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  1. NOT even set as desktop background?
  2. Why the gameplay dies on Tier V?

    the question is: IS he gonna take that advice and improve. NAHhhhhhh
  3. Reporting system

    mostly im just suprised they can read.
  4. i met myself a pony enthousiast @bbowWow could not greet him because i was chatbanned. But i had my minions EUHM division mates greet him. he could not carry his team to victory but i think he got a free kill on my division mate in his montana who lurked a bit too close .
  5. HAHAHA i was thinking of that when i saw havaducks pet chart XD
  6. Destroyer numbers

    its not so mutch a thing of skill tho. it is that the 1 side with 4 DDs has a way better spotting advantage. and the DD players can be total newbies and still be so usefull for the team when they randomly spot a ship. and OFC the side with 1 DD more has that advantage. its the same thing with the radar cruiser ballance.
  7. Reporting system

    or ppl could just grow a skinn tho. i get reported for calling ppl retarded. K whatever thats what the report system is for. the next game tho i tell my dds to spot. and then there is that chance that he reports me as well. OR that next game where u get a tripple BB division who all move to that cap we already have and be useless the whole game. then u tell them to move to an other cap. they get offended as well and report. as long as ppl get offended by every small thing on the internet this system is useless.
  8. Genuine Clan hack or chance?

    Does TTT have a second team? Annyway i think you just got unlucky tho.
  9. i send you an invite to the snubs. IF you by anny chance are not a snub but a total scrub. we have other options ( is this one new?)

    that is true tho if he did it for that reason is perfectly fine.

    meh if the kurfurst did not repair the fire on purpose then it would be pretty lame. i mean if it was an intentional teamattack ok but this was clearly not on purpose.
  12. Toxic Moaning Community

    *Stare's *
  13. Toxic Moaning Community

    Is there really anny difference ^^