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  1. you mostly want the health vs the dds the bbs and cc volleys you generaly need to dodge ;P
  2. damn i played today. wish i had not. the teams where braindead 6 games in a row i had half the enemy team on me because everyone just suicided in or went hunting the cv or something. im suprised i did not get chatbanned to be honest.
  3. probably same with the CV AP bombs. nice that they can counter bbs with ease. but the bb that actualy moves in with its team gets fucked. and the campers in the back still have no problem.
  4. starship *crazyhorse* ye i rendezvous a lot with those on wows
  5. LOl never heard that in this game before :X was probably a counter strike player lol. COME at me brah!
  6. depends if he has over a 1000 games then a 46% winrate does not come down to bad teams annymore. then it is time to look at what you are doing wrong. instead of what the team is doing wrong.
  7. yes ! i am now doing drugs :X
  8. hehe i feel ya
  9. this is some WTFness right there havaduck.
  10. still the player talking in chat can be muted. while the bad players will be a bad player for the duration of the game. i will at least keep *whining* in chat. if i once again get a crap game where either my team or the enemy does not get out of spawn.
  11. im gonna [edited]take SE on every bb now still always nice to punish those bbs :P nice one
  12. after having SO manny games with enemy bbs ALL hiding in spawn. alowing for boring as hell gameplay. You just cant go wrong with amagi with some nice karma at the end. firing HE at a RN bb who is angling and firing he at you. then killing him with a fire tick,
  13. ok i posted this in the wrong topic and dont know how to delete this XD so ignore plz :P
  14. a weekend post about how bad a RN BB is. OKKKKKKKK
  15. what THERE was a raffle?