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  1. Marblehead_1

    Dyrektywy świąteczne - opinie...

    Ja z tego co pamiętam wtedy nie grałem ale event na Kamikaze R był jednym z powodów poza tematyką oczywiście dla których dołączyłem do gry. Na którymś z forów historycznych/modelarskich o tym dokładniej przeczytałem ( modelwork albo DWS )
  2. Marblehead_1

    Dyrektywy świąteczne - opinie...

    Event na Cossacka do dzisiaj wspominam w tej grze jako najsympatyczniejszy, najlepszy i w ogóle najprzyjemniejszy event w tej grze. Długi grind? Tak Nagroda od razu pewna i dobrze, jasno opisana? Tak Okręt znany? Tak Okręt realnie istniejący? Tak Legenda wojen morskich? Tak Można było dostać sporo dobrego contentu jak HMS Warspite? Tak Od razu było powiedziane, że trzeba wydać kilka PLN by go dostać? Tak Wydałem kilka PLN by dostać dobry okręt? Tak To kilka PLN to zdaje się było 3,54PLN czy coś koło tego.
  3. Oh, here we go again. I leave both animations because let's say honest, I do not watched even single episode of AL and I'm really not interested in it. In case of senseless war beetween KC and AL I moved some time ago from fanatical defending of KC ( which was stupid to the highest degree and I'm still in shame for this ) into symbiosis beetween both. In KC I dislike very much almost non existent gameplay and mentioned in this page intentional skipping of feedback by development team of game, lack of any quality of life upgrades and so big factor of RNG, factor of visible P2W is also doesn't make me like this gameplay which as some could say it's literal full time job instead of game but it looks like phenomenon called japanese neet like it - me as someone who have real time job is just terrible. Also from longer perspective of time I could say that game is made to punish player for every his move or at least reduce the loses and milk him as much as possible. Only thing which saves this production in my eyes is really design of characters which often have good quality. I say often but not always. To be honest if not few characters which I very like I would rather leave this "game" long ago because this "game" didn't bring any joy or entertainment only more or less frustration. I even didn't started E-5 or E-6 in this Fall 19 event because there is nothing interesting in it and both ABDA Light Cruisers have only trophy value but I had to get them no matter what due to sentimental reasons. KC Atlanta is just ugly and I have not intention of losing tons of resources only for bigger Isuzu K2 with better AA but without OASW ( Atlanta is just poor CL at everything except AACI ) especially when Akizuki class and Fletcher class exists. As AL player too I very like it's gameplay, which allows me to regulate time of playing very good - game is not forcing me to grind nonstop or I will be fcked during event because I do not have one specific character which make routing better or have broken damage multiplier, I also appreciate non existent P2W factor. I'm not forced to spend single Euro/Dollar for this production but I bought few skins which were simply nice and elegant. Yes, gameplay in all aspects is very nice and at least development team hear or tries to hear the community voice in many aspects. In terms of characters I got problem however. Some of AL characters are just too lewd and I'm not saying about CG's because some of KC damaged arts are literally R-17,999 like Hamakaze, Tanikaze, Kashima, Shimakaze, Musashi, Italian DD's but rather to the fact that few of girls are just made by force as just horny sl*ts. Ok, they can be very flirtatious but sometimes I think that the border has been crossed far too much but it's only few characters like Taihou. But tbh I'm not forced to use disliked characters and I'm playing with only this characters which I like and what it's most interesting I do not lost anything. Still I think AL didn't created character which so much moved me like KC Hayashimo, Roma or Taihou, as I said few times before - I'm suprised how design of anime girl can show so emphatically and movingly horrors and tragedy of war without falling into unnecessary pathos and moralizing - especially Hayashimo. But still I'm not a weeb, I'm far from it and my perception of characters may be different. AL make Juneau good in same way like I appreciate Hayashimo but she is not as good as this destroyer or rather she could have added something more. Yes, I think it's good sentence. Quality of arts as quality. I will not discuss lewd/not lewd factor but quality per se. In both productions it's similar case. KC has BoB ( Myoko class, Sendai class ) or Yoshinori ( Yamato ) which they made good quality of arts while KC has Enka ( KGV class ) or Liduke ( Amagi, Gascogne and Monarch - very good quality, hot but not lewd ) which are also great but also both productions have arts like most of characters by Shibafu ( here I only like his Ise K2 and Intrepid CG's ) or AL author of CG's for Z-18 and other DD's from this class which are just bland and uninteresting. Here I'm talking about quality of CG's only. My rating of few designs in both games. 1st Car Div - AL but it's not hard to beat something which in KC has quality of nothing, sorry but I do not understand why Akagi and Kaga in KC become so popular, they are bland and uninteresting to the highest level. Implied Yuri between them? I don't get it. 5th Car Div - if only I would include Shoukaku KC would win, if case will be also Zuikaku it's draw Italian ships - draw with indication of AL because my like to the KC Abruzzi, if not AL would win decesively German ships - AL for sure but similar as for 1st Car Div it isn't hard to make something better than quality of nothing Myoko class - KC and there are no competition here Kagero class - KC Sendai class - draw without any indication If we assumpt that KC Yamato is AL Amagi then I would say it's 100:100 draw.
  4. Marblehead_1

    Dyrektywy świąteczne - opinie...

    Ja dokładnie tak zrobiłem - Ting Yuen z blaszkami fototrawionymi i drewnianym pokładem od Artwoxa i New York Landing Ship z Bronco w 1/350 już są zamówione i czekają na to by trafić pod budowę... Co do reszty, Kontenery z TX, stal z VIII-X i węgiel z niższych tierów plus może Gorizia to na pewno zawartość, którą postaram się zdobyć. Tak czy siak ja już 26 Grudnia na pewno będę miał okręt specjalny TX
  5. KC event - I'm farming E-4 for Houston - she is literally only character which I want from this event. 76 runs, no sign of her. I got so far 3 Akitsu Maru with lower drop rate - ok at least free Daihatsus and Autogyros, 3 Yukikaze, countless Mutsu and Kongo class, many other ships with much lower drop rate. Just ranting because she isn't meta breaking ship and getting her seems to be joke.
  6. I think we should not search too much for historical accuracy - ofc some referenes could be hidden, some can be more visible than other but I can not say that I not see straight references in case of Sakura Empire. Warning - my interpretation, may be very strong overinterpretation. In example in Sakura Empire, Nagato is for me more or less reference to the Emperor, Amagi is Feudal Japan or Restoration Meiji movement or even Japan of pre 1937, Akagi and Kaga are symbols of Japan post 1937 to 1942 ( I do not watched anime but I heard that Akagi want's Amagi to be ressurrected - some of parties/coteries of this time in Japan wanted feudal times to return ) while Taihou is Japan of years 1944-195. This resembles their approach into Shikkan. Amagi is more like educated and very clever wife of feudal Seigneur caring about court with diplomacy, culture and dignity ( she is also ill as it could be reference to the Economic Crisis of 20's and clear reference to the Earthquake Kanto which destroyed her ), Akagi is possesive and agressive, also she recognizes Shikkan as someone lower than her, she want's to dominate him while Taihou is also possesive but she in reality she recognizes Shikkan as superior than her - she is extremely and fanaticly devoted to him but she doesn't have power of Akagi. Akagi wants to rule him and have absolute control, Taihou wants to serve him - maybe she even recognizes herself only as "weapon" or "tool" in hands of Shikkan. In this case Taihou could be interpreted as Japan of years 1944-1945 when the war was already lost and Akagi when they archived "Six Months of Glory".
  7. Same situation, most of RM warships from KC is not interesting for me. Ok, Aquilla has interesting design but her stats make her literally useless in most situations. Pola? Funny from first sight, boring and stupid at second - especially when you are triggered against propaganda created stereotypes, let's remember that 1/3 crew of Pola died in battle. Littorio KC - so boring and so bland, same as Zara which at least it's very strong at her K2 form. I leave here DD's created by jiji because their design is just disguisting to me and their author probably has serious problem in his mind... Garibaldi is another design which I didn't like. One of most recognizable warships of the Cold War Era, who bore the name of such famous General and politic reduced into stupid siscon without any reason. But there are two exceptions. Abruzzi is funny, I very like her happy and lively personality although not without few exceptions. For me she was true reward of Summer 19 (not only because Janus is just average, boring and I have many OASW DD's) Also she had very good stats and she is strongest day battle CL. She is also good girl because she proposes alcohol and snacks to the Admiral for 1-st PM but her night hours lines are just stupid. She really only boozing all the day? But from few months she is my permanent secretary in game and Oops. She is only non BB which have lvl 100+ ( Musashi, Yamato, Iowa, Ise, Nagato, Colorado and Mutsu unpleasant look at Admiral ) If any other KC RM warship is also nice and I like in this game, it will be for sure Roma because her strong and dreary personality (I like very much such characters like Roma or Hayashimo) and how her service is depicted. Her speech about german planes has such strange power like Hayashimo's "watching always and forever" ( witnessing of sinking Shiranui and Fujinami ) or Taihou about "That Suisei" ( japanese pilot crashed his airplane into torpedo wake to save carrier, from being hit - other torpedo however hit ) About AL Littorio I have same thoughts. She has some inner power in her which most RM warships lacks in KC. Also her look have something strong in it. As I remember she is leader of Sardagena Empire like Queen Elizabeth/KGV are leaders of Royal Navy or Deutschland ( her pose on one of skins is similar to one portrait of Adolf H ) is for Ironblood?
  8. HMS Dreadnought to jest troszkę inna sprawa bo to tak nieporównywalna z niczym ogromna legenda, że po prostu musiał się w grze pojawić ( cieszmy się, że przynajmniej przed drzewkiem RU BB a nie czekaj dwa RU BB wcześniej wyszły ) a Charleston był pierwotnie rozdawany w kodach zaproszeniowych zanim umieszczono go w zbrojowni za węgiel na otarcie łez oburzonych na EN a zdaje się, że wtedy też nastąpił nerf sigmy St.Louisa. Poza tym chyba wszyscy widzą, że temat niskich tierów jest olewany co zresztą nasila lub raczej podtrzymuje rozdawanie okrętów tierów V-VIII we wczesnym dostępie.
  9. I'm interested about Atlanta stats, especially if I have two leveled Maya K2's I bet she will be like Maya or Akizuki class, very specialized warship with mainly one purpose of usage - also remember that CLAA's were not very capable of surface fight and like CLAA's ended during Battles of the Friday the 13-th and Sept Ilez ( 100% sunk ) This new armor of Atlanta seems legit, anti torpedo bulges are not protected by armor... So far Naka K2 has better FP, torpedo, armor, HP and Atlanta as "balance" tm ( soon tm is same "family" ) can't equip aircrafts I hope at least E-6 will have interesting drops to make me interested in this map. New DD and DE are not interesting me especially when I have 4 DE's at lvl 80+ only for 1-5 and few more in port too. DD beyond cute look didn't have anything interesting ( but I can be wrong although her history is very "interesting" and uneventful so I expect similar placeholder ) Interesting funfact - Atlanta Kai has max HP able to be modified from 43 to the 59 HP - let me guess it will be "new secular tradition" ( @Panocek will know what I mean ) of adding characters with reduced amount of HP to the further DE mod like Perth? Bob Marley sung a song about this!
  10. Marblehead_1

    Polskie drzewko - rewizja

    Pomijając Szwecję to nie ma ŻADNEGO problemu by od TII do TIX dać z mniejszych państw europejskich gałązkę niszczycieli ( Polska, Hiszpania, Holandia, Grecja, Jugosławia, Rumunia ) a nawet dać po przynajmniej jednym premiumie na każdym tierze, gdzie każdy z tych okrętów był prawdziwie istniejącym. Tutaj może być problemem TX, ale u Holendrów z projektów dało by się coś wygrzebać. Niemniej uważam, że tak jak było zapowiedziane, że Pan-Europa to przede wszystkim Polska, Holandia, Szwecja i Austro-Węgry tak z pierwszych trzech krajów dało by sie bez problemu złożyć pełne gałązki narodowe i tak pewnie będzie. Niszczyciele Cesarza i Króla to trochę inna sprawa bo Tatra z tego co było zbudowane to naprawdę jedyne co przy aktualnej mechanice mogło by się pojawić plus może jeszcze jakieś projekty. Aczkolwiek obawiam się, że na resztę gałązek narodowych będziemy sobie mogli jeszcze bardzo długo poczekać. ORP Gryf z 4*120mm to tak jak na ChenAn z 4*120mm ( ex japoński eskortowiec pierwotnie uzbrojony w 2*120mm ), tylko jak 2*120mm na TI to było by raczej za mało, tak bez problemu dało by się zbalansować 6*120mm szybkostrzelnością czy alfą pocisku.
  11. Ale to nie jest wcale zły pomysł! Gałązka Szwecji sugeruje, że może powstać tak samo drzewko PMW bo o tym, że dało by się je zrobić to chyba wszyscy wiedzą a co było wałkowane już wiele razy. IMHO pewnym jest, że będzie PL gałązka tylko kwestia czasu kiedy.
  12. A ja mam pewne przypuszczenie. TII jako Tatra bo Austro-Węgry się rozpadły a od TIII lub od innego tieru będą kolejno gałęzie polskie i holenderskie.
  13. Ale na TI dało by się bez problemu dać szwedzki okręt, na TII chociażby Niszczyciel typu Wrangel. Poza Tatrą to de facto drzewko niszczycieli Szwecji ( premki pomijam )
  14. Ej, to nawet trafiłem z drzewkiem niszczycieli TI i TII a TX i TX zamienione miejscami Ja się mylę czy DD TIII-TX to same okręty ze Szwecji? Brak dymu za to naprawka i radar na wysokich tierach. Ciekawe.
  15. Strange thing. Perth on Kai form has only 30 hp. I missed something or she is practically useless due to this in battle and also in expeditions due 30 fuel and 45 ammo consumption ? Even Tatsuta K2 has 42 hp ( with consumption of 25 fuel and 25 ammo ) Also Perth Kai can reach 62 hp due to hp mod? Look at Wiki. Dafq?