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  1. Dragon200052

    Your favourite BB: tier for tier

    For me it would have to be. T2: Mikassa it was the first ship i got a Kraken with and 4 of the kills were with secondary guns :D T3: Bellerophon Got to love Early British Dreadnoughts. T4: Orion / Ishizuchi Both rather enjoyable. T5: ARP Kongō I loved the anime so i was glad to get this ship. T6: Warspite All the way With Mutsu being close second But you have to pay respect to the Grand old lady of the Fleet. T7: Nelson / Ashitaka Both of these ships i love playing in. T8: Amagi This ship was very interesting to play at T8 definitely considering getting Kii for how much fun Amagi was. T9: Izumo / Lion i liked playing with lion she was very interesting But there was something about the Izumo that i love playing with even though i own Musashi. T10: Controversial opinion Conqueror with 457mm I personally rather like playing Conq with its 457s using AP (then again with Conq i normally use AP).
  2. Dragon200052

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    T1: Black Swan ( even though she has been nerfed hard still fun to play) T2: Emden / Albany T3: Katori T4: Yubari T5: Emerald/Murmansk T6: HSF/Standard Admiral Graf Spee T7: Fiji T8: Prinz Eugen / Edinburgh Having both the Adler Camo and the Arctic camo these ships look awesome and the Eugen can hit very hard i found. T9: Neptune T10: Minotaur The only T10 Cruiser i have and she is really fun to play.
  3. Dragon200052

    Naming Ships

    Why not have the Option for if there was more than one ship in the class (some classes excluded like Bismark/ Tirpitz). Of course some ships should stay the same such as Premiums becuase it could get very confusing having a Gneisenau Being renamed Sharnhorst. So say your going with lets say HMS Leander you could chose names such as Orion, Neptune, Ajax and Achilles and other name's of the ships from the class. This way you can still have Semi Custom names but it would still be more Historical that perhaps it could be.
  4. Dragon200052

    Best way to buff Conqueror 457mm guns?

    Ah thank you for Clarifying that up for me. Then i am not entirely sure what could be buffed for the 457's Because i would like to see them be more competitive not OP but well not the rubbish the mostly are now. ( still fun to play though)
  5. Dragon200052

    Best way to buff Conqueror 457mm guns?

    As one or two others have stated as well I personally prefer to use the 457's Even though i know they are statistical worse there is a few reasons why i prefer them. These Being. I like the fact that it is not just another 4x3 ship and that i personally like 4x2 because of looks. And I Do not really like the Idea of Spamming HE with the 419s. When i play by myself i am normally using the 457's But if i play in a division I typically end up with the 419s because a lot of people dont like the use of the 457's due to them being not as good. So Solutions (possibly?) I would not be against the removal of the 419 guns when the Conqueror was in testing it initially did not have these as a remember. A possible buff the dispersion could also help them a lot. But here is a thought and question would the Conquerors 457 Guns be better if the got the same Pen rule as the 460mm guns We have seen WG give guns on ships unusual Pen rules like the new IJN T9 and T10 DDs. So just a thought what if the 457's Could pen the same bow Armour as the Yamato?
  6. Dragon200052

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I Explicitly Would like to be in the Holiday Lottery.
  7. Dragon200052

    New Bonus code - 29.11.18

    Yup for me it comes up with "The WG code is not valid. Please try again." So i am guessing it ran out?
  8. Dragon200052

    The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    I got three super containers and i got on three sets of 100 anti detonation flags for a total of 300 of them. not helpful but at least i got a few credits from selling them. and then a friend who opened 4 got 2 sets of 100 anti detonation flags.
  9. Dragon200052

    HMS Sirius?

    I would love to See the Dido Class of cruiser in this game though i would have thought it might have been better at T5 but even at T6 it could still be a very fun ship be it sAP only throwing that much AP could be amusing but if it had HE oh Dear how annoying that could be and with its Torpedos. Yeah i would love to see that ship in game so i do hope it comes to the game. Looking at its Blitz Consumables it has Damage control as standard but that second one is that a Repair Party i can not tell as i have not played the Blitz version.
  10. Dragon200052

    First poll - best looking ship

    As much as I love HMS Hood she is a Beautiful ship in the way its sleek long Design and the overall Design, I have to Personally go for the Grand Old Lady herself HMS Warspite There is something about the the lines of the ship and i really like the camo Also the Superstructure just looks nice to me. There are Many Beautiful ships on that Poll many i do like but HMS Warspite just Sticks out to me More.
  11. Dragon200052

    Submarines ingame?

    As i remember that was part of an April Fools of 2017. you could not use it in any battle type the Captain was called Russianbias. I will be honest i dont think subs should be in the game yes they played an important part in history. But they dont really have a place in a Major Naval Engagement.
  12. Thank you so much opened it and also got a Kidd Quest now im not much of a DD player but this ship looks fun and this saved me the £30 it would cost to get it. This is the second T8 Premium DD i have got from containers (other being Lo Yang) so maybe this is the game way of telling me to start to learn how to DD before RN DD's come out. so along these lines anyone have any tips on what to do with the USS Kidd?
  13. Dragon200052

    Graf Spee owners - hints and tips, please.

    Right First off i will Admit i am not the best player so take what i say with a pinch of salt just in case But Personally i love the Admiral Graf Spee so much so i bought the HSF version just so i could have two and i perter the camo on the HSF one. I do have to say she has her cons such as The Gun angles can be very tricky to work with this is because only having two guns one fore and one Aft does mean to show a bit too much Broadside And if one gets taken out well there goes half your firepower. Her Gun Accuracy is hit and miss when the guns are accurate they will hurt basically anything they hit but there in lies the problem hitting sometimes the accuracy of these guns is abysmal (i guess what do you expect from battle cruiser/Battleship Guns). Because of this i personally like to run Aiming Mod 1 to try and make the guns more accurate. The Guns on the positive side pack quite a punch and there AP has quite Decent Pen. The Torps i find are Excellent for a German Cruiser 8Km Torps instead of 6 i find quite useful and the Torpedo angles are great you can basically fire them Straight ahead they are very good for and when you get the chance not many expect the Torps to be quite as deadly. The Heal is useful for this ship especially since it can not always run away i agree with others about the Engagement range 12Km i would say is optimal 10Km if your Feeling aggressive (though might not be the best of plans) the heal is actually slightly unique most heals only restore 10% of citadel damage but there are exceptions to this, These being t8+ RN cruisers and The Admiral Graf Spee the Spee's heal restores 33% of citadel damage. Speed and Armour are a bit of a let down but it can work for it. Overall i personally like the spee i feel you can be aggressive but it also works well with a sort of stand offish nature, She also seems quite good in the T6 Operations.
  14. Dragon200052

    Jack Dunkirk campaign

    As i remember the Dunkirk Collection was done as part of a Promo deal with the Film that was comming out at the same time so to bring it back they would probbablu have to get that deal again witch i dont think they would do. Personalty i have it i spent the time to get it because i wanted it also these "special Captains" do very little overall so they are not that major But eh if anything the collection coming back could mean the Operations comes back which i quite enjoyed.
  15. Dragon200052

    Conqueror thoughts

    After Reading through all of that i do agree with some points and it does seem reasonable well spoken about strengths and weaknesses i recently got Conqueror and it does seem like you take more damage (that could just be my play style though) i do like the secondary idea because they do seem a little underwhelming having basically the same guns from T7 to T10 for secondaries having a 5th one on either side could be good and i dont think it would break things too much since they dont do too much anyway. For the extra consumable i also kinda miss having something else to click but i can not think of anything that will keep balance at most maybe a Standard Hydro search that starts with 1 charge 2 for premium version so you can get a max of 3 in a game if you also use Super Independent it this might be straying into the German BBs territory a bit much. Ammo Types yes the HE does seem a bit silly but is historically the Royal navy used something they nicknamed as super HE these were incredibly heavy HE shells so it makes sense for them to be the better with HE but maybe they do need some change i like the going from 1/4 pen to 1/5 pen idea that will make it less than the Germans maybe also decrease the fire chance a little maybe around 4-5% For the AP from what i can tell (and yes im not that good of a player) the AP seems fine to me maybe a little buff in damage but might not be needed.