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  1. xXdestroyer_666Xx

    Public Test: Get a Premium Tier VI Ship for Free

    kinda noob question, but I completed all the tasks and challenges and I haven't received any rewards on my main account. Are they delivered when the pt ends? This is my first time playing public test so I don't know the procedure
  2. xXdestroyer_666Xx

    Restless Fire flag

    I got mine with this code: W8O45W
  3. xXdestroyer_666Xx

    Dunkirk Flag

    I also recieved flag
  4. xXdestroyer_666Xx

    Dunkirk Flag

    Can somebody contact their support team?
  5. xXdestroyer_666Xx

    Dunkirk Flag

    21 june 14.00 PM and still no flag.....
  6. xXdestroyer_666Xx

    Dunkirk Flag

    20 june and still no flag.....