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  1. 777_zamani

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Look friends Here is a free forum To tell the game's weaknesses & To balance You are the masters and big player of this game It is better not to offend others Find a proper way to balance your game? Sometimes this game is stupid Why ??? in one match ship without AA must be fight vs 3 CV What do you think this means? Mocking others Don't you think? Are some ships a toy for other ships? Who is the Great Liar? We all know the only aircraft capable of carrying rockets (only usa >> P-51D & K Mustang ) In World War II, rocket transport technology did not advance It was merely America's basic model ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So how did you get all the rocket models equipped with rockets? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you want to deception the child? It is really getting more and more stupid every day ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How does a plane hit a moving target with a rocket so accurate? Isn't it better to add a controlled rocket to the game? tom hawk missile and more .................... I'm sure you can add something impossible to the game
  2. 777_zamani

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    this game not balance this battle start each side have 3 DD but 3 dd my team kill in first 95 sec of game and 3 elite enemy dd take control of game and enemy win i with very hard try cant win
  3. 777_zamani

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    hi dear guys The new update also came, but there was no change in the MM game We all know tier 1 can't fight higher tier. Why ? because they are so weak in Another tier The situation is similar some ships cant fight Against 2 top tier Because they have very weak armor & .. OK I have a good suggestion >> new mod in random games I suggest MM create new mode in game (( class battle )) each tier fight Against that tier for example all tier 8 join one battle and others tier fight with current tier...
  4. 777_zamani

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Look at this photo You see a lot of stupid players and monkeys 5 allied ship kill in first 87 sec game Really why these stupid players don't think I think that's the best think It is the separation of the sheep Screenshot removed due to name and shame...
  5. 777_zamani

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    If CV wasn't in the game, the result would be different because i take 186k DMG & 2 kill
  6. 777_zamani

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    hey guys I'm really tired I'm crazy I don't know why I always start a battle game I'll deal with the top two tier I'll give a simple example How a skinny man with no facilities Can he fight a bear? What is really the philosophy of playing vs 2 top tier higher? Why should a 20 minute game end in 5 minutes? enemy Win without losses how I hard try. and i will fail again Is there a mystery in the game? You say this game is based on chance ??? Mafia is definitely in the game How game is easy for some ? Very hard for some ? I say no The basis of the game is wrong The strangest part of matchmaking T6 light DD fubuki VS akizuki @ Lightning and one kiev T 7 light cruiser boise with 13.5 Km gun range vs musashi missori T 6 BB mutsu without AA vs CV T 8 and moor............. This is justice
  7. 777_zamani

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Dear friend, be a little kinder TnX
  8. 777_zamani

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Add this feature to the game like this photo
  9. 777_zamani

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Look brother i play 8 time vs 2 top tier ok i am older player and have more Experience but some player Amateur ( noobs ) Unskillful in first 3 min of game he kill and easy lose in battle i say create new rule for wows each ship have 20 battle 6 battle vs low tier and curent tier 6 battle vs 2 tier up 8 battle vs current tier & 1 tier up or down player after complete this 20 battle can start new battle for this ship i say : I lose lot >>>> because of some player very bad play in first time of game player use radar smoke or hydro i say what are u doing he say its my personal order in one battle my cv team move forward to enemy side and easy kill and .... Or separate inexperienced players Or punish the players who make little effort in the game I'm really tired of these players I can wait 5 minutes But play with player good level
  10. 777_zamani

    Essential game deficiencies

    Dear friend, why don't you care i say add one option in game player can see your self win rate ship in port ( top of ships icon ) i never install mod but this game must be complete Take easy brother
  11. 777_zamani

    Essential game deficiencies

    Dear friend We all think of making this game more attractive in the world. Look at the world All these fascinating games with great graphics If a game doesn't have the features and charm The audience does not attract Please attention to users' ideas good ideas = More charm-More users
  12. 777_zamani

    Essential game deficiencies

    You are a real genius Thanks
  13. 777_zamani

    Balance changes, improvements & fixes

    hi dear wows team I really Like you And I sincerely want to help you Do you know what justice means? currently This game has a few basic problems right now 1-reduce french ِDD >>>>>>> speed op french dd is very high over 48 khont ( really hard target ) 2- reduce rate of fire smolensk ( i have smolensk and i can kill on bb in 75 sec ) I get upset myself 3- reduce chance of fire british BB >> he can take one fire with each shot 4-in matchmaking Don't fight modern ships with old ships ( Not really fair ) for example nagato.colorado.or more vs high speed ship ( frisland ) charls martel or more
  14. 777_zamani

    Italian Arc - First part

    i`m sure italy cruise is A big jock or fun for other ship because this ships fast destroyd or resive cit hit low rundership time and No armor
  15. 777_zamani


    I don't know why the game crashes when I use the favorite music in the folder (C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res\userMusic) ? some player use headphone Please reduse sound effect when the Receive enemy shot to your ship. Please remove sound after match or rechang Please add option to customize music in port The voices of the game reporters are really childish and unpleasant good luck