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  1. Kampfbaer_777

    [ALL] ModStation

    Immer das selbe mit War Gaming anstelle von gute Sachen direkt ins Game aufzunehmen als mögliche Einstellung lassen sie es weg und reden sich raus
  2. Kampfbaer_777

    CV-Ideen Sammelthread (keine Diskussion)

    Limitierte Reichweite der Flugzeuge und eine limitierte Flugdauer der Flugzeuge, schliesslich hat jedes sonstige Schiff nicht die Möglichkeit die Guns rumfliegen zu lassen und die Mupeln fallen auch mal ins Wasser. Die reichweite würde ich aber nicht direkt an die Flugdauer knüpfen damit man auf max Reichweite eine kurze Zeit kreisen könnte oder so. Ich denke, dass könnte einfacher für DDs und andere Schiffe mit schlechtem AA werden. Und auch für Schiffe mit gutem AA die so nicht mehr Permaspotted werden können. Das würde dein Einfluss eines Trägers senken da Leute mit schlechtem AA keine freude haben genau so wie Leute die Permaspotted werden.
  3. Kampfbaer_777

    PSA: Recent community incidents and our actions

    Should i laught or cry about it....? Nobody in the community is mad because of longer investigation but this statment just said dear palyer base f yourself and take your CC with you. The company you are working for became greedy nothing else. Selling early access and the ships we can "construct" cost a lot of hours and even some duploons. A lot here know who companies work, how hard it can ve to find solutions because most of us are working but not many of us know how to be that ignorant like war gaming. The reason why people stay in this game is because the like the game even CVs have to much impact to games and therefore most peoplw hate them, even you guys make [edited]ups and have bad excuses. But one day is the glass full and the next day it will be overfilled and than you can search a new job m8. Have a nice and and think the next time a little bit more what you gonna write.
  4. Kampfbaer_777

    PSA: Recent community incidents and our actions

    What to say about this: Several days to say that they dont regret nor they chabge something. And now War Gaming simps and workers hyping this statment and write actualy comments how good the statment is. War Gaming I realy wanted to buy some premiums ships but I will not do it. And others will follow I hope neough that it will hurt you. We say in german the customer is the king. That means you server your customers because they pay for it and not the cutsomer not to take what you want them to.
  5. Kampfbaer_777

    Send a message to PEGI

    Do you think war gaming know who the player is behind. It actualy just need to be labled correctly law is law thats it.
  6. Kampfbaer_777

    Send a message to PEGI

    Done it
  7. Kampfbaer_777

    Send a message to PEGI

    Lol found a beta tester war gaming simp. They ask the parents for the money to "buy" a ship and daddy says oh yes buy it and the kid buys lootboxes to gamble.
  8. Das Statment ist ja mal richtig daneben. Keine Entschuldigung: https://youtu.be/dxOMaQvhQxg
  9. Wenn keiner mehr Geld bringt egal ob er früher hat oder nicht wird es schon auffallen 😉
  10. Kampfbaer_777

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    STOP giving War Gaming money until they start to work with CCs and the player base and dont trust those excuses over excuses they bring each time the realize they have been too greedy. Stay strong and stay together community 💪
  11. Einfache Lösung hört auf Geld in das Spiel zu investieren ist unsere einzige Waffe.
  12. Kampfbaer_777

    Captain skills i dont like(Dear WG Team)

    Hello to everyone and welcome to the port of Captain skills i dont like. This is my personal opinion and my personal explanations may you have a different one. Dear War Gaming I was keeping an eye on the captain skills the last couple of months and I can see one main topic I realy dont like. The topic I want to shortly talk about is Captain skills with an impact to the build of someone else. I dont think that Captain skills should have an impact to someone else like worse aiming for ship against some dds for a limited time. Each player in this game sets up a commander to have in there eyes the best ship in the battle for what ever plans they have. A captain is the boss of one ship a captain has not realy an influence to how the crew of an other ship is working thats why the captain skills should just have an impact to the stats of the player palying the ship and not to other players. We have camos which have a influence to accuracy which perfectly makes sense. But please stop this, captains skills should not have an impact to the stats of other players ships thats not fair because the player can finaly not trust in his/her own ship nor is the ship working like he/she set it up. Kind regards and much success in the sometimes pretty salty sea 😉
  13. Kampfbaer_777

    New commander skills

    You're welcome
  14. Kampfbaer_777

    New commander skills

  15. Kampfbaer_777

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.7

    Instead of something like limiting cv attacking range to bring the aspect of World of Warships or translated ship vs ship battles back to the game and limiting flight time of plays so they cant keep bad aa ships all the time open they prefer to bring Credit nerfs because missouri has such a bad credit rate....lol