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  1. 313Fra

    "Boot camp" missions bug - fail counter

    Oh thank you! Ii didnt understand it!
  2. How you can see from image, i killed 3 ships (carrier, battleship, and destroyer) but i got only the battleship in the "Boot camp" missions counter. This bug has already occurred at other times today
  3. WG is not doing well for game! 1) I dont think WG_gamescom_WoWS_xxx have fun if they play with people that oneshot them and dont give them the time to understand 2) We have not fun in noob games where random MM makes the result and not players skill 3) Maybe WG can create a test server for gamescon? No they prefer save money and give all a bad game experience! 4) Maybe WG can make something like ladder for random battle too so all this crapdoesnt happen? No they prefer to make random MM! This is a demonstration that it is stupid to spend real money in a game that does not offer a good gaming experience and does not respect their users
  4. Today i fount about 5 WG_gamescom_WoWS_xxx (xxx is a number) in games and all of them just suicide or doing nothing all time! Ok WG doesnt want to make MM working with player rank (or something else) and it is enought to make some games a crap(win or loose doesnt matter, when you loose 20 minutes of your life for a really noob match i think it is just frustrating). BTW WG cant put random players without experience in game! They must start from low level ships because play 12 vs 11 is not funny!!! I needed weeks to get a tier V ships and learn something of this game when i joined WOWs first time, and now i dont want to loose my time with people traveling untill they hit the biggest island of the map and than die because they dont know how to move back!
  5. 313Fra

    There are specific graphics?

    Where can I find a "day by day" chart of the progress of my individual ships? I would like to see if i am doing well with some individual ships in last 7-15 days.
  6. 313Fra

    Myoko lovers

    I made my first choose with skills i think i really need (LS and DE are not really need for someone but i really really want them!) BFT EM + LS Vigilance DE I used 12 points, i will take a long time to think about next 6 points but i will suppose i will choose one of next 4 combo of 6 points: (High Alert + Fire Prevention + BOS) - fire is a problem? (AFT + BOS + EL) or (AFT + Fire Prevention) - air is a problem? (CE + BOS) - i really need CE? Now i have some doubts about the choice of the fourth upgrade, what do you think about it, what is your choise and why you made it? Which upgrade is really needed? - Damage Control sistem Modification 2 (-15% duration for flooding / fire) - Propulsion Modification 2 - Stearing Gears Modification 2
  7. 313Fra

    Myoko lovers

    OK i made a small research and i think this is how turrets speed works default = 4 degree / second EM = 0.7 degree / second Main Battery mod 2 = 15% speed it means: default formula is: (4 * 1) + 0 = 4 degree / second = 4 180 Degree Turn Time = 45 seconds default + EM formula is: (4 * 1) + 0.7 = 4.7 degree / second = 4.7180 Degree Turn Time = 38.3 seconds default + Main Battery mod 2 formula is: (4 * 1.15) + 0 = 4.6 degree / second = 4.6180 Degree Turn Time = 39 seconds default + EM + Main Battery mod 2 formula is: (4 * 1.15) + 0.7 = 5.3 degree / second = 5,3180 Degree Turn Time = 33.96 seconds
  8. 313Fra

    Myoko lovers

    Thank you JapLance, i have 2 question: 1) you have troubles with no use of last stand? 2) you really get advantage of CE? I think is a waste of 5 points on it
  9. 313Fra

    Myoko lovers

    You are right, turrets are slow and this is reason i use Main battery modification 2 (and EM too). My question is: EM is needed too or Main battery modification 2 is enought? I dont know... I used Myoko enought to say that last stand is a need, because when i got modules incapacitated i just die, with last stand i can also use repair without big troubles, btw it is not a mistake is a play style i think... so np. CE? I use it on DD's and i realize it is good, but when i fire all time enemyes know where i am all time, so it is again play style.... probably it is better with ships like Shchors or Atalanta where you can hide near island... dont you think High Alert + EM (is only one example) are better than CE for Myoko? I think Myoko best defence is change directions all time, get good position, change speed, never show broadside. Never shot AP is a mistake, you are right... i need more experience to understand when i can change shell tipe with with an obvious advantage for me.
  10. 313Fra

    Myoko lovers

    I am thinking also about EM EM is really needed after i take Main battery modification 2 ? Or it makes an insignificant contribution? And one more question is, we need to reduce fire/flooding time? If we need a solution is skip EM + FP at tier II and go for High Alert + BOS But if we need it we also need to remove stearing geers mod 2 and take Damage Control Sistem mod 2 because a little reduction is nothing good we need.
  11. 313Fra

    Myoko lovers

    I like this ship and i choose to dont go for higher tiers, so i would like to discuss about it.Captain skillstier 1BFT (the best one, all must have it)BOS (can be good)EL (i dont change shell tipe too much, i prefer always HE so i dont really need)tier 2LS (the best one, all must have it... just play and you will understand why)EM is nice Fire Prevention i think is not bad, but people say it is not needed tier 3Vigilance is powerfull! It saved me lot of timesHigh Alert is niceSI is not needed!tier 4DE is a must if you want to burnAFT is nice, a really good alternative to DEManual fire control is nice but need AFT tier 5 there is something good? i dont really think so and CE is really not needed so my first choose is: BFT LS + EM + Fire Prevention (FP as last if i will go to 18 points) Vigilance DE + AFT but we need AFT and high AA? if yes a solution can be BFT LS Vigilance DE + AFT + Manual fire control Because Myoko have AA on consumables, im thinking a viable solution is going not for AA and take something i can use all battles BFT + BOSLS + EM + Fire Prevention (FP as last if i will go to 18 points)Vigilance + High AlertDE UPGRADES Magazine Modification 1 (i think -70 detonation is really needed, others are not so good and main battery doesnt became incapacitated usually) Main battery modification 2 (lot of people dont use it, but if you turn your ships a lot u will really need, for my game style i realized it is a must) Damage controll sistem mod 1 (cause i use LS is the only good, and i like to think i will save some burns) Stearing Gears mod 2 here the trouble.... all 3 upgrades are good! I really dont know if i can choose something better!
  12. 313Fra

    Again MM fail

    I'm happy someone understand me, im new to the game and i dont know lot of stuffs.. just yesterday i understood division meaning...BTW Wargaming is responsible for it, i think that if something is doable ingame it is legal and the reason is easy: not all people read board. The only way is developers make a change.
  13. 313Fra

    Again MM fail

    TEAM 1 BB tier 7+3 = 10 CA tier 7+7+7+6+5+5+5+2 = 44 DD tier 6+5 = 11 total = 10+44+11 = 65 TEAM 2 BB tier 7+5 = 12 CA tier 7+7+7+6+6+6+5+4 = 48 DD tier 5+5 = 10 total = 12+48+10 = 70 So... - there is a range of levels from tier 3 to tier 7 (isn't it a fail?) - the enemy team has a total difference of 5 levels more than my team (isn't it unbalanced?)
  14. 313Fra

    remove ARP captains

    I have 3 ARP ships and 6 ARP captains so i have 3 slots used, I dont want to play arp shits, i want them to be removed!
  15. 313Fra

    remove ARP captains

    I already read something but i dont find a solution I would remove the ARP captains because they waste 3 places of my reserve