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  1. coyotecapri

    Nelson's heal

    Aha another stats hunter,stats do not say you our good our bad,you can play 10 battles in a row and loose them all,can't carry all battles,and i hide my stats for everyone who is obsessed by those numbers(hint).And no i may be not the best player bud the last 2-3 months it's getting worse in random with the players,people our not playing for the objective(to win),only for damage,which is ruining the gameplay.
  2. coyotecapri

    Nelson's heal

    They should remove players with mods,and now wg. is starting this nonsense to in game,game is getting worse after every patch,making it always easier for players,so no learning skills our needed anymore it's getting more and more click and hit.
  3. coyotecapri

    Sluggish interface with latest update

    I have the same issues since patch0.7.6.0,game is very slow at starting up and in port also,didn't had this with previous patches our updates.
  4. coyotecapri

    DVR recruitment

    This thread may close cause i just have left this clan.
  5. coyotecapri

    DVR recruitment

    Dvr-clan (de varende rollators) is recruiting new captains,if you are dutch/flemish speaking then we are looking for you.We use teamspeak.You just have to send a dutch/flemish pm.
  6. coyotecapri

    Wasn't Match Making working better since 0.7.4? But now?

    Yeah,you maybe our right about that i admit.
  7. coyotecapri

    Wasn't Match Making working better since 0.7.4? But now?

    why is everybody so obsessed with those stats of somebody else?Stats don't always say you're bad.
  8. coyotecapri

    D-B-N zoekt nieuwe leden

    of je kan naar de DVR-clan(de varende rollators) komen,is ook nederlands-vlaamstalig+hebben alles al van gebouwen . our you can come to DVR,is also dutch-flemish clan.
  9. coyotecapri

    Muhriplere yapılan acımasızlık

    Van mij mag je in 't nederlands,geen enkel probleem
  10. coyotecapri

    Other changes (UI, ships, maps)

    Yep Italian ships and russian battleships and hopefully some english destroyers.
  11. coyotecapri

    Where are the other premium ships?

    This is 100% true,it"s all about making money for wargaming.