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  1. coyotecapri

    Server issues

    Yep,the same,can't log in today.
  2. coyotecapri

    0.9.0 - British cruisers: Early Access

    indeed mate
  3. coyotecapri

    0.9.0 - British cruisers: Early Access

    No,you can't get the ship twice,you get the commander+1 free slot and credits for the second time you get the same ship.
  4. coyotecapri

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    I am not surprised lately that it's getting harder to win a game.A while ago we had a-clan member (ex clan member now lucky us)who believed that a Conqueror has better secondaries then a Kurfurst!,That ifhe is a good skill on a Edinburgh!,that you only shoot he at broadside ships!,ifhe on a King George gives you more fires!Shooting torps that go 6 km to targets more then 20km further away! and was surprised that when he was in smoke he got radared by a Baltimore within 3 km range that the Baltimore was a cheater!Then was complaining that some clan members where whining against him,while we where trying to explain(and try to learn) him something which offcourse he never believed.I learned a few lessons out of this.Some people don't want to learn something,it's like the saying "once a potato,always a potato". And lately you see more and more of this kind of players.
  5. Then he is going to buy al premium cv's because he loves cv's lol.
  6. coyotecapri

    Wichita, how do I get the best out of this?

    Nope it's one of my fun ships,ap and he shells are great,she is nimble in turning,you just don't push in the beginning of the game and stay a bit of range.And i like it even in tier10(where you mostly end up anyway).Downside is the main gun shooting range is meh and she is squishy.Later in battle you help hunting the enemy dd's because you have radar(9 km. range).And she is not that easy to hit when you keep some distance between you and the enemy because she turns fast(with double rudder) and keep up here speed.And you can shoot over many islands in here to.It's like a Baltimore bud i find the wichita more fun.
  7. coyotecapri


    I don't mind the defeats bud it happens a bit to much lately(like I said I don't care to much about my winrates ,bud lately it's getting harder to win in the teams Bud I agree with you 200%,never play in anger our frustration because it won't help nobody.
  8. coyotecapri


    I play all tiers bud lately I went back to play more high tiers indeed maybe that is the problem.I see more tactical good decisions happen in tier 2 (with the newbies)then what I see in t8,t9 and t10 (where you would think the better players are and knowing the game mechanics etc).And no I am certainly not a top player(play this because for fun and relaxing)bud I think I am not a potato anymore there I almost play this game daily for almost 4 years(yes i'm hooked on my boaty game)
  9. coyotecapri


    What is going on lately in this game with the players,monday I did win 1 battle out of 10.tuesday lost 13 battles,Today I lost 10 battles again out of 10 ,winrates are dropping like there is no tomorrow . And what I see lately in game is really mind boggling. Halve of the fleet does nothing , and I mean really don't do anything(and they are not afk) because I see the turrets turning all the time.People torping there own team are just sailing in the background doing nothing ,even don't try to shoot at something , dd's that run behind islands and the rest of the game spamming the chat.I never cared about winrates bud it's getting crazy lately if this continues I soon will have a wr of -100% lol.And mostly I end in the top 3(although that doesn't mean much if you loose all the time).I admit sometimes I derp to bud lately people are playing this game like headless chickens.The only thing is that they al know is how to report people and ranting against the whole world in chat I won almost halve off the battles everyday in this game bud lately i'm happy to win1 and when I am really lucky maybe 2.Is this just me(maybe I am suddenly went a bad player).
  10. Well Wg is always asking for feedback and data,i think they never ever had so much feedback on something like today.And that stream they had today showed how WG is not caring about the playerbase at all imho.Everybody,and I mean everybody was saying in chat that NTC is the worst idea of all and then they started a savage battle and ignored the chat,unbelievable. And then telling people that there is a discount for free xp .
  11. Wg is streaming right now,completely ignores what people say in chat and then starting a savage battle.Unbelievable bud thru
  12. Well i have over 220 ships and if WG is pushing this BS thru i really gonna stop playing this.From this year on WG is loosing the pedals on this game and it shows more and more they are going only for the money (i understand they have to make profit out of this game because after all it is a business)bud it's getting out of hand .Who is going to find it ok to grind all the ships back?(i won't that's for sure)And then you get extra buffs and bonuses as wel?So even more powercreeps and what with people that just starting to play this game?(new players gonna get sealclubbed like there is no tomorrow,"fun and engaging"). If they(WG) is pushing this (dumbass) idea thru then there will be no more balance left in this game So for crying out loud stop changing the game after every patch and fix the problems in the game as it is right now .I play this game now for almost 4 years and stil like it bud it's getting harder and harder and i am surely not the only one that feels like this.
  13. coyotecapri

    WG screwing Overchicken Dude

    he is hitting harder because he has improved se
  14. Brilliant hotfix,now the planes will live longer for 0.5 seconds , pffft :( That will help NOT.
  15. coyotecapri

    Looking for a clan ( Preferably Dutch speaking )

    Well dennvd maybe you can join the DVR clan,it's a only dutch speaking clan.The only requirements we ask is dutch speaking offcourse and using teamspeak.Hope to see you soon.