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  1. johangissberg

    Clan page

    is there going to be a clan page for World of Warships like ther is for world of tanks and world of warplanes?
  2. johangissberg

    [SVE] Njord_Tyr recruiting

    We are looking for active members to join our Clan [SVE]Njord_Tyr
  3. johangissberg

    Stuck At Loading Screen After Patch

    I removed the file so i can now enter the mission but the screen freezes after about 30 sec in to the game. I can fire but not move the sights and look around the map. I hve reinstalled the game and still same problem
  4. johangissberg

    JOIN [SVE) Njord_Tyr

    Join our ranks. We are a newly started clan and are looking for swedish players. Main language is swedish but we also speak english. We play when we can and do as much as we can in battle. JOIN US [sVE] Njord_Tyr