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  1. Hyronymus29

    What Do You Guys Do With Your Free XP?

    i stockpile it, and use it to get ships just got the friesland
  2. Hyronymus29

    [PSDNR] recruiting Dutch clan

    New update we have more than 20 active players now, we speak not only dutch or belgian now but also english speaking members are welcome. the clan is active and we paly good but clan battles is still difficult.
  3. Hyronymus29

    Op zoek naar nederlandstalige clan

    we are a Dutch and Belgian clan we speak Dutch and have a discord channel, we have serous battles and fun battles. you are welcome to come and have fun with us.
  4. Hyronymus29

    [PSDNR] recruiting Dutch clan

    we have change the name of the clan to PSDNR we have 5 a 6 active players and a few les active now. we are working on it to expand the services in the clan, so any Dutch or Belgian speaking members are welcome.
  5. Hyronymus29

    [PSDNR] recruiting Dutch clan

    Hello All, the clan FRIES is recruiting we are a small clan at the moment and we play for fun and to help other members out. for information or an invite just sent a messasge and we will respond. we are here to help others and have fun,