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    Remove the cyclone "feature"

    cyclones sucks i came to0 this game to play not to sail without purpose like a blind man.

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.6

    now nobody must a sail a cv who wants to be a spoter? nobody. Give that role to bbs spoter plane and be done with cvs or revert the changes now if i make 50000 damage in haku i consider myself lucky i do the double with any teir x cruiser in regular bases so why cv?

    0.8.5 CV in depth feedback

    First of all iam not a good cv player my average amount of damge is about 68 kilo with the recent changes i strugle to pass 50 kilo in haku whats the point? i have ships wha can do damage like yoshino , zao, kourfoust with eaz and i feel that the prevous aa system was fine right now every attack ends with significal loses of planes making the second attack imposible if cvs are not allowed to do alpha damage or damage over time what is left spoting ?Nobody likes that everybody will swich to ships who are allowed to damage at the end of the day any ship that refuses to go with the fleet , take aa skills and do evasive manouvres diserves the punishment and the cv has the right at least to do the same amount of damage like other classes like battleships of the same teir