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  1. Just uninstall carusel and mods work! Tnx
  2. When I install wows mods from oficial mods station game wont work! When loading screen pass I got black screen with cursors from game and hear sounds from port but nothing show! When play game with out mods all OK. Use mods pass 2-3 years and did not have any problem till now! Any help will be nice!!!! Tnx
  3. LuLac72

    0.9.12 - Snowflakes

    How could be that bad opening snowflakes containers for tier X ships: 27 conteiners got 2x300 bublons, 4x50 flags and rest 3xcamos! lots of people open more les conteiners and get better reward!!!! shame of you WG is it what i get becouse i didnt spend any reall money on your game. you wont get money for me for sure after this fiasco!
  4. LuLac72 updatee

    Tanks for tip! Will try.
  5. LuLac72 updatee

    After update game on game wont start any more! I got message: BigWorldClientScript:init faild. Does any one have same problem and is there a sollution for this bug?