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  1. Edited,dirty trick clan.

    This is how we "hide", while likes of you carry us"
  2. Yes, completely ignoring the 10s ruddershift(better than some cruisers), the UK-Cruisers-Heal, the nuts AA and amazing Main Battery and the Des Moines Radar. And 11 or 13 inch of citadel armor means nothing, the armor scheme is more important.
  3. This is still a useless buff, which addresses non of the issues these ships, especially the hipper, have. Edit: Don't get me wrong, i'm glad that something gets done about them, but this isn't the way to do it.
  4. If only there wouldn't be a certain skill, which makes this "buff", i feel ashamed to even write that, useless. Ignoring the fact, that the autobounce against 380mm guns only really affects the Hipper. The Roon and the Hindenburg already meet ships with high enough caliber to overmatch them frequently. And the Hindenburg already has a better upper belt plating and deck armor than your "buff" would give it .
  5. Tier 8 Russian Battleship Kronstadt leak

    Confirmed fake:
  6. Tier 8 Russian Battleship Kronstadt leak

    This is how the Kronstadt was planned. Looks extremely similar to that one we will get ingame. So it is a Kronstadt-class-project, and not stalingrad.
  7. Tier 8 Russian Battleship Kronstadt leak

    This is just a wild guess, but the 380mm guns would've been the german 380mm guns u have on the Tirpitz, Bismarck and Gneisenau. I guess they implemented this for the sake of diversity. Nvm, obv they used the 305mm guns, so that they could make them OP, wouldn't have been possilbe with the german guns.
  8. CONFIRMED FAKE: Stats: Deck armor|30-90mm Citadel armor | 230-330mm Torpedo defense | 16% Max Speed| 32 knots Turning circle | 800m rudder shift | 12.5s surface detection| 15.7km Air detection| 13.8km consumable 1| repair party(BB) consumable 2 | damage control party(BB) consumable 3 | Spotter Plane(KOR-2)/Radar(Soviet T10=Moskva Radar 11.7km range/25s duration) Gun Stats 305mm/L50 B-50 Placement | 3x3 in AB-Y turrets Reload | 20s 180 degree rotation | 36s Firing Angle | 150 degree Range | 19.1 km sigma | 2.0 305 mm HE-36 damage | 4400 muzzle velo | 1020 m/s 305mm AP-36 damage | 8200 muzzle velo | 900m/s penetration(5/10/15km) | 522/365/275 Thanks to /u/AOSPrevails for translation. Key Elements. It has worse AP Pen than the Moskva and it has Moskva RADAR!
  9. Langzeitmotivation - Meisterskill einführen

    Das war nur als Antwort auf die These, dass man somit die guten Spieler ja nur besser machen würde. Daher hab ich mit meinem Kommentar gesagt, muss nicht zwangsweise der Fall sein. Das hier ist aber nur ein kleiner Unterpunkt, der von der eigentlich Idee ablenkt, nämlich, dass die Idee dumm ist.
  10. Endscheidungshilfe Großer Kurfürst oder Yamato

    Der Typ hat einfach keine Ahnung, nicht verwirren lassen. Die Yamato Kanonen sind dennen des GK weit überlegen, außer bei der Turmdrehrate.
  11. Langzeitmotivation - Meisterskill einführen

    Finde den Vorschlag, denn einer hier gepostete hat mit, nach 100 Wins bekommt man eine spezielle Tarnung, Standard Boni nur kostenlos. Der Vorschlag, aber für 1000 Wins CE-, Feuerreichtweite, etc. Boni zu bekommen ist ja mal total dämlich. Die Werte der Schiffe wie CE, Feuerreichweite, etc. sind aus bestimmten Gründen so implementiert worden, nämlich der Balance wegen. Kommt da jetzt eine Fletcher anstatt mit 5,8km mit 5,2km CE an, ist das einfach broken. Außerdem hat 1000 Wins in nem Schiff erreichen absolut nichts mit Skill zu tun, jeder Bob kann das erreichen, er muss nur oft genug spielen.
  12. Balancing T8 Cruiser inklusive Premiumschiffe!

    Ja, aber sie sind teilweise mit großem Abstand letzter, z.B. die Nürnberg.
  13. The Under-performance of KM Armor Piercing

    Normalization is the same for every heavy cruiser ingame. They unified that some patches ago and tied it to shell caliber groups. The advantage the USN AP has over other cruisers(excluding RN AP) is the better autobounce angles. For every ship shells autobounce at 60° or higher if it can't overmatch the armor plate. For the USN cruiser AP its 75°. (Only the high tier cruiser tho iirc).
  14. The Under-performance of KM Armor Piercing

    I know, but these 2 parameters were the only ones which i could see on the WoWs-Wiki page from the Labrecht Maass. So i couldn't compare the other shell stats.
  15. The Under-performance of KM Armor Piercing

    Yes, but the 128mm Guns in this chart are the ones from the T9 and T10. I think the T9 and T10 ships have better 128mm guns. Edit: I looked it up and Shell weight + Muzzle velocity is the same on both guns. So im not sure.