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  1. bouncer8409

    CV Rework

    So i already said i will be waving goodbye when 8.0 drops and i stand by that but i have to ask WG a question. i have been watching YouTube vids by farazelleth - CV aircraft can use RPF and stealth torp. REALLY !
  2. bouncer8409

    CV Rework - the other Elephant in the Room

    Already posted saying i will be waving goodbye to a game i love due to this CV nonsense. I played PTS yesterday to see what its like. AWFUL in every way !
  3. bouncer8409

    So long and thanks for all the fish !

    Yes my friend, read them all and really appreciate the positive replies. The negative responses i expected and treat with disdain as always. i will probably be back but for now i am off to Stavro Mueller Beta for a beer. Happy shipping fella's.
  4. bouncer8409

    So long and thanks for all the fish !

    i have been playing this game for almost 3 years now. Ship vs ship combat is great, historically accurate ship models, fun game play. I always hated and loathed the CV's though, for me they have never been anything except damn annoying. I believe the game play has been getting worse for a while now, too many noob friendly additions and changes. Noob friendly HE spamming ships including a BB line (DOH !), too many map changes to put islands in every cap to hide behind, too much radar, too easy for new and inexperienced players to buy a tier 8 and get into tier 8,9 and 10 matches without a clue. And now the CV rework, never ending aircraft attacks, multiple CV's per game due to missions and noob friendly play. That is i think gonna be the end for me so..... thanks WG for the good times, i will close the door when i go. PS, may load up for an occasional game edit*
  5. bouncer8409

    Gameplay is now a joke

    Mainly coop and CB for me too. So fed up with selfish players.
  6. bouncer8409

    Bring bach old Zipangu port please.

    I prefer old version too.
  7. bouncer8409

    HMS Daring build

    Well, been testing in co op. IFHE is the way to go for me as it gives far better results overall. Thanks for all your input guys.
  8. bouncer8409

    HMS Daring build

    Howdy all Does anyone have any thoughts on IFHE for the Jutland and Daring, is it worth it or not ? Many thanks
  9. bouncer8409

    RN DD announced

    Royal Navy screwed again. RN BB are HE spammers..... ! RN CL are AP spammers..... ! and now RN DD are weak [edited]defensive ships...... ! Absolutely speechless !!!!!!!
  10. bouncer8409

    @WG Can we please have a Free For All mode?

    NO, learn the game or be destroyed.........simples. This is not PUBG or any of its clones, it is a tactical team game. NO NO and NO again !
  11. I got Atlanta and Kidd, both of which i already have .... lol
  12. bouncer8409

    General Feedback - 0.7.6 PTS

    Zao with 12k torps. Good change in my opinion, however the firing angles for the torps are still awful and require showing way too much broadside to use effectively. How about 10k torps with improved firing angles ?
  13. bouncer8409

    Tier X 5000d Camo vs T9 Free EXP Ship?

    With premium account, all my tier X with premium camo make a very healthy profit. As an example my Des Moines in a half decent game with 70k - 80k damage and one or two kills will net me 300k - 400k profit each game. Well worth it. I have USS Missouri which is called the Trump Wagon with very good reason, it prints credits like you would NOT believe. Dont have Musashi so cant comment.
  14. bouncer8409

    camping BB

    Just curious.... Do BB mains have their *edit ? Biggest guns, strongest armour and heals but most of the time NO balls at all ! Is it just me that uses my BB armour to tank damage for the team ? There are of course exceptions but in most battles BB's seem to run and hide behind islands for most of the game ! Thoughts ?