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  1. Wildf1re

    Petition to either remove or nerf radar.

    He doesn't and it's his standard response to any radar thread...
  2. Wildf1re

    DD capping, in radar meta, is for the birds

    And the thing is, if no DD caps, in my experience it does not take long for the enemy DDs to realize that and opposing team wins with two or three caps - so it's a balance. You can win by delaying capping but not by too much. So i am not so sure the tactic will get you a higher win rate in the long run. Just factor in that you might have had a "lucky streak" where the tactics helped the team to win, but don't rely on it as a general way to play - that would require all DDs or at least most to do the same, on both teams.
  3. Wildf1re

    DD capping, in radar meta, is for the birds

    I agree in your observations and conclusions, have the same "findings" from my games. However, I cannot really bring my self to not cap (yet) - since I also find that if there's no pressure on caps, radar does not get popped AND if the opposing team are aggressive they can sit on three caps early which often leads to a loss. Which is what leads me to where I disagree - I do mind radar meta, as I found cap fights fun, emphasis on past tense as the experience deteriorate as soon as there's more than two radar ships on opposing team. Still, even if it makes me a bit sad, I do find myself capping later and later...
  4. Wildf1re

    Can someone tell me what error is this?

    Yea get it too once in a while (more recently after last patch). indicates a memory leak, maybe connected to the one that tends to wreak havoc on the fps after having played a series of battles - or having the client open but idle for an hour or so...
  5. Wildf1re

    Sluggish interface with latest update

    Nope. Connection is rock steady, it's only the fps in game that sometime drops heavily and then the mentioned sluggishness also in port. All drivers - and I mean all - are updated etc. If fps drop in game sometimes restarting the game fixes it, sometimes I'll have to restart the damn PC. I have no issues in other games or fps intensive programmes, long story short all points to a memory leak in wows - the same thing that's been going on for several updates and they said they fixed. Anyway the interface sluggishness is pretty persistent while fps drop are typically occurring after many battles or if it's been idle for an hour or so.
  6. Wildf1re

    More radars? Nerfed radars? L2P? Radar counters?

    The depth of BS in that one sentence is amazing. Sitting still in smoke have never been a good idea, even before radar. Hydro is one counter, secondly smoke is an invitation to fire torpedoes into it - crossed out my share of DDs that way. Not to mention if you fire your guns from smoke you'll likely find out how many are good at blind firing into smoke going on the gun bloom and hitting you if you sit still. Except for UK cruisers - that need the added protection of an island to really shine inside smoke - smoke is a defense that (might) get you out of trouble if overextended. Now, to add to that, with radars abound, hitting smoke is also an invitation for radar to be fired annihilating your defensive weapon as a squishy DD...
  7. Wildf1re

    More radars? Nerfed radars? L2P? Radar counters?

    Second that. In the age before radar's abound I grinded the UK cruiser line (stalled at Neptune though) and had a party killing DDs using hydro when they sat in smoke.
  8. Wildf1re

    Hard to Play with High Tier Destroyers!!!

    Played all the Z destroyers. And although the z52 are sitting idle in port, I really do not think that the German destroyers are worse off than the other DD lines. Don't t get me wrong, I am definitely not a fan of radar or rather the number of radar ships that have popped up, but I think it can be equally frustrating no matter the particular DD line.
  9. Wildf1re

    Hard to Play with High Tier Destroyers!!!

    Naah. I usually go for cap and have learned the hard way not to expect support in random. Cap or not everybody tends to hang back as a general rule. Don't know what it is, the ranges at higher tiers or the fact that mistakes does seem to be punished that much harder at high tier.
  10. Wildf1re

    Hard to Play with High Tier Destroyers!!!

    You don't even have to be ineffective to be insulted when in a DD. just play Assasio... Example, just got reported by a BB baby that also wished all sorts of bad things on me in chat, merely because I played Assasio and hit him with a torp. Play Assasio and watch your karma go down automatically no matter if you play good or bad . Play other DDs and there is always somebody that thinks you should play differently, high tier or not. But on topic, I do not think it's much different playing DD mid or high tier except that on T10 it's generally a slow, carefull waiting game as all hang back. Hard on you'r patience, but that about it...
  11. I use the torp acc skill too and find it gives just that little extra to secure a hit, especially so against BB captains that know what they are doing and are good at being unpredictable with wasd. Secondly, I tend to utilize the low 5.4 detectability to go in close anyway, as I find the flanking long range torping game boring to the point of rendering me uncontious. Drawback is of cause that you'll often "dance" at the edge of radars and if caught you're gone pretty fast in an assasio.
  12. Wildf1re

    Radar - And no NOT another whine Topic

    Well, apparently it can be baffling to some that a DD don't cap at once when the cap is covered by two enemy DDs a cruiser and a BB, and there's no one in range from the team to provide support and the DD'll get spotted by CV planes hovering. I have experienced it enough times, being hassled by my own team to cap even though it would be obvious suicide (for anyone with the slightest idea how to play DDs) to even try. Often times it's the BB at the back or the cruiser hiding behind an island with no chance of providing support... Ignore, or if you are feeling particularly generous explain in chat (and risk being reported). I do understand the frustration and feel it myself at times, most of the time though, I have good sense to ignore it. Write it down to the fact that many have no idea of how play most ship types even the one they play themselves...
  13. Wildf1re

    This is a poor mission.

    You could say that a win condition should be tied to every mission - might get people to play more for the objectives... It is about winning after all, is it not...
  14. Wildf1re

    Radar - And no NOT another whine Topic

    Works when there's only one, with two or more it becomes a dice game if the others are going to chain their radars, which is likely since now they have an approx location - so you can stay away, go to another cap or roll the dice, either way tends to become a passive game at distance when there are many radars and from three and up it just becomes a frustrating exercise running and dodging until late game where maybe you can do more... Secondly, it seems to me that I often experience that radar ship are not targeted and focused by allies even when kept spotted - they go for the fat BB targets in stead, making it a high risk move with no reward to challenge the radar ships. even though radar by itself are by no means over powered, the number of radar ships can quickly make it so that the DD impact becomes negligible and frustrating.