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  1. Divs matchmaking

    Tru dat! They can have quite detrimental influence actually if they have no clue what they are doing/play egoistic.
  2. Super container madness!

    Nah, just a brief blessing from statistical possible outcomes...
  3. How To Balance the T61

    Erh, Z39 does not look particularly interesting, in fact not at all... Shelf that and lets get T61, nerf the torp reload a bit and lets have it .
  4. Randomly generated maps?

    I don't see it for CB. Although I do not play CB in this game, I have played competitively in other games and know how much good tactics and strategies play into it. Having random maps in CB would take a lot of aspect out of the preparations etc (which can also be fun). I could definitely see it for random battles, there I would actually see as a boon. I would hate to see it meaning lower quality graphics though.
  5. Allied Damage Punishment OVERKILL

    Completely with you there. DCP if apology in chat, if not I'll let it run. Have had too may D*ck moves hitting me because they had their had in the sky, derping around or just outright being a pain in the a** or because they think they have a right to demand I play as they say and shoot at me if I don't. Everyone can make a mistake and if so you apologize, over with and done.
  6. I get why the amounts of rant - in this case several rants - can get boring/annoying as it occurs with regularity in this forum. However we can't all be equally good at English...
  7. Allied Damage Punishment OVERKILL

    Eh yes you can. You can free look in another direction from where your guns are pointing. That said, system works as intended and OP is at fault, no doubt.
  8. FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    Still horrific stutter. Not always expriencing it, however after 8-10 battles OR if the game have been open for an hour or so without me playing - next game is 30+ fps (normally 75) and stuttering so it's near unplayable. Config INTEL i7-7700 CPU 4.20GHz 4.20 GHz 16 GB RAM 64 bit Windows 10 GeForce GTX 1080
  9. WG Please stop torpedo missions.

    On nooooo, BBs are dying out, pls release more BBs ...
  10. The argument for longer vs shorter games

    For me, it's the perfect duration as is. With work etc. it's posssible to get in the occasional games without having to commit to a too long period at a time while still leaving room for a battlle where tactics play a role (unless it's a roflstomp obviously).
  11. WG gone crazy

    Aww, come on have a bit of humour. Besides it's seperate teams working on stuff like that, it won't slow down the more "serious" work.
  12. Please fix TVIII matchmaking ASAP

    Ah, okay, then I misread it at the time. Thx. Funny I did some paper and pen registration going through tier 8 in Pan A and US DD line.. around 70% tier X games. Granted not a representative number of battles - and not so big a deal in a DD - but did call for some exasperation at times...
  13. What is wrong with some DD Captains??

    He, he, yea sometimes you get amazed. Had a game where I was capping enemy base, tugged in behind a little low island in the dge of base focused by two cruisers a BB and a DD (i was last one left so what the heck. Suddenly I realise a Pan A DD have sneaked up on me from behind. Oh noooo, me thinks I'm a gonna, whereupon he proceeded to torp me from point blank range - not bothering to fire those good gun even once at me. I was like Whaaat?? and was actually so dumbfounded I did not even shot him as he gladly sailed past, not having made a dent in me...
  14. Please fix TVIII matchmaking ASAP

    I am pretty sure that was for all servers and was later clarified in a post that it is in fact higher for the EU server, although I do not recall by how much.
  15. Okay, fair enough, I'll just make my assumptions then.