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  1. OP must be a troll,, gezzus
  2. Good thing I still have almost 800 of them left
  3. At 116mil atm.
  4. Must say that Minotaur has grown on me the most, after that DM.
  5. 7 matches and 3.5 - 4 Million credits so far! I really like her!
  6. I perfer Bismarck (with manual secondaries) over NC
  7. Haha that's fun! Had a co-op game aswell a few days back, was me and another player, Player: Benson you idiot! Player: Report Benson for bot!! Me: ..they are all bots O.o Player: ehh..? Couldn't find the screenshot. Made my day
  8. Think so too, first 20 I got 3 SC, and now I'm at 70+ crates(all TYL) and not one SC since start, and that's 2-3 weeks ago.
  9. I've played on it yesterday and the day before that, both times in my Zao, so it's still there
  10. Got 15/20 USSR, just a few more and I got all nine ARP ship's
  11. Haha geez,, a Armada of Fuso's ^^
  12. My Bismarck is stuck aswell.. Ticket sent
  13. I got the Minotaur,, and it's far from OP! If anything,, are Zao/DM more OP, DM does what Mino is trying to do, but doing it much easier IMO. Just go bow/angel on and Mino is completely useless
  14. I would go, 1:Fletcher 2: Iowa
  15. AP'n is a joke, had a game yesterday in my Minotaur against a Tirpitz, close to 200 hits/pens and ~35k dmg..