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  1. Young_Grishka

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    Great stuff all, really helping w/ the script. Line now looks like III - Cuniberti (I'm assuming this is what WG would name it in game, if introduced) IV - Conte Di Cavour (WW1) V - Caio Duilio (WW2) VI - Caracciolo VII - Littorio Prototype VIII - Littorio IX - Paper ship X - Paper ship IV Premium - Dante Alighieri VIII Premium - Roma II Premium - Regina Elena As for the French, it seems very likely to assume they'll come before Italy based off of what Wargaming has stated recently. The plan as it stands will be to do a draft of a French 1-10 cruiser line for a video after the Italian battleships. Then I'll do Italian destroyers, followed by French battleships, followed by Italian carriers, followed by French DDs. I'd like to at least get the content out for the French before the ships themselves are added, but would still like to finish the Italian series since its been received very well thus far.
  2. Young_Grishka

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    The original Conte Di Cavour would be at tier IV, and Caio Duilio w/ upgrades at tier V, or vice versa. I don't know how difficult it'd be for WG to split it down w/ a branch from 3-4 giving players the option of choosing either of the ships. For simplicity sake, I have it boiled down to one tier per ship, with a few premiums. BC 1930 seems solid from what I can gather. A downsized Littorio makes sense.
  3. Young_Grishka

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    Hey all! Perhaps you could help me out w/ something. So I've been tapping away at the script for a video on Italian battleships, much like the cruisers one I did some time ago. As it stands this is what I'm thinking of doing in terms of a line for the purposes of the video. III - Dante Alighieri IV - Conte Di Cavour V - Andrea Doria VI - Caracciolo VII - N/A VIII - Littorio IX - Paper X - Paper So as it stands, it would appear there's no particularly viable tier VII candidate, at least from what I gather. It would appear that there is too much of a gap between the planned Cara cciolo leading up to Littorio. I'm curious as to whether there is a viable tier VII at all. I'm afraid my Italian is a bit limited, and I don't work for the Italian govt., so my ability to look stuff up on my own is a bit limited. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Also curious about the tier IX and X, although there's at least something there.
  4. Hey, all. Been a while. Glad to be back. Really like the look of these new ships. Versatile workhorses. Up next, Italian and French cruisers, as well as the re-worked Soviet destroyers. Stay frosty. Cheers.
  5. Hey all. I figured this video would be received better w/ European players. Most people sort of forget that Austria-Hungary ever existed (I don't imagine how, considering they had territory spanning across several countries worth of Europe now, but that's irrelevant). Austria-Hungary had a number of decent candidates for battleships in this game that I think would be received well. Some interesting history here. } Cheers.
  6. Hey all. Been a while since I put a formatted video. Glad to finally get this done. The title says all. Cheers.
  7. Hey, all. I haven't posted here in a while, so I hope this video doesn't disappoint. This time, it's a look at the CLs of the Royal Navy coming in the UK's first set of ships. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  8. Hey, all. Been working on this video for a while. Fitting, considering the Royal Navy's first line of ships was just revealed. This is an idea of what I think that tech tree's battleships would look like. Enjoy. Cheers.
  9. Hey, all. Gregor. With the arrival of German battleships close upon us, like what I did with the German cruisers and Russian destroyers some time ago, I go by each tier to look closely at how the ships would probably function in game. Enjoy. Cheers.
  10. Young_Grishka

    Guide to the Omaha and Phoenix

    Hey, all. This video is a bit different than the usual in my ongoing content speculation series. Here I take a look at two of the most popular cruisers in game and how to get the most out of them. Cheers.
  11. Young_Grishka

    A Case for Scandinavia

    Hey, all. Gregor again. Scandinavian countries during the war fielded an eclectic mix of vessels that I think could work in a misc. EU tree if you did it properly. Here's a case for them. Cheers!
  12. Hey all. Gregor here again. This time I'm mixing things up a little bit and talking about a rather unique classification of warships unto their own. Here I talk about how ships like The Mighty Hood, USS Alaska, and the German pocket battleships could work in game. Cheers.
  13. Young_Grishka

    A Case for Dutch Warships in Game

    Hey, all. Another video in my series of cases on and speculation content for World of Warships. This time, I took a look at the Dutch. They fielded a wide range of cruisers in particular that I feel would be welcome additions. Cheers.
  14. Young_Grishka

    A Case for Spanish Warships

    Hey, all. I've made frequent appearances here on the forums with this series. One request was to do something with the Spanish, so I followed suit. Cheers.
  15. Hey, all. Over the course of a long period of time, I've posted videos in a series on World of Warships speculation content. This is a widely requested video on Italian tech and its potential implementation game. I hope the wait has been worth it. Special thanks to Deamon93 for helping me out with the research in the video. Do check out his thread on such here. Cheers.