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  1. i have sent you an invite. welcome :)
  2. Lemming Train Online first person shooter battles. Groups of players follow another rushing playeracross an open battlefield without reason or understanding of tactics and get themselves killed very early in battle. These inexperienced players follow the monkey see monkey do mentality thinking they are safe by numbers.
  3. the "carry harder!" thread

    Haha ye i dont know what the [edited]happened there. think i was too late with activating a code or something. annyway not going to bother with it as long as it works :X
  4. the "carry harder!" thread

    litterly cant out dpm my team dying today. at least i got that juicy accusation of being a cheater. AH and our kurfurst managed to kill himself in that battle. cause you know.... weekend BB players
  5. met @gitaristing in his zao today. with all the camping BB's in spawn it was a struggle for us to carry that game but we managed. Not before we both got RNG citadelled by the potato BB players sniping or hunting in spawn tho.
  6. invite sent. as far as i know the scrubs are full.ho wants to be a scrub when u can be a snub annyway welcome :D
  7. another ranked thread

    i think he means premium ships do not require skill to play. proves how mutch he knows tbh. even tho there are some premiums that are too strong for their own good.
  8. man rank 10 is litterly playing coop. in the middle of the map. Shima litterly ignored me all game even tho i was alone. the hindy moskva and yamato as well they just sailed broadside to me at less then 10 km menawhile they had a des moines playing like a zao kiting in the open.
  9. man the amount of times u hear them sting the camera XD i would not come near that crap
  10. once you go black........ ppl report u for hack
  11. Asashio and Teamplay

    the shima probably has the worst winrate because everyone plays her like long range torpedo spammers.
  12. man there are even dutch pony's now
  13. Ahh lucky tv ! funny stuff :D . Also.... the rest cant understand it at all :D Mhuhahha Ik lees de bestelling nog is na XD
  14. Asashio and Teamplay

    true but DD's have more of an impact on the game outcome when they actively go for objectives. And when u give DD's the abillity to snipe with torps and on top of that make sure they can only damage BB's effectively. they will stop going for the other classes alltogether and will just long range spamm torps.