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  1. MurderousKitten

    CV nerfing went too far !

    dont know about RU , but Soviet fantasy navy bb's are in work order , so they bitchslap all other classies in timely manner , so the noobs in wg can pat themselfs for a great job macing soviet bb's kings of the game :D next thing in nerf list - nerf HE pen for cruisers , or remove IFHE skill :D ( just my gues )
  2. MurderousKitten

    CV nerfing went too far !

    really ? i was under impresion thouse noobs in WG where perfectly happy about the state of game , coz they favorite ships ( bb's ) are best off at the moment :D
  3. MurderousKitten

    CV nerfing went too far !

    newest crap patch - more nerfs to dd's and cv's .... Damm WG you really love your [edited]BB's , so you [edited]everyone up before the release of soviet BB's ?
  4. MurderousKitten

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    after the last [edited]up " fix " i am actually interested if they will screw something up even more or they have actually done something of value :D
  5. MurderousKitten

    CV is unplayable after 8.01

    The wg staff must had a field trip to some vodka plant , so they are hangovered for the last month , i dont have better explenation for the crap they are releasing now ... but you know , nobody cares , as long we get retarded bb's ( read soviet )
  6. MurderousKitten


    I did not know you can screw up and crappy game version with hotfix , but congrats WG , it is SO fun to play a tier 8 cv now agains moslty tier 10 AA spec ships . Seriuslly , i know forums are not for bitching , but get your game right , or revert back to RTS cv gameplay....
  7. Damm , this is shitiest patch you guys ever released :D CV rework ? more like - CV gameplay for idiots . and you dont even have decency to offer real money as refund for premiums.... when was Graff Zeppelin sold for gold ? i dont remeber that to be the case. in my personal opinion , CV gameplay as it stands is for semi braindeads who like to fly around and look at ships ...
  8. MurderousKitten

    WOWs giving 10% coupons in game

    So , played with my BB a game , after that got notification that WG is giving me a 10% OFF SELECTED PACKAGES ABOVE €30 coupon . So far , so good . A pleasant thing to say the least :) Only then i started to look what it is good for - NOTHING :D You cant use it on discounted , special offers , limited time offers and gold . So basic line - it good for buying premium time :D Nothing else. GG WG and thank you for useless crap...
  9. MurderousKitten

    Graff Zeppelin WHEN ?

    SO WG - it has been almost a half a year and still nothing... So much noise about public testing bla bla bla , and it is 2018 , and NOTHING ....
  10. MurderousKitten

    Graf Zeppelin

    will sound like broken record - but Graff is crap ! worst ship in game for sure.
  11. MurderousKitten

    Enterprise vs. Graf Zeppelin

    With 203 loadout , buged AP drop , weak ( weakest ) fighters , horrible detection Graff is worst tiet 8 CV . it is worse than Kaga . the only thing going for it is secedaries - and it is a CV for [edited]sake , thats the last thing i need on CV . Dont buy Graff , it is crap. i do avrage better in tier 6 IJN CV than in Graff
  12. MurderousKitten

    Graff Zeppelin

    So any one else is "enjoying" the New KM CV ? Should we asume that it will be reworked ? Or WG is doing the best to rape us out of our money ?
  13. MurderousKitten

    Shimakaze: "IT'S HAPPENING!"

    Good news But that turret rotation buff still fells kind of unneeded !
  14. MurderousKitten

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: USS Black

    Black ( will call it [edited]from now on ) is Broken as crap! The only way to make it fit in the game : 1) make it to choise - Radar OR Smoke 2) make it's Radar range the same as the max concealmet it can have ! 3) and this is more of a joke - Make z-23 , z-46 and z-52 Hydro range the same as Black's radar's range is now so i Hope WG will make adjustments to [edited].
  15. MurderousKitten

    Z-23: A super-Akatsuki? I want one!

    bigest problems for Z-23 in my Xp : A need to use speed boost ( with unique module ) to be able to keep up with pace of the battle The fact i eat full Dmg from cruisers AP ( and sometimes the BB AP ) The mediocore manuvrebility WEAK HE ( but i get it - it is a German thing ) crapfor AA ( and no Defencive Fire ) Cammo could be better , but i get it - Stealth is IJN thing and it should stay that way . ( dont understand why USN gets better camo ) AND THE BIGGEST pain - That OP crapdd's WG made a a gift for best players - USN BLACK !!!