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  1. Got a couple 250 within 6 containers.
  2. Wildf1re

    Pan Euro DDs - Visby WTH?

    I also enjoyed playing her. Västerås on the other hand feels like a downgrade for some reason...
  3. Wildf1re

    Dont type 'Potato" in chat!

    reported... even if I am a potato myself... oh! now I gotta report myself! ... reported!
  4. Looks cool, will hav to check if I have the camo. Don't think so have been away for quite a while and do not remember any missions regarding this. Ty for the reply.
  5. Ty, I'll use my free xp on the Småland, although the price is exorbitant, so Bylska it is :). I also yhink the Byls is more in line with my usual DD playstyle.
  6. Started at 18, now at 12. I must have been lucky so far, I have seen occasional issues like you mention, but much less than I would have anticipated.
  7. As per title. Just wondering if I should acquire a Blyska in preperation for the swedish DDs? As they are also in the euro line I would assume a captain there can move between the ships in that line, but thought I better ask :).
  8. I actually enjoy Arms Race in my Groz, even when there's a CV. For me the frustration comes more from how ranked play out, the higher you get in rank. As soon as there's a star to loose, I see too many BBs - and some cruisers even - staying as far away as possible from the fight, until they can see the "team" won't win it for them. Only then do they move to try and rack up damage to avoid loosing a star. And so it have been in all the ranked I have played, nothing to do with whether it's domination or arms race.
  9. Not sure I'll be carrying anything but a cup of coffee between matches, I not that great a player that I can conjure up the illusion of me carrying a team even if they are brain dead .
  10. A lot of good advice, thanks for that . As for the toxic environment in ranked and demanding game play I am up for it. That said and knowing I'll sour on it after enough matches I do not intent to aim for rank 1, however the rest of the ranked "team" plays I just want to give it my best shot and see it as an opportunity to try out a different game mode (arms race), the challenge is part of the fun, at least up to a point .
  11. Ha, yea I would normally go for the one I do best in . So your "glib answer is of cause the right answer . However, it's been so long since I played last, so I am just finding my feet again which is why I am interesting in others opinions/advice. I am leaning more and more to taking out groz. That said I am a bit curious as to why Shima would be shredded, playing carefully I am not so afraid of radar, more the CV's as you point out.
  12. Have not played arms race before but have just been looking though a few videos, can see it will require a different tack as opposed to my normal play. YY have pretty much been off the table from the get go even though I really like taking it out in randoms. Have not really considered Z-52 but you make a good point.
  13. Ha, yea I have already gathered as much from playing randoms since my return. Just have to take unpredictable routes to stay out of sight, leave AA off and hope for a potato CV player on the red team, those rocket in the hands of a good CV player... argh...
  14. Yea, it's definitely not become easier to play DDs, does not discourage me though - players that play passive or to avoid loosing a start is what can sour things for me. Groz seems to be a good choice and Shima is definitely an option and good point about that being strong against players hiding in smoke, right up my ally in terms of how I used to play. Gearing if however still on my mind as I used too really enjoy playing that, it just seems to have become too much of an Jack of all trades in the current gameplay context compared to before not really excelling at anything.