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    Add new features

    Hello my friend I think if the following features are added to the game, it will be more attractive 1- some ships have only 2 Main Battery For example Admiral Graf Spee Gascogne République and ... Add the ability to fire individual artillery barrels 2- Ability to convert destroyers to gunbot or torpido bot ( example french dd can torpido bot long time main reload and lo detectability ... 3-in slot 1 our 2 add ne upgrade for some destroyer for redus detection radius 12% but this upgrade It may reduce the reloading of the main weapon or torpedo 10% Why add this feature? Because destroyers are the key ships in the game For example, some destroyers with a detection radius of 6.6 cannot capture a point 4- Reduce the detection radius of all destroyers to 6 km Increased torpedo range in some destroyers For example, the detection radius of a destroyer is 6.2 km And the torpedo has a range of 5.5 km Which needs to increase torpido the range of 20 % 5- In reality, when an old plane tries to fire a rocket at a fixed location The rockets land very flat and scattered on the ground The problem with the game is : why the fighters are in the game even though the ship is very fast rotation Rockets or this very high accuracy prove to the ship Don't you think it's ridiculous? And of course a repetitive criticism of managers In tier 3 or 4, some ships do not even have an anti-aircraft gun Unfortunately, they are in the game against 2 aircraft carrior And an easy target for aircraft

    Common problems

    Hello to all friends . We're talking about realism here 1-We all know that the maximum unit of measurement in a unit of calculation is 100 percent I don't know why in Wow counts more for example chances of causing flooding is 301% We suggest that the maximum percentage of calculations be 100 2- Burn probability chance of set fire cruisrs is 14% or 20% and dd is 5% or 8% with every 12 rounds of shoot, a single fire may be take i see in battle one dd with 3 first round shoot take 3 fire to my BB 3-premum ship tier 8 cruise Ochakov I bought this ridiculous ship for $ 42 (But I'm not happy about that at all ) I didn't really understand what the purpose of building this ship was. in Compared to tier 6 cruises not acces repair no smoke very low armour low HP Bad torpedoes high tier must be fight vs t 9 or t 10 maximum rang of shot is low just 15.6 KM this ship must be Transfer to tier 6 or 7 Or correct the defects as a row 8 cruiser 4- Create justice all cruiser of all countries all tiers must be acces to repair 5- Possibility to sell a Permanent Camouflage or transfer it to another ship I deeply urge Managers wows team to make this possible for example i have more Type 30 and Type 10 Permanent Camouflage On some ships But I don't like to use those ships I bought a lot of permanent camouflage I'm sure the WOWS team is logical and fair please pay attention

    0.9.5 - Dockyard

    I have this proble page dockyard not open

    0.9.4 - Soviet Cruisers

    hi Thank you for your efforts to improve the quality of the game My job is in the military and I have been playing for 5 years My friends' jobs are also doctors and engineers It is not interesting to use toy parts as a permanent camouflage. For example, the same new Russian cruise stars It is not compatible with our age and specialization. It's childish It is better to use different colors instead of toy parts for permanent camouflage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A friendly critique ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Some cruises have no anti-aircraft defenses like the russian cruiser bogatyr and some ... How to play against two aircraft carriers in a random game of these ships? And in the case of russian torpedoes The final range of 4 km has no performance at all or remove it or change it to 6 km --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for your attention and have a good day

    0.9.3 - Matchmaking Improvements

    Tragedy Undoubtedly, some ships are inefficient Like Izumo More than 14 consecutive losses really why ? Of course, the level of play of the players is different Some are professional and some are incompetent ( And of course stupid ) Stupid players with their wrong behavior. They get the team in trouble The result is lost ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Why are the elite players on one side and the incompetent players on the other? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Is the academic level and intelligence of students the same at the university? Why ( wargaming ) can't categorize these players based on their skill level ?? I fought as an old player with over 20,000 Why should I be discouraged by this game?

    captain skill reset

    i have more over 54 premum ship and 120 normal ships Thank you for your attention

    0.9.3 - Matchmaking Improvements

    hi I really don't know what the officials of this game think. But the difference between the 2 tier of ships is great Because the 8th tier ships have a high speed Especially cruisers and destroyers vs low speed battle ship tier 6 The question is here are you Can you really fight a bear or a tiger without a weapon? Is it possible ? To be fair, there is only one tier of disagreement, not two tier 5 cant fight vs 7 tier 6 cant fight vs 8 tier 7 cant fight vs 9 Please be fair thaks

    Create charm

    Hello It is natural that each game loses its players over time if it is uniform The game should have charm and excitement In the game we see a mode Scenario Please create a Scenariofor tiers 8-9-10 also in curent rank we see add buffs pls add this tp all mods thanks

    captain skill reset

    hi First of all, I appreciate the wargames team In previous updates, we see an improvement in the gameplay And it will definitely get better in the next updates As an old player, I have a request Please in update 9.4 add Ability captain skill reset Because in previous updates There were changes in the game like the : ifhe - and upgrade ships i have more premum ship and normal ships and need rechange commander skill This is definitely what most players want Thank you again & good luck

    Armory doesn't load.

    i have this prblem

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Look friends Here is a free forum To tell the game's weaknesses & To balance You are the masters and big player of this game It is better not to offend others Find a proper way to balance your game? Sometimes this game is stupid Why ??? in one match ship without AA must be fight vs 3 CV What do you think this means? Mocking others Don't you think? Are some ships a toy for other ships? Who is the Great Liar? We all know the only aircraft capable of carrying rockets (only usa >> P-51D & K Mustang ) In World War II, rocket transport technology did not advance It was merely America's basic model ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So how did you get all the rocket models equipped with rockets? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you want to deception the child? It is really getting more and more stupid every day ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How does a plane hit a moving target with a rocket so accurate? Isn't it better to add a controlled rocket to the game? tom hawk missile and more .................... I'm sure you can add something impossible to the game

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    this game not balance this battle start each side have 3 DD but 3 dd my team kill in first 95 sec of game and 3 elite enemy dd take control of game and enemy win i with very hard try cant win

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    hi dear guys The new update also came, but there was no change in the MM game We all know tier 1 can't fight higher tier. Why ? because they are so weak in Another tier The situation is similar some ships cant fight Against 2 top tier Because they have very weak armor & .. OK I have a good suggestion >> new mod in random games I suggest MM create new mode in game (( class battle )) each tier fight Against that tier for example all tier 8 join one battle and others tier fight with current tier...