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  1. row72

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    I hate radar as it is, i play dd a lot and it happened so many times to me that i even dont see a radar ship approach or its behind a rock or out of his detection range. I get radared instantly killed or loose 80 percent of my health beeing not able to play anymore and just long distance torp spam hoping to hit someone. I think it would be good to reduce the radar distance from like to 11 km to lets say 8 or 7 km also behind rocks would be impossible because you need to be in line of sight.
  2. row72

    new penalty system

    I think some people cant read, and dont try to tell me how the game works because after 3000+ games i know how the games work.
  3. row72

    new penalty system

    I say again it was in the beginning of the game i sail to the objective zoom in take my first shot and someone was rushing in behind me and rammed me because i was slowing down to not get spotted and shown my broadside in the middle of the objective i didnt see and didnt suspect this was happening because it is stupid to do so i shoot and hit with maybe one shell and get this penalty after 2 games it was gone. I just found it very strange because it was never like this before, another game i shoot one shell not by accident but on purpose to an allie just to see what happens and gues what nothing no pink. I really dont understand this new penalty system after the last update it could be me. So thats why i posted this.
  4. row72

    new penalty system

    Maybe it is just a threat, and the update is just from last week.
  5. row72

    new penalty system

    What is with that new penalty system, in a match i was shooting in zoom mode and another allie player rammed so by accident one shell hit the other player. At the end of the match i receive a penalty 2 games of pink and by another violation a warning of no acces to the server anymore. I was thinking wtf if it is so easy to get a penalty soon they dont have any players left in the game.
  6. row72

    Aiming problem after patch

    missing a lot after patch and cant get any normal score 15000 dmg before easily around 45000 with a cruiser tier 6. also a lot of hits and no damage, just now first 20 hits with a leander on a yorck no damage at all.I hope there will be a new patch to fix this also had when i aim that i fly above them very annoying this kills all the fun of the game.
  7. row72

    Most entertaining ships to play?

    Leander is fun after the Emerald this ship is so much different good armor strong ap and smoke it almost plays like a big dd.
  8. row72

    mahan spotting akatsuki ?

    I dont have a replay on this i never have looked in it how this works. But sure a replay would help so i can see if there was any radar ship near what i didnt see when i was playing because that is the only solution i can think off.
  9. row72

    mahan spotting akatsuki ?

    I am sailing a akatsuki destroyer with concealment expert. I had aa off and was just sitting still in the water when an enemy mahan detected me at this time the mahan dd was still undetected. As far as i believe a Mahan dd has a detectabel range of 7.7 km without concealment expert my Akatsuki only 6.4 with concealment expert i looked around if there were any radar ship nearby but none and i had all visible target over 9 km and there were no planes nearby. What could have happened i got detected from a larger distance then my 6.4 km.
  10. row72

    Gtx 1080 bad performance, anyone?

    Are you just joking that you bought a 1080 gtx to run this game, that is the same as throwing your money in a pond or something. This game doesnt need much more then for example a 750 gtx somebody already mentioned this card would cost you 100 dollar euro or whatever, and runs even on a 8 year old cpu like a intelquadcore in very high settings. The problem is the game engine sucks, and maybe you have some issues with your windows or network. I myself run this game on a Intel quad core with a 750 gtx too 8 gb of ddr2 ram and i run it in very high fps is around 60 fps but it drops to 30 and back to 60 like a jumping rabbit i have heard this from many other who are having the same issues but i never see any difference in the game if it runs on 60 even sometimes on 70 or 30 its all the same, before i did even run this game on a 260 gtx and same aldo very high was a little bit too much. A 1080 gtx is made for virtual reality or very heavy games or just for people who dont know what to do with there money.
  11. row72

    Computer crash, will it affect my score?

    You know that youre pc will crash if you overclock it too much and you can damage you pcu with it when the temperature goes to high.
  12. row72

    Please develop COOP more

    And you only played little more then 700 battles i personally dont see the point of coop too easy.
  13. row72

    Why to cap a objective with a dd

    This is exactly my problem.
  14. row72

    Why to cap a objective with a dd

    That is one of the problems yes a bb can one shoot an enemie cruiser from close range but they prefer to snipe from a distance and let the dd have the much bigger risk to die.
  15. row72

    Why to cap a objective with a dd

    Thats how you can play it but i think you can agree on me this is not how you win the game ofcourse. Sometimes i also play it like this because there is no point trying to cap and die, with this gamestyle you can have a big score at the end i agree.