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  1. DinkyToy_AW

    DD game play is utterly broken

    Can't remeber when i wasnt spot by radar/sonar or planes even in a PA.... Thats why i stoped with IJN dd's as i cant find any motivation for it to play these... Don't forget the dmg reduce on torps hitting the shiparmor om 99% off all ships (except dd's)
  2. DinkyToy_AW

    Anyone else having problems with BB players and inteligence ?

    There are a lot of players what are capable to spend a huge ammount of money into the game, hell i checked a player what bought instand a Yamato with a overall totall of 65 battles, im not joking this player is really playing. So most of us learned the game step by step wile advancing the tiers up, you can clearly see the diffrents between someone who bought all there ship's what is sadly increasing everyday. Also there is a diffrents between when a skilled/good player have a bad or a good day, skills are always visible, thats the same we have that we can recognise a patato player from miles a way in our battles I think that WG have to implant in the game you have to play a xxx ammount of battles in a upgraded ship no matter what type/class ship it is, before you can tier up, this prefent, that you can instand buy a premium high tier ship iff you didn't reach the same actuall tier, so no skipping the learning part. Ill bet, if you need to play (for example) 200 battles in a ship you will learn what to do, this can only increase the fun, every team is more equal and the most importaint: Battles will be much more better!
  3. DinkyToy_AW

    Any chance of a nerf on this bismarck secondaries?

    Oh, here is you're evidence and no, it's not a picture as i told you in the battle chat i have replays enjoy http://wowreplays.com/Replay/26778-DinkyToy_AW-Loop
  4. DinkyToy_AW

    Any chance of a nerf on this bismarck secondaries?

    OP is a very skilled player, so give him some slack will yah all He accused me from hacking, so when i was reading his complain its all clear now why
  5. DinkyToy_AW

    I'm being abused by weekend potatoes :(

    This game is going to be totally crazy just got accused from hack/cheating and reported 2 times Because i torped a broadside Nagato
  6. DinkyToy_AW

    Ship you have grown to like

    Learned a good lesson: Don't like a ship, because WG will screw it up sooner or later anyway. So to the question iff i have a favor ship: Yes i have the movie called, Das Boat because WG can't screw that one up.
  7. DinkyToy_AW

    Special mm for me only

    Damm, you're special man
  8. DinkyToy_AW

    Bad teams last month, enyone else ?

    And for Cruiser players and Destroyer players offcourse, they all fit in the same pot
  9. DinkyToy_AW

    Bad teams last month, enyone else ?

    My last battle, i record battles to watch them back so i can see what do i wrong or how can i improve. Just have a look for those who are interested what kind of teams i join like you all, the last week most of my teammates made it 1/2 way the map or get wreckedin the first 4 min. Just watch the minimap were my teammates move to. We were actually outplayed by the enemy, but somehow they lost the battle Drsmurfen in his Amagi did a great job, so he earn an compliment [edited]
  10. DinkyToy_AW

    Bad teams last month, enyone else ?

    That's impossible the weekend start at Monday and end on Sunday 2400hrs.....
  11. Because they avoid playing WOT in the weekends and there goal here to ruin our fun.
  12. DinkyToy_AW

    How do you find DD now?

    The only destroyers i've in port that are the Shima and fletcher. IJN DD's garbage, I miss my old Fubuki i won't forgive WG that they [edited]-ed him up , its just waiting, till WG Dev's will [edited]up the Shima also German DD's really RU mah, not so impressed about them . US only so far the fletcher is okay .
  13. DinkyToy_AW

    Bad teams last month, enyone else ?

    Joining teams with an average between 41% and 25% or lower, i have so much fun atm , 4 days prem left, so soon i don't have to play and observe/watch these: i-buy-my-ships-with-daddy's-creditcard anymore....
  14. DinkyToy_AW

    I'm being abused by weekend potatoes :(

    I thought you were already in bed doing a beauty sleep princes....