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  1. SiriusYasenBacon

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Ah thanks for the info, yeah i only knew that the tiny tims were far superior.
  2. SiriusYasenBacon

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Mfw the forum deleted my text as i accidentally pressed backspace :l Well here we go again (however not as fancy as before as i'm writing everything again now, sigh): - Gameplay looks very "cinematic" (flying through AA, dive/torpedobombing) - AA doesn't really feel like it does much and plane/CV interaction feels super disconnected for surface ships, after you selected a sector to reinforce your AA, you're pretty much done. Even the "old" system with ctrl+leftclick on enemy planes felt more interactive - Although you're apparently supposed to try to "dodge" Anti-Air-Fire however i found this to be rather a case of RNG than my personal skill, usually the explosions appear right before my planes so i'm either already in a position to not get hitted by it or i fly right through it. - As said numerous times already shipcontrol for your CV needs to come back. Autopilot may be ok if you just run around but as soon as you're getting attacked it's impossible to dodge anything which brings me to my next point. - CV-sniping is heavily favored and rewarded with the new system. As said before AA has very little influence in terms of self-defense (unless it's a worcester with DFAA) and a CV has no real means of defending himself. Once you get a fire or flood on him he either has to suffer the damage or cancel his current planesquad to repair, basically preventing him from attacking your team. - Fighter consumable doesn't feel like i do anything to defend my team, just like with AA you press a button and hope for the best - IJN rockets don't really seem to serve any purpose to me, i'd guess they're meant to be used against DDs as the deepwater-torps and AP bombs are pretty much only for attacking bigger surface ships, however the accuracy of the rockets is pretty bad and their damage output felt a bit low, especially when you compare them to the USN version. - I like the idea of having different setups for hakuryu (being able to switch between 2 and 4 torps per attack) and i'd like to see more of that for other CVs (i actually couldn't figure out the difference between the 2 rocketplanes for midway so please enlighten me on that one) - I think the general maneuverability of planes is ok but it could be more responsive to your inputs, i liked that you can make sharper turns by slowing down (or the speed-system in general is nice in my opinion). - General striking system of bigger/smaller dispersion the more/less you move is fine imo and can stay as it is currently. - I'd like to being able to cancel a current attack run instead of having to wait for the timer to run out. That's pretty much it i'd say, a lot (probably all of it) has already been written here. Overall i feel like we still have a long way to go for this to be polished enough for a full release and i can't stress this out enough: I would rather wait 6 more months (or even longer) instead of getting a rushed version by the end of the year. Also on a personal note i have to say that i would've played and tested a lot more if it wasn't for the need of grinding credits with non-CV ships. I fully understand and agree that we need to test the gameplay of surface ships as well but at the moment there's just not any interaction at all so it mostly felt like playing a normal WoWs game.
  3. SiriusYasenBacon

    My Standpoint on a couple of things.

    Interesting how you know that i want to keep Stalingrad, how did you get that information without ever talking to me before? Personally i don't care that much about the ship, i can perform well in almost anything, i don't need Stalingrad for that. However it's kinda funny hearing that i "want to keep my OP ship" from someone who regularly play GC, a ship well known for being a completely OP sealclubber. I wonder why you got this ship? For it's historical value? Or could it be sth else...? Pretty ironic if you ask me. Edit: Now that i see it, your 2nd highest overall killcount is the clemson and after that the Fiji? Nice sealclubbing mate.
  4. SiriusYasenBacon

    My Standpoint on a couple of things.

    Strange that i heard from very good players like Dced or Strangers123 (who actually played this ship in ranked) that it's not that great of a choice and i'm inclined to rather believe their opinions than yours.
  5. SiriusYasenBacon

    My Standpoint on a couple of things.

    People were trying new comps in just-for-fun one-day-tournament so ofc they run Stalingrad to see how it performs. KotS is 9v9 with 2 BBs, CBs 7v7 with unknown enemies (so you can't just counterpick like a lot of clans did here) which is vastly different from the format we saw today. Calling this "competitive play" is just Flamu desperately trying to prove his point.
  6. SiriusYasenBacon

    Missouri or British Battleships

    If you do all 3 of the british missions to get the 3 blueprints (https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/fish-and-ships/) you can start at T5 from which it'll take you only a few games to get to QE. So definitely save your free XP either for Missouri or to skip stock modules of the high tier RN BBs.
  7. SiriusYasenBacon

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    After quite some time (about 1,5 years) i can now finally say that i'm a proud owner of my very first T10 ship: The previous ship, Roon, was probably one of my favorite Cruisers so far and has been a very enjoyable ship to grind and i think i did quite okay in her:
  8. SiriusYasenBacon

    Yamamoto Campaign Supercontainers

    Ahh i remember the times when people complained about the special upgrades and wanted them to be removed from supercontainers... Oh how the tables have turned.
  9. SiriusYasenBacon

    Rank season 7 in one picture

    Tbh the ranked season ends in 2 days and probably most of the players you get by now are the worst of the worst. Player quality drops significantly the longer a season goes so i'm not even surprised by pictures like this one.
  10. SiriusYasenBacon

    WG, can you please remove Cyclone and Anthony?

    At least Aegis is so easy that i pretty much always get 5 stars in that operation. Killer whale is pretty frustrating because it requires your teammates to actually think a little (doing the secondary tasks instead of instantly sailing into the exit zone). I've heard that there are also some players who don't even have a T5/6 ship, so the even DDs seem to be a viable choice for them. Also like already mentioned, Cyclone/Anthony will likely get removed in some days (my guess would be the 10th August as this is the end of the Operation Dynamo "missions")
  11. SiriusYasenBacon

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    After a pretty long grind i finally managed to get my very own Missouri, without converting a single point of elite xp (at some time it turned into a challenge to get it without spending any money free xp conversions): While i farmed free xp i grinded all modules for Roon & Baltimore and the french cruiser line up to T7. I was able to speed up my grind with the special flags and the awesome battle hardened camo which gave me some pretty nice amounts of xp/free xp (pics of the most exceptional numbers in spoiler, usually i got about 1-6k free xp per game, depending on the amount of flags used and my performance during the match) It was a long ride but it was worth it.
  12. Got the Emden on my 3rd try. The problem (for me) wasn't actually dealing the damage but surviving the match. I was pretty lucky and had 2-3 RN CLs on the enemy team in a row (either Edinburghs or Fijis).
  13. SiriusYasenBacon

    What rating site are you using?

    I pretty much only use https://eu.warships.today/ and http://wows-numbers.com/ to check my stats but i have to say that i pretty much stopped using warships.today. It's only really good to quickly check your MBH and your survivalrate as the other infos are also found on wows-numbers and the "top-players"-lists for ships stopped working months ago (last updates on the homepage are from 2016 so yeah...). Really sad because i liked it for that little extra info but sometimes the site doesn't even load and wows-numbers has become my prefered choice. Warships.today seems to rate average damage a bit higher than wows-numbers. Currently i have a unicum rating on w.t but only a great rating on wows-numbers. I personally think that wows-numbers is better in that regard because farming damage is easier than actually influencing/winning the game. Btw there's also http://www.wowstats.org/ but i pretty much never use that.
  14. SiriusYasenBacon

    Without Gallant, only one collection box a day??

    No, you had to gather 4 duplicates during the bismarck campaign.
  15. SiriusYasenBacon

    A question regarding the upcoming ranked season and CVs

    I hope as few people as possible will bring Independence to ranked. Strike is useless because the enemy CV only needs to look after 6 ships (himself usualy excluded). 2-0-1 means doing nothing while you still lose against a 3-1-1 ryuujou in terms of strike power and even 1-1-1 is a complete joke. While i played ranked on the PTS i tried a mix of 1-2-2 and 3-1-1 for ryuujou and i can agree with Cornflakes_of_Death that 3-1-1 should be your prefered joice. I'm usually not a fan of AS loadouts but with the way ranked battles work you can't strike as freely as you could in random battles. Because of the lower amount of ships and the general trend to stick closely together your job as a carrier comes down to spot as good as possible while trying to prevent the enemy CV from striking/spotting your own ships. A well played 3-1-1 can easily shut down your 1-2-2 and once you lose your single fighter squad he's pretty much free to strike while your 2 TBs and 2 DBs are useless. Remember: Getting some attacks in is still better than doing no damage at all.