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  1. Dragon200052

    ST - British heavy cruisers

    I do like these Ships the stats look good and they seem like they will play as good Heavy Cruisers. Thee only thing that is a bit of a shame is the T10 with its 4x3 armament when there was a design for a 3x4 or Three Quad 9.2inch turrets and i feel that would be a more unique design for the T10 Heavy Cruiser but i am hoping you might make that a Coal ship later down the line because i would assume it would take a lot to remodel the ship with three Quad turrets instead of four triple turrets. But overall these look decent and i can not wait for them to be in game.
  2. Dragon200052

    Unique Premium Ships

    They could Feasibly do the Tone just make her a standard heavy Cruiser with 4x2 203mm guns with a slightly shorter reload than Mogami (with 203s) due to having less guns overall. Standard Japanese style play but make her have an Enhanced fighter plane consumable instead of launching 3 she Could Launch 4 or 5 and maybe it lasts a little bit longer maybe 1 minute 30 seconds. Not sure if Tone would fit with T8 play now like she was intend for but T7-T8 could work for her. Now with Ise you can encounter a problem while Tone could only launch fighters and spotters, Ise could launch dive bombers and as much as i would love to see Ise in WOWS (especially since she is in Wows blitz) and as much as i wish you could do the same as in blitz where you can RTS style auto drop on a selected target but with the AA system im not sure how it would work.
  3. Dragon200052

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    I have to say im a little annoyed that Conq is losing the 457s i understand why or Thunderer would not have too much of a point but it is the fact that i ground out Conqueror and the 457s and that is the way i like to play, So now for this change it means i will have to spend 252K Coal just to get the ship with the guns i liked to play. The 35K free XP is nice to get in return but free XP will not help us get the Thunderer and it also strains the already strained Coal Supply because now i will have to decide if i want the Yoshino that i was saving for or save for a Ship that i used to have something similar to. I know this might be seen as a bit much but it might have been nicer for instead of the Free XP and the Credits to get some coal instead due to if you want the 457s you need even more Coal.
  4. Thank you for this update and along those lines i have a question if you could answer. At the moment we have the Science of Victory, Honorable service, Isoruku Yamamoto and the Hit had Hit fast campaigns. since from what it seems you want more players in mid teirs would it not be possible to make two or three more of these that are for T4-T8 ships this would increase players in the mid teirs and if you offered interesting rewards for them such as maybe low and mid teir Premiums it should be possible for players to want to do them. Also this from what i know should theoretically not be too hard to create so that it would not take too much Dev time from other important topics.
  5. So part of the Idea of making the NTC is to get people playing mid teirs again right . OK then so here is an idea i have just finished Honorable service campaign as such i just got the Shinonome, so why not make some more of these Permanent campaigns say add three of them of varying difficulty. these campaigns could be T4/T5 to T8 as such this is more mid teir focused and allows those who bought a T8 premium to still use them for these campaigns, but these campaigns could reward premium ships be these new ones that you could make or a possibly more appealing offer is a token that rewards a T5 or T6 Premium ship for the harder difficulty campaigns. If you are wanting to still do it this way some good bonus could be. LV1 +10% credit gain LV2 +15% Commander XP LV3 - Ability to move captains without retraining to the ship in question like premiums
  6. Dragon200052

    Absolute pay2win/grind2win BULLCRAP

    Has the page that they linked to that tried to explain this disappeared for anyone else because i had it loaded up but after a refresh it states that it does not exist. Any one else had this? But yeah i see this going badly but hey for those with far too much free xp i guess they will get free upgrades.
  7. Dragon200052

    What is your most played ship?

    For me my most played ship is the Grand old lady of the fleet HMS Warspite with 247 battles in her. with HMS Minotaur with 169 games and then HMS Neptune with 140 battles.
  8. Dragon200052

    Interesting post about Ramming tests in Training room...

    A very interesting and informative post it is clear something is definitely going wrong with the ramming mechanics hopefully wargamming will see this and maybe see what is going on?
  9. Dragon200052


    yup Luckily just finished a ranked game but now unable to join battles. Servers seem to be having issues.