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  1. SiriusYasenBacon

    0.8.4 - PTS - Bugs

    1. Description Planes are taking extensive damage from AA, seemingly because some AA-flak is invisible. 2. Reproduction steps 1. Use Carrier planes. 2. Try to avoid AA-flak (the black "clouds"). 3. Result Planes take massive amounts of damage, resulting in unnecessary plane losses with no way for the player to avoid. 4. Expected result All AA-flak-clouds should be visible. 5. Technical details Bug time: Around 22:38 UTC. Bug happens around 2 minutes into the Replay. Video of the bug: https://streamable.com/i4mj8 20190513_002410_PJSA110-Hakuryu_28_naval_mission.wowsreplay
  2. SiriusYasenBacon

    Premium Shop in May: The Hunt for Bismarck

    Well, prices set aside i'm disappointed that Yukikaze "the lucky ship" as been released as such an uninspired and uninteresting premium. This really feels like a big missed opportunity, they could've given it literally any other name and it wouldn't have made a difference, that's how copypasta this premium is.
  3. SiriusYasenBacon

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    My Feedback after playing quite some games on the pts: - T4 CVs: They're quite boring to play and their damage output is damn low but i guess that's mostly because this tier is intended for newer players to learn the basics. Still it doesn't feel like you have any meaningful impact. Both Divebomber-types seem to be ok but the rockets feel a bit useless. - T6 CVs: Gameplay opens up with TBs and the ability to use the fighter consumable. However Ryujo and Ranger feel pretty similar mostly due to Rangers 2-Torps-Attack (i know their speed is different), it's like you're playing Ryujo with HE Bombs. - T8 CVs: Shokaku and Lexington are both ok/fine, they feel "different enough", although Shokaku lacks the choice that Lexington gets (Lex can switch between two types of rockets). - T10 CVs: Both T10 Carriers are, in my opinion, too strong. Hakuryu with her AP bombs seems to be more focused on larger ships. The choice between two types of torps is interesting. Her rockets feel a bit mixed, with their low armor penetration they're most suited against light targets like DDs or CLs. The AP DBs can easily take off 10-20k hp from a ship with 1-2 citadels and you're able to citadel a good amount of Cruisers (even "lighter" ships like Edinburgh). Personally i think that Midway is the strongest Carrier with the rework. Both types or rockets available to her deal significant damage, her TBs can easily hit BBs if dropped right and her HE bombs are pretty much devastating against everything except for T10 Carriers and their armored flightdeck. I don't think it's good that i'm able to deal something around 10k damage to a DD in the first few minutes of the game just with one squad of rockets (not to forget about the rockets also easily breaking modules). Or 10k+ (+fires) damage to a BB with a single HE DB drop while still being able to follow up with the TBs for a permaflooding. Carriers have an easy time stacking fires or floods with their multiple attacks which is only made worse by their insane alpha damage. AA: For all surface ships which i played the AA felt very random and unreliable. The only thing that will stop a strike from an aircraft carrier are plane kills and you tend to either get a lot of them (by killing of low hp planes) or none. I tested Minotaur, Worcester and Grozovoi with a full AA-build and even with the DFAA-consumable activated i didn't had the impression of doing anything against the enemy planes. You will shoot down planes eventually but they have to fly in your AA for some time or fly right into the flakfire do receive any kind of mentionable damage. 2 high AA ships (Worcester and Minotaur for example) who are close together are pretty much untouchable with their combined AA-pds but if they're alone it's already too easy to strike them. Interaction with the enemy CV is still almost non-existent and it does not feel like i have a way to defend myself (other than trying to dodge). Spotting from CVs remains a problem in my opinion, you won't get spotted all the time but for a example a carrier plane can spot the positions of the entire enemy in the first two minutes (same goes for your own team of course) which means that both sides have full knowledge about the initial positions of their enemies. Personally i feel like the air detection range might be a bit too high with the new faster planes but it's hard to make a definitive statement as most of the enemies are bots now who don't use concealment builds. In my opinion the new CV gameplay partially fixes the problems of the skill gap (a well experienced player will still deal much more damage than a bad player) but also brings new problems like Carriers being able to attack pretty much any ship without much hassle. For surface ships it will be still very frustrating to face Carriers because in most cases the Carriers dictates the angle of attack while the surface ship has little means to defend itself. T10 Carriers will remain as the most influential ships in the game.
  4. SiriusYasenBacon

    0.8.0 PTS - Bugs

    1. Description Divebomber planes suddenly move very slowly after a drop. 2. Reproduction steps 1. Select CV 2. Play a battle 3. Attack targets with Divebombers 3. Result After dropping (or at some other random point) the dive bomber planes suddenly fly very slow (something like 40-50kts if i had to guess) and won't speed up again. The only way to fix this is by calling back the current squad. The UI still shows the normal speed (like 200 kts). 4. Expected result Planes should move with their normal speed. 5. Technical details Bug time: about 16:30 UTC Bug happened in the replay at about 09:30 (about 9:30 minutes left). 20181229_171806_PASA110-Midway_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  5. SiriusYasenBacon

    0.8.0 PTS - Bugs

    1. Description The UI shows only 1 plane in the healtbar even though the squad is at full hp. 2. Reproduction steps 1. Select CV 2. Play a battle 3. Launch planes and look at HP-bar 3. Result Even though all planes in the squad are at full hp the UI only shows on plane. After initiating an attack the UI shows the correct hp-bar. 4. Expected result UI should show the hp of all planes. 5. Technical details Bug time: about 16:00 (UTC).
  6. SiriusYasenBacon

    0.8.0 PTS - Bugs

    1. Description Planes in hangar suddenly "dissappear" after attempting to launch them (happened with Hakuryu but might also happen with Midway). 2. Reproduction steps 1. Select Hakuryu 2. Play a battle 3. Try to launch planes 3. Result Planes stored in the hangar "dissappear" instead of getting launched. The game then says that "the number of aircraft [...] is not sufficient to take off". After this the previously mentioned bug of being unable to launch any other planes happens as well. 4. Expected result Planes in hangar should take off instead of just getting removed from the hangar. 5. Technical details Bug time: about 15:30 (UTC). Bug happens in the Replay at about 12:00 (12 minutes left). 20181229_161508_PJSA110-Hakuryu_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay
  7. SiriusYasenBacon

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    Is the fighter consumable supposed to follow you across the entire map? Once they "lock-on" onto you they won't let go and you might as well retreat your current squadron as they deal massive damage.
  8. SiriusYasenBacon

    0.8.0 PTS - Bugs

    1. Description Suddenly unable to launch any planes on the T10 Carrier Hakuryu (launching planes worked fine at the start of the battle). 2. Reproduction steps 1. Select Hakuryu 2. Play a battle 3. Try to launch planes 3. Result Despite having more than enough aircraft in the hangar, launching planes is not possible (the command "Press 1/2/3 to launch Aircraft" was displayed as well). 4. Expected result You should be able to launch planes. 5. Technical details Bug time: about 14:00 (UTC). Bug happens in the Replay at about 15:49 (15 minutes left). 20181229_150130_PJSA110-Hakuryu_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay
  9. SiriusYasenBacon

    Fara on carrier rework

    I played plenty of the reworked CVs and can agree on all points. Automatic consumable activation means it'll depend on some kind of logic/system and people will find a way to exploit it, it's only a matter of time.
  10. SiriusYasenBacon

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Ah thanks for the info, yeah i only knew that the tiny tims were far superior.
  11. SiriusYasenBacon

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Mfw the forum deleted my text as i accidentally pressed backspace :l Well here we go again (however not as fancy as before as i'm writing everything again now, sigh): - Gameplay looks very "cinematic" (flying through AA, dive/torpedobombing) - AA doesn't really feel like it does much and plane/CV interaction feels super disconnected for surface ships, after you selected a sector to reinforce your AA, you're pretty much done. Even the "old" system with ctrl+leftclick on enemy planes felt more interactive - Although you're apparently supposed to try to "dodge" Anti-Air-Fire however i found this to be rather a case of RNG than my personal skill, usually the explosions appear right before my planes so i'm either already in a position to not get hitted by it or i fly right through it. - As said numerous times already shipcontrol for your CV needs to come back. Autopilot may be ok if you just run around but as soon as you're getting attacked it's impossible to dodge anything which brings me to my next point. - CV-sniping is heavily favored and rewarded with the new system. As said before AA has very little influence in terms of self-defense (unless it's a worcester with DFAA) and a CV has no real means of defending himself. Once you get a fire or flood on him he either has to suffer the damage or cancel his current planesquad to repair, basically preventing him from attacking your team. - Fighter consumable doesn't feel like i do anything to defend my team, just like with AA you press a button and hope for the best - IJN rockets don't really seem to serve any purpose to me, i'd guess they're meant to be used against DDs as the deepwater-torps and AP bombs are pretty much only for attacking bigger surface ships, however the accuracy of the rockets is pretty bad and their damage output felt a bit low, especially when you compare them to the USN version. - I like the idea of having different setups for hakuryu (being able to switch between 2 and 4 torps per attack) and i'd like to see more of that for other CVs (i actually couldn't figure out the difference between the 2 rocketplanes for midway so please enlighten me on that one) - I think the general maneuverability of planes is ok but it could be more responsive to your inputs, i liked that you can make sharper turns by slowing down (or the speed-system in general is nice in my opinion). - General striking system of bigger/smaller dispersion the more/less you move is fine imo and can stay as it is currently. - I'd like to being able to cancel a current attack run instead of having to wait for the timer to run out. That's pretty much it i'd say, a lot (probably all of it) has already been written here. Overall i feel like we still have a long way to go for this to be polished enough for a full release and i can't stress this out enough: I would rather wait 6 more months (or even longer) instead of getting a rushed version by the end of the year. Also on a personal note i have to say that i would've played and tested a lot more if it wasn't for the need of grinding credits with non-CV ships. I fully understand and agree that we need to test the gameplay of surface ships as well but at the moment there's just not any interaction at all so it mostly felt like playing a normal WoWs game.
  12. SiriusYasenBacon

    My Standpoint on a couple of things.

    Interesting how you know that i want to keep Stalingrad, how did you get that information without ever talking to me before? Personally i don't care that much about the ship, i can perform well in almost anything, i don't need Stalingrad for that. However it's kinda funny hearing that i "want to keep my OP ship" from someone who regularly play GC, a ship well known for being a completely OP sealclubber. I wonder why you got this ship? For it's historical value? Or could it be sth else...? Pretty ironic if you ask me. Edit: Now that i see it, your 2nd highest overall killcount is the clemson and after that the Fiji? Nice sealclubbing mate.
  13. SiriusYasenBacon

    My Standpoint on a couple of things.

    Strange that i heard from very good players like Dced or Strangers123 (who actually played this ship in ranked) that it's not that great of a choice and i'm inclined to rather believe their opinions than yours.
  14. SiriusYasenBacon

    My Standpoint on a couple of things.

    People were trying new comps in just-for-fun one-day-tournament so ofc they run Stalingrad to see how it performs. KotS is 9v9 with 2 BBs, CBs 7v7 with unknown enemies (so you can't just counterpick like a lot of clans did here) which is vastly different from the format we saw today. Calling this "competitive play" is just Flamu desperately trying to prove his point.