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  1. I kind of get where you're coming from. It's a delicate balance, if it gets too much in terms of benefiting certain players, it'll make it that much harder for new players to get to a point where they can compete even in regular randoms. I am not sure that's its much different from how you can pay real money to be able to progress faster and run premium consumables from the start... If the special upgrades becomes too powerful to the point where it's prohibitive to start for new players - yes then we have a challenge, but that is irrespective of being a long term clan player or not, I think. I was more addressing that, I don't think it's a problem in and of itself that certain things are not accessible to all, but rather dependent of what you choose to value in how you approach playing the game.
  2. I get the "unrelated" part. However, as a general reflection I think it's okay if there are things in game that e.g. only benefits those that are playing in a clan / are participating in ranked etc. It's a choice. I do not think that everything have to be achievable for everybody by necessity. Things like e.g. -10% repair, I don't get that as I have chosen not to be in a clan and it's okay its a choice I make - since it would not fit with work, availability or the fact that I like playing solo. I could have chosen to become member of a clan that have no requirements or competitive ambitions and have not - and that's okay.
  3. Winrate on stats - how is this even possible?

    rofl. 5000+ battles on lvl 1, talk about specializing! Or stat padding for that matter...
  4. Capping mechanic

    Yea, something like that would have more impact on how people play I think. Getting exp for contesting/defending (being in the cap). In other words exp for contributing to the objective in domination matches, which is.. dominating caps. Same could be done for base/flag matches, I dunno e.g. exp for challenging enemy teams cap. However, it's harder to find comparative supporting "rewards" for those playing BBs - but there's many good suggestions in other threads already regarding how the whole exp rewarding could be reworked, going beyond favoring damage dealing. From the latest Dev Q&A , however, is does not seem to be high on WG to-do list....
  5. Capping mechanic

    He, then we can just drop caps because nothing will get capped.
  6. Capping mechanic

    What do you mean. Of cause there's a point in being in the epicenter circles for others than DDs, e.g. to push the enemy team out. That it can be often seen that BB's (and even cruisers) play don't touch the lines in epicenter is an entirely different (potato) issue. In my experience, it's often the team that dares push in that win's - but hey, playing the objectives are not always the strong suite in all wows players...
  7. Premium shells in WOWS

    No! No! No!
  8. Marketing proposal for WG pt.2

    Damn Boris, you get dangerous ideas when bored.
  9. WG DevQnA Transcription [RAW]

    Oh please, please don't. Talk about over complicating stuff! Now, see we add this cool new gimmick and now we can add one more to counter it. Hmm, did'nt I see somewhere that WG used the argument for keeping stuff simple that they did not want to confuse the players... what the heck!? Next up, a counter for the counter of the counters counter... What's the point then, giving us more buttons to push, just to have some more buttons to push?
  10. TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    Agree, still very viable if in a division with mates and communication. However, that should not be a pre-requisite for playing DD's in randoms or other wise. I currently have no ambition to be in a clan and although I do enjoy playing with my mates occasionally, I should still be able to to also have a viable game play solo in a DD - as with any other ship type. I play solo a lot, because that's how I like it and that does not mean I am not a team player, I always play for the objectives and focus on team play - it's just that it's my way of unwinding after work. Also I really like this game and would like to see even more players potatoes or otherwise and see the game grow, but I kind of cannot imagine enjoying the grind to all the TX DDs I have today with the way radars are expanding in number and effectiveness. I am sure I would be a lot more relaxed about it with 16.000 plus battles under my belt, knowing all the ins and out of DD game play to fall back on, but that's not the case for me or for many others and I worry that DD play is becomming too punishing...
  11. TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    And I used to enjoy DD knife fighting without the sudden disturbance of a radar radar strike... I am not advocating getting rid of radar as such, just protesting the trend toward so many ships getting it. everything is turning into an active DD hunter these day's it seems and the tools to spot them abounds...
  12. TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    Yes, all for less stalemate gameplay, more dynamic gameplay with more options. However, my current experience is that the abundance of radars are not making for more dynamic gameplay - on the contrary...
  13. TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    Its not a question of the singular ship with radar being OP, they're not (except maybe a certain upcoming cruiser with reportedly more than a minute duration). And it's evident with the new content release that the amount of radars are becoming troublesome - with more to come, that's the issue - the trend...
  14. Karma time for Karma

    Yea, fun fact. Being a bit bored by a string of losses (infuriatingly so), I have for the past week been keeping tabs of my karma. Admittingly some of those losses I was part of the problem - in between I had some really good battles where everything went right. Several caps, assisting caps and high damage number, screening overextending compatriots with smoke when they overextended (playing DD)... and... guess what, I got reported in the good games, not in the games where I (very obviously) F*** up in major ways. It's actually at zero currently after taking a huge hit in just a couple (good) games. Cant know for a fact, but got a sneaking suspicion that reports come from the opposing team as they usually tick in with high damage numbers (torp hits)... Stopped caring now, I back at zero anyway .
  15. TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    Exactly what I am worried about, not to mention we get ships with radar where the range and concealment combination makes it effectively too late when you see them. I am all for varied gameplay and varied tools making more options but the radar thingie is getting out of hand...