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  1. lameoll

    Map boarder

    surfing the border is something that i see rarely. i dont realy have an issue with it.
  2. lameoll

    Tier X two CV's a game??? Really?

    guess who is gonna complain then
  3. lameoll

    Tier X two CV's a game??? Really?

    yes but the future will bring Russian BB's
  4. lameoll

    Why do people dislike T10 and choose lower tiers?

    Yes but the reason you get targeted by 6 ppl at once is because Noone dares to push up. If ppl grew some balls and pushed with their team that 1 cruiser would not be targeted by 6 ships once he gets spotted but only by 3 then( for instance). and that is actually pretty logical. Yamato Can not get surrounded and if u get a lemming train u are forced to follow most of the times. While masa is weaker it is more mobile how u say it So you are way better at kiting. same goes for the des moines. Playing a des moines solo you are so dependent on your team and most of the times your team cant do the simplest task to support u so again u are forced to follow and adjust to your team's positioning.
  5. lameoll

    Why do people dislike T10 and choose lower tiers?

    it is not the daka daka meta that forces ships into passive play. it is as always the ppl playing the ships. Sure u need to disengage when you are under fire But that does not mean u need to play at max range. and in T10 the ships are accurate and strong so a lot of ppl just cant handle that. If ppl actualy grew some confidence they will know how to push up to caps safely without getting insta torped by a DD or deleted by a BB. There are also the ppl who just dont care about the objectives and make it their live goal to long range snipe. Just because they want to shoot the guns.
  6. lameoll

    Karma; how much is out there?

    1 atm My karma only rises when i am chatbanned. afterwards it drops again.
  7. lameoll

    Ranked boats

    i never played arms race before ranked ever. But i still had the common sense to not go for a suicide mission. pretty annoying that ppl play this game but think this plays likea fast shooter.
  8. lameoll

    Free XP as a Currency.

    Keep in mind there will be new ship lines comming as well.
  9. lameoll

    The pathetic state of Ranked

    If only that worked that way. The good player might need lets say 100 games to get to rank 2. then u have those 40% wr players who play 400 games in the same time the good player plays it and they end up in the same ranking. Skill does not say a lot about advancing in ranked only the amount of time u want to invest in it.
  10. lameoll

    Reporting System

    you go to take the report system with a grain of salt. It has no real use ATM.
  11. lameoll

    Ranked boats

    Wel thats the annoying thing Ppl (DD's) Go out of their way to get the buffs and [edited]up their team in the process. and Tbh i have not payed attention in anny game yet on what buffs i had I just played it like death match and tried to kill the enemy. In domination i would actualy care about the cap But here i just go nose in and shoot stuff.
  12. Yes a quick game for our side as it was a Rofl stomp day that day. And then u had someone wondering why their team lost that fast in the end of game chat. It had nothing to do with the fact they had a tripple musashi division all going 1 side adventuring in our spawn full broadside tho.
  13. lameoll

    Chat Ban for Complaining!!!!

    you forgot the most important part. Why does he have a fire and do ppl in chat complain that he is shooting He.
  14. lameoll


    mye even i have the occasional game where my position is just not good. and i consider myself to be a pretty good player. It just happens from time to time. The problem is when ppl have that every game when they have no clue to where to go and they just wing it.