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  1. kngat3

    CV Player - How to get on to test server ? Part 2

    Me too. The client keeps telling me the username or password is incorrect. Can somebody please help us? Thx :)
  2. kngat3

    Update 0.6.7 Bug Reports

    1. Description Armour penerating shells have become hard to see with new lighting and source lighting. 2. Reproduction steps play Any random battle in any ship and shoot ap or get ap shot at you. 3. Result Throws off your aim if you shoot ap. unable to dodge ap shells or angle effectively. 4. Expected result In game shells should be clearly visible to allow for angling and dodging shells 5. Technical details Only an issue since 0.6.7
  3. kngat3

    Update 0.6.7 Visual Improvements

    The new lighting effects are great but ap shells are now impossible to see. Please make them brighter to so that cruisers can dodge as well as dd and bb can angle. https://imgur.com/gallery/eK9Ba