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  1. Fionia_DK

    The Puerto Rico Dumpster Fire...

    Thats the best answer to WG and I will do that.
  2. Hi WG Any chance we will get some feedback on our testing? It could be: Where is the project now? What is going to be changed and what are you considering changing? What worked well and what did not? Is the project on track (time wise)? Let us have some feedback too, please. Let us feel like we are a part of the team.
  3. Fionia_DK

    chat ban

    I have played over 15000 battles. Never had a chatban!!!!!
  4. Fionia_DK

    Should I stop grinding germans and go for Rn BBs?

    German BBs are the most forgiving BBs. They are very good for for newbies. T6 good BB T7 Can be tricky, but can be setup as a monster AA ship. T8 Very fun with long Secondaries T9 Good BB. T10 A big brawler, get in close and it is deadly ( approx 10 km). Just stick with them.
  5. Fionia_DK

    Are DD's the area of denial class ?

    Actually I can only find one ship (maybe two) thats good on Ariel Denial (AD). In my book AD means shutting down an area, not just be a threat in the area. The Shima with 20 km torps can do it, at least make it very unattractive for BBs and CAs going into the area. A DD can work there if he is carefull. I have experimentet on AD with the Shima. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Also it depends on the maps. At one map I could shut 2 capzones down at one time. I fired 1 launcher approx. each 45 sec into a capzone or narrow passage. The BBs will take hit and maybe the CAs also. But DDs can survive it, if they are awake. CU outthere
  6. Fionia_DK

    Are DD's the area of denial class ?

    The game is about ariel denial. Deny the enemy the capzones, simpel actually.
  7. Fionia_DK

    Are DD's the area of denial class ?

    Cruiser is the natural DD enemy
  8. Fionia_DK


    Anybody who knows where to find subject?
  9. Fionia_DK

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    I am damaged for life, I nealy got a heartattack when I discoverred it was a mistake. But a huge compensation will correct my heart rythm again. :-)
  10. No I did not notice the fine print. I spend all the dubloons last weekend on that event, believing it was OK, when I was able to register for the event. Later after using my dubloons, I took a look at the registretion page and it said "credited", so I thought everything was OK. It shouldnt be necessary to read the fine print, when you are able to register to an event and it accepted my participitation. I will be very disappointed if I dont get the T61. I uselly think WG makes some good events and always is fair, but this time it was not good. Hope I will get my T61 for all that money I spend. CU
  11. Fionia_DK

    Radar the numbers

    Try do the same exercise after the new batch of US CL's, the 30th this month. You are right, DD play is not more difficult with radarships, just boring.
  12. Fionia_DK

    An EASY way to fix radar problems

    Exactly my words. Then the smoke is just for fun, just sailing around and poping when you feel for it. I thought it was for hiding, but its just a little gadget then.
  13. I am afraid U are wrong. Already now 2 new radarships is on their way. Soviet Stalingrad and a T7 Argentinian cruiser. Both with radar.
  14. Fionia_DK

    TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    WG has come up with some answers: I rest my case.