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  1. MurderousKitten

    Gold transfer between WoT and WoWS ?

    IT is not possible , and never will be possible ! WG was "promising" this when Wows where in Beta , but you really expect that ? then you are up for disapointment . Why would this lying edited company would cut it's own proffit ? :D
  2. MurderousKitten

    edited you WG , i am done

    You edited edited lying edited . If you are so stong stance on your " This is what we intended " the why did you change PR article on your website ? You are edited . You dont even offer refunds for gold bought for insuficent boosters. 24k gold for not even a full ship..... You are Dirty , lying edited sucking edited. I am done with this edit game . edited you.
  3. MurderousKitten

    need a reason

    my dear friend , welcome ! WG could not make CV balanced AND interesting if their lifes depended on it !
  4. MurderousKitten

    taking alabama or massetchusets or something else

    Masachusets. Alabama is basicly NC , not worth a dabloons
  5. MurderousKitten

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    well , then sucks to be them... they only speed up my desiare to uninstall the game. or even sell acc :D edited: or even better - i know how to save money - make my acc a gift to my brother , he would kill for Missouri :)
  6. MurderousKitten

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    yeah , even if it is so , wich i dont believe, how much of an idiot must the whole company be to miss extra zeros ? :D but i wont be surprised if they come out if next few days and say so. But why i know this was not an honest mistake ? coz honest mistakes get fixed in HOURS ! they ( the Fix ) dont need to be aproved with higher ups in the folowing manner: employee - boss , we fucked up , even cc's are calling our BS out . Boss - yeah , but i already took a loan on new bmw to impress stupid local girls and get laid in xmas employee - yeah boss , but if they dont buy at all and we still insist they will get upset and dont buy nothing at all , and we all gona be walking on foot boss - let me think about it , if i find ways to cover the loans and drug bills i will aprove the fix to lover the grind , so they dont have to buy the ship employee - when can we expect the decision ? boss - when i will get over my hangovers the dialog above is meant as satire and i dont imply that WG staff take drugs . if they did , they would not have made this [edited]up :D
  7. MurderousKitten

    disapointing state of wows

    So , i kind of want to bring up some things: 1) Puerto Rico grind - thank you , no thank you . the grind is ridiculous. It is basicly free to play , pay to advance. 2) tier 10 Ranked Ffs , if you put ranked in the tier of Smolenks ( i get average 3-5 smolensks in game ) , ATLEAST intruduce skill based MM . It is so fun to lose 8 games in the row with 80k to 100k dmg and some kills , i am not saying i am some kind of wows pro , but with that average performance you would expect to win SOME games. 3) Subs - it has been almost half a year since they anonced subs. i prety much asume "it will be done when it's done " ( aka Dukem Nukem Forever style ) 4) getting teams with substandart will to play the game in any serious maner leads to another great "perk" , i am prety much chatbaned for last 4 months , coz you really cant take so much bad play in games before you start calling people stupid. And calling people stupid is offencive now , so chat ban for me . It basicly resulted in me turning off chat entierly . Atleast then i dont have temptation to say what i think of the next Kremlin sailing broadside to Yamato or Iowa ad range of 11km. These are 4 big ones i have. The cv state is also abysmal , but well , i dont even hope WG knows how to make Cv's interesting AND balanced in the same time. Edited: And the german comander- WHAT A JOKE !
  8. MurderousKitten

    Günther Lütjens

    So - have they ever progresed with this comander ? or they just shelfed it ?