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  1. Radar at only some certain ships? ?

    OP must be a troll,, gezzus
  2. So, where are our Dragon flags?

    Good thing I still have almost 800 of them left
  3. How much Credits you have?

    At 116mil atm.
  4. Ship you have grown to like

    Must say that Minotaur has grown on me the most, after that DM.
  5. USS Missouri (Share your thoughts)

    7 matches and 3.5 - 4 Million credits so far! I really like her!
  6. Bismarck or North Carolina?

    I perfer Bismarck (with manual secondaries) over NC
  7. Hilarious Quotes From the Battle Chat

    Haha that's fun! Had a co-op game aswell a few days back, was me and another player, Player: Benson you idiot! Player: Report Benson for bot!! Me: ..they are all bots O.o Player: ehh..? Couldn't find the screenshot. Made my day
  8. Think so too, first 20 I got 3 SC, and now I'm at 70+ crates(all TYL) and not one SC since start, and that's 2-3 weeks ago.
  9. Was the ocean map removed?

    I've played on it yesterday and the day before that, both times in my Zao, so it's still there
  10. ARP Takao? nah, prepare for the ARP Nachi pain

    Got 15/20 USSR, just a few more and I got all nine ARP ship's
  11. My Takao doesn't want to respawn

    Haha geez,, a Armada of Fuso's ^^
  12. Ships stuck in battle

    My Bismarck is stuck aswell.. Ticket sent
  13. New frontiers for the trash

    I got the Minotaur,, and it's far from OP! If anything,, are Zao/DM more OP, DM does what Mino is trying to do, but doing it much easier IMO. Just go bow/angel on and Mino is completely useless
  14. Time for my first T9

    I would go, 1:Fletcher 2: Iowa
  15. Brit CL - failed concept, failed execution

    AP'n is a joke, had a game yesterday in my Minotaur against a Tirpitz, close to 200 hits/pens and ~35k dmg..