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    Attack plane nerf

    Talking about history dds never had a chance to attack cvs and influence the outcome of the battle cvs had the role to be kings of battle.

    Attack plane nerf

    Fantastic video well done i laughing throu my ears
  3. Who are you to say who can have opinion and who does not?
  4. Ok lets make all dd torps detectable from 3 kimetres and by the way dds fire toroedoes undetected so the poses the ability to not be in danger try to avoid halland torps good luck 100 knot speed and they are fired with very short sequence .dds have the abilitybto spot and kill for them selves other classes no xaxa
  5. I know mr piggy you want understand it but let me spel out of you i have every right to have a fair chance to drfend myself.
  6. If the dd refuses to kill its aa and go to smoke diserves to be killed telegrph and delay and frozen planes means one thing that with the smalest turn all the rockets will miss so where is the skill for the dd ? As a dd i had 0 problems with cvs because i killed my aa and went to smoke if needed. Cvs have only one squadron and dds have very smal air detection so the rocket nerf is bad and makes the cvs weak vs dds to the point to be aiability for the team , whi wants to sail a defebceles ship facing 4 dds? Spoting is not solution dd can always smoke and has small detection and pays o credits.
  7. The rocket chsnge is bad it gives toi much power to dds aka telefraph delay you must want as a dd to be hit in order to be hit snd the dd before the change could kill the aa and usevits concealment to escape and if that fails to smoke and be safe now the skill of the dd reqyired with the telegraph and the delay is 0. I had never had any problems with cvs i kill my aa in my shima and go to smoke if i needed so why so much protection to dd??? Cvs must have a decent chance 1vs1 to spot and kill the dd now they have none.
  8. Dds are small agile with smal air detection they have smoke some inctedible aa power and some super speed it is very difficult to strike them and now with the nrw rockets almost imposible they drcide the outcome of the battle because thete is no hard counter cas have no vigilance and radar has 6 secs delay they can take the initiative like no other class have you seen a game where the team whith worse dds wins ? No this must change otherwise we dond need othet classes period.
  9. I am not the best but not the worst many people better than me and many worse but i dond kneel and i do believe that tanks are better than pistols and dds must not decide the outcome of battle thank you sir .
  10. In what game even arcade a tank cannot deal with a pistol? Who will play this game it is a travesty i dond get it sir sorry if my cv is helpless vs dds something is horribly wrong in this game with all respect.
  11. Many dds were sunk from cvs dds sims for instance but the bottom line is that cvs decided the outcome of battle not dds got it sir?
  12. Dds actualy were used to defend convoys vs subs not to be the master of battle and kill everything with torps , cvs were the masters of battle see midway naval battle and many more like sanda cruz and coral sea.
  13. I have ported my cvs and play only radar cruizers zao and venezia to face dds potatoe hords who feel mustet of the universe.
  14. I play only radar cruisers anymore i want to influence the battle not to be anybodys servant sir and not to be dds fooder i want my rockets back and cvs to their historical role a pistol cannot be stronger than a tank sir period.