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  1. Dragon200052

    Can't collect German Navy and AL at the same time?

    You can Only collect from one collection at a time. What this means is that you will be able to get these Items at random out of standard containers you collect. So you will be able to continue these collections after the event has ended but you can only collect for one at a time so make sure that you finish a collection before moving onto another one.
  2. Dragon200052

    Separate sale of AL camos

    Yeah Just got it now, Still strange for those who bought things got the mission as soon as the bought stuff plus that mission initially said the wrong reward on the website. One would think this would be done slightly more smoothly than it has been so far.
  3. Dragon200052

    Azur Lane: Third Wave

    It seems they have change the text so now it no longer says it gives Hood. To be honest Its still kinda a shame that its not any commanders from the second wave or even a different set of commanders from the first wave. Say it gave Cleveland or Neptune or something. And once again the only way to get commanders is buy a over priced bundle and for new commanders lootboxes ( I still wonder what will happen if they get banned in more countries), with no ways to buy single commanders for ANY of the waves is rather disappointing.
  4. Dragon200052

    Separate sale of AL camos

    From another thread it seems you only get that mission if you buy one of the Containers or buy any of the ships or bundles , if not it does not show up.
  5. Dragon200052

    Separate sale of AL camos

    Where about in the Client is it as When looking through combat missions I have no missions that Give any commanders. And others I know also do not have the mission.
  6. Dragon200052

    Azur+Hololive Collab with WoWs

    First off It is a Colab ship so it will be called what it is in the game it is from. Second why should a ships Historical Name be changed when throughout its main service history it was called Littorio. There is no Reason to Now go with the name used after it left service let alone because the reason "its namesake was Fascist".
  7. Dragon200052

    Low-Tier Gems: Ships up to TIV

    Of the low teir Premium ships I love playing, Smith Tachibana Mikassa Katori Yubari Cambeltown And Vampire are my favorite Premiums. although Konig Albert, Albany and Emden are also fun to play at times.
  8. I bought her After seeing Siegfried for RB points So in the end decided to get her and I have not been let down. So far I have found her AP being great (have to admit Not really tried the HE as I have found little reason to use it), And her Armour scheme is great and has saved me a lot of the time. Her Torps are situational I would have loved for 8KM range on them but at least she has them. I do not own any of the other T9 super cruisers I have the Yoshino but since she is an upgrade on Azuma felt no need to get her and Alaska did not interest me. So far I have found Agir to be a very decent ship for hunting cruisers and battleships and just overall a blast to play.
  9. Dragon200052

    Siegfried incoming...

    I seem to recall something similar that it would be either Coal or Free XP but I can not find any source for it as it was some time ago though I thought It was on their Dev Blog.
  10. Dragon200052

    Siegfried incoming...

    Yeah this change really Bugs me as I was looking forward to Siegfried its the only reason I had Saved Free XP. It would be have been better to put it for Free XP or even coal than behind the research Bureau and from what we have seen it does not seem it would be worth its research points cost either. Rather a Large letdown but I should have expected this.
  11. Dragon200052

    Extra Special Lottery "Year of the CV"

    65. Greetings I would love to get the Massachusetts I hope everyone here has a good Christmas.
  12. Dragon200052

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I Would Like To participate In this.
  13. Dragon200052

    Halloween camos in armory?

    In the Exterior Section for Yamato the Skorpinoid one was available But not for Mogami and such so it seems only the T10 ones are buy-able for 8K Doubloons unfortunately.
  14. Dragon200052

    ST - British heavy cruisers

    I do like these Ships the stats look good and they seem like they will play as good Heavy Cruisers. Thee only thing that is a bit of a shame is the T10 with its 4x3 armament when there was a design for a 3x4 or Three Quad 9.2inch turrets and i feel that would be a more unique design for the T10 Heavy Cruiser but i am hoping you might make that a Coal ship later down the line because i would assume it would take a lot to remodel the ship with three Quad turrets instead of four triple turrets. But overall these look decent and i can not wait for them to be in game.
  15. Dragon200052

    Unique Premium Ships

    They could Feasibly do the Tone just make her a standard heavy Cruiser with 4x2 203mm guns with a slightly shorter reload than Mogami (with 203s) due to having less guns overall. Standard Japanese style play but make her have an Enhanced fighter plane consumable instead of launching 3 she Could Launch 4 or 5 and maybe it lasts a little bit longer maybe 1 minute 30 seconds. Not sure if Tone would fit with T8 play now like she was intend for but T7-T8 could work for her. Now with Ise you can encounter a problem while Tone could only launch fighters and spotters, Ise could launch dive bombers and as much as i would love to see Ise in WOWS (especially since she is in Wows blitz) and as much as i wish you could do the same as in blitz where you can RTS style auto drop on a selected target but with the AA system im not sure how it would work.