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  1. with everything being tier 10 and u instantly be able to go to Gold ranked thats not really the case anymore most ppl would just advance now for max steel rewards. no point to stay in lower tiers because everything is tier 10 and you get more steel advancing instantly now. ofc theres always the ppl that cant play that mutch with some skill ofc But your out of bronze in no time usualy
  2. lameoll


    there should be a game mode for Ocean enthusiasts
  3. well ye for randoms its highly personal. if u dont like torp boats your not gonna do good in it. and you will probably not rank it high. If u like torping you will never play the ragnar ofc
  4. i mean.. same can be said for ranked and competetive
  5. he rates it for competitive in random battles a elbing might outscore a kleber with farming. But in ranked or competitive? their a league apart That said apart from grozzovoi being too low i agree with that list
  6. lameoll

    Which one should I get?

    i dont know im conflicted between pommern and pommern i dont know wich is better
  7. lameoll

    Who do you watch play WOWS and why?

    malteseknight SolitudeIRL TbnrTom98 BFK_fer1yfe All very good players also Does Aerroon still stream?
  8. lameoll


    they eat damage from everywhere. they die so fast
  9. lameoll

    whats the worst in game now?

    hes saying he can not point and click dd's to death that easily anymore and that not fair to him clearly
  10. lameoll

    Islands do we need them

    speaking off real time desertion was also not a good thing what shall we do with all those ppl running to the borders
  11. lameoll

    Suggestion for skill-based MM

    this made me laugh :D it has been suggested tons of times :P altho i would LOVE to get some descent players in my team for once instead of stoned monkeys it will never happen as that would lose WG money also their usual comment is idd the queue times
  12. lameoll

    why bother

    That would be terrrible yes :P But if i play dd i win most of the time :P With bb's i can litteraly lose with 180k high caliber games today as well 38 % wr because i played montana only XD most of my games i shoot first because i WANT everyone to shoot me so that my team does not get oneshot the problem is when everyone is shooting me my team takes that time to all find a nice island to sit behind and never come out untill i die Then they come out one by one
  13. lameoll

    How the f* do you play Epicentre?

    had a guy today who hid behind the island at the start in a colbert and he was the stealthiest ship there. So i told him it would be better to spot instead to sit behind an island. then he said you cant do that in a colbert. Next match he took my advice but i guess with spotting he thought i ment open water gunboating at the start of the match against me in a montana. so that did not end well. and shows how pointless it is to try to teach ppl something in this game
  14. lameoll

    How the f* do you play Epicentre?

    well they dont listen in anny game mode so moot point i would think
  15. lameoll

    Best ship for co-op - what's yours?

    bourgogne citadel farmer :D