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  1. coyotecapri

    Two potatoes might be looking for clan.

    Well maybe you want to join the DVR-clan(de varende rollators) it's a dutch/Belgium clan we don't care for stats our what tier ships you have. The only thing we ask for is TS and somewhat active player(doesn't need to play everyday).groetjes.
  2. coyotecapri

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    Wel server is down because Wg has sold all alaska's and don't know what to do with al that money ;)
  3. coyotecapri

    Midway Economy - Needs a tweak ASAP

    Well i liked sailing with my carriers bud don't play them anymore because nerfed al to the ground.Year of the cv lmfao.
  4. coyotecapri

    Looking for NL/BE clan(Dutch speaking clan)

    Ahoi isoruku everything fine.Long time no seeing.
  5. coyotecapri

    Looking for NL/BE clan(Dutch speaking clan)

    Hoi Arisosis if you're stil looking for a nl/be clan that is using ts look no further DVR (de varende rollators)clan is what you need.Most of us clanmembers our+-50years(vandaar de gekke naam).We don't care for stats our what tier ships you have it's all about having a good laugh and fun.Tot gauw hopelijk ;)
  6. coyotecapri

    New CVs

    I think in patch 8.0.4 they will remove the planes from the cv(nerf) because op!!! Patch 8.0.5 remove the secondaries of cv(nerf) because op!!! Patch 8.0.6 place trees on deck of cv(buff) because it's good for the the global pollution.I liked playing this game over 3 years now and it had it's ups and downs bud now this so called cv rework is just to much.#cv livesmatter.Year of the cv,what a joke.
  7. coyotecapri


    Amen to that.I will never put money in a product of wg ,EVER AGAIN,like you saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
  8. coyotecapri


    Next patch,remove the planes from the carrier because they are useless now.Well done weegeeYear of the cv????
  9. coyotecapri

    Port UI & Client Stability Improvements

    Port ui is very laggy,sometimes it takes +10 seconds before i can do something in port.If i want to division up i get a blanco sheet,cannot send invites(sometimes it works) bud mostly blanc.Have this issue since patch 0.8.0
  10. coyotecapri

    New player looking for a clan (UK/NL)

    Wel SirLiqium, DVR(de varende rollators) is a dutch/Belgium clan,we don't care about you're stats our which ships you got our not,we play for the fun.We use ts so if you want to join give us a ring grtz. coyotecapri.
  11. coyotecapri

    Tier 8 non premiums CVs are unplayable in tier 10mm

    Yep it's very painful now to play in a cv got the same thing.Can't do almost nothing then shoot dd's and spot,bud mostly end up -credits.And they made this rework so more people want to play more cv's? Oh-boy.
  12. coyotecapri

    CV nerfing went too far !

    Thank you wg for nerfing the carriers and thank you for the over the top AA(and the reports in begin of battle just because I bring a carrier in the game) I really enjoy this because now my carriers our completely useless:( I kind of like the new system (instead of the rts one before) bud this is truly terrible now.Always getting uptierd is so painful and almost always loosing my planes in my first attack run.Dodging the flak doesn't matter because I always loose my planes whatever I try. It's almost impossible to make some decent damage our credits(see picture above).So from now on,my carriers our changed to port decoration.Sad because I like all ships just like I love my carriers.
  13. coyotecapri

    Nelson's heal

    Aha another stats hunter,stats do not say you our good our bad,you can play 10 battles in a row and loose them all,can't carry all battles,and i hide my stats for everyone who is obsessed by those numbers(hint).And no i may be not the best player bud the last 2-3 months it's getting worse in random with the players,people our not playing for the objective(to win),only for damage,which is ruining the gameplay.
  14. coyotecapri

    Nelson's heal

    They should remove players with mods,and now wg. is starting this nonsense to in game,game is getting worse after every patch,making it always easier for players,so no learning skills our needed anymore it's getting more and more click and hit.
  15. coyotecapri

    Sluggish interface with latest update

    I have the same issues since patch0.7.6.0,game is very slow at starting up and in port also,didn't had this with previous patches our updates.