you are great at brawling It does not mean u need to charge head in tho. if someone is charging u just kite him and let the secondery's do its work. show broadside when he shot and angle again when he has reloaded. never try to put yourself in a posittion where u are in between 2 bbs. if u are getting focuses u should not be afraid to retreat and use your heals and come back again.
  9. pff everybody knows when u hear conga music u need to get the [edited]out !
  10. could be the time u where playing. could also be because it is holliday. you never know actualy i dont remember being uptiered a lot in t7 tho. T6 on the other hand
  11. i sense a story here tho. one where smokes made u very mad
  12. id rather have them do nothing, this whole idea is insane. i rarely see bbs using smokes in randoms and when they do they mostly get torped to crap annyways . same goes for RN cruisers they either get citadeled or torped. i never saw a reason ingame where smokes are op . even in ranked most ppl dare not use a smoke.
  13. OH there are. the most annoying one i find is Brainoff.exe. a lot of them are using it as well.
  14. this basicly. this si one of the most boring and easy operations yet. the only hard part is getting ur team to use their brains
  15. true because kutuzov has the range. meanwhile every dd and other smoke cruiser does not