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  1. In a sub vs sub game, the first submarine who loses all oxygen loses since they can just hone the torpedo on the submarine and follow to periscope depth.
  2. On the gamescon footage, the submarine had a very big hitbox while being at periscope depht since any HE splash did damage to it.
  3. Elektroboot

    Submarines are Coming

    @Tanatoy is it possible for submarines to fight other submarines at deepwater depth? The articles mention torpedoes being able to hone other submarines on certain depths, or do submarines just currently spot each other at that depth, doing nothing else, maybe ram perhaps?
  4. Elektroboot

    Homing torpedoes for subs confirmed

    Shame my thread that discussed on the same topic got flooded.
  5. Elektroboot

    Homing torpedoes for subs confirmed

    For sure they can add those metal pipe decoys for RN ships as consumable. They basically were towed behind the ship. But honestly acoustic torpedoes seem pretty overkill against capital ships like BBs and Subs should rely their teammates more on killing DDs.
  6. Elektroboot

    Homing torpedoes for subs confirmed

    Also interesting observation I saw, it's impossible to get the double ping if the ship isn't broadsiding and showing it's stern for you, personally think it would be good idea that the player knows they get pinged by sonar so they have time to hide their stern so the sub cannot do maximum damage.
  7. Elektroboot

    Homing torpedoes for subs confirmed

    On the footage it seemed pretty easy to dodge the torpedoes for the DD, just cause wiener played and didn't bother to dodge the torpedoes they seemed overpowered but these torpedoes will definitely seem overpowered against BBs if the player can land two pings they do maximum torp damage and ignores torpedo damage reduction.
  8. I can only imagine I-401 have planes but those planes were mainly designed for covert ops bombing. But yeah, spotter planes having deep charges is a pretty damn good idea. AA development for Kriegsmarine sub ended when RN planes started equipping ground strike ordinance since a single rocket was enough to pierce a sub's hull, they went with the crash drive option in the end once Kriegsmarine subs came equipped with radio detectors since most RN planes used radar to detect submarines. This gave them enough time to dive but early german radio detectors spread emission which made them more obvious to be detected. Lol Later version tho had this fixed.
  9. The whole developer vision/publisher vision is to make the game playable for mollucs and vegetables with minimum player input being needed.
  10. Yup, would be great if the spotter/fighter option on BBs get a 3rd option.
  11. Personally, think submarines need 3 or 4 different stats when being underwater. 1. Crew Oxygen. 2. Compressed Oxygen for Submarine ballast tanks. 3. Battery power for the electric motor. 4. Voice Decibels. 1. Crew Oxygen is pretty basic, have too much CO2 or low Oxygen you are forced to surface else your crew dies either to engine exhaust or not paying attention well enough. 2. Compressed Oxygen is a resource that is mainly only used to blow the ballast tanks to allow the submarine to surface, if you fail to manage this resource by surfacing too many times, the submarine loses the ability to surface if it ever decides to dive with an empty compressed oxygen tank. This forces the submarine to stay longer on the surface so it can use it's diesel compressor to compress air for the tank. 3. Battery power and electric motor are pretty simple. Stay too long underwater relying on your electric engines the batteries die and most lights and equipment switches off such as the pump which is very important for the submarine's damage control and becomes immobile. 4. The amount of sound that a submarine makes is very important and I personally think it should affect the submarines concealment range underwater depending on what devices are on. Compared to popular belief, submarines were very loud and they were really easy to detect via hydrophones. On normal standard combat procedures, it is advised to turn off the Gyrocompass underwater and the depth steering wheel should be set to the manual since both these devices make very loud sounds. The risk of turning off these devices, navigation becomes difficult underwater and without automatic depth control it is rather hard to keep a submarine maintaining the same depth level, this requires an experienced engineer to control it manually without making much sounds. Also, god forbid if you turn on the air compressor underwater incase you have no compressed air and need to emergency surface anyone and your mother from 100 km away will hear you. Tho I don't have much faith for wargaming to bring much realism to subs in this game since it's just an arcade game lol.
  12. Elektroboot

    Submarines: the next step.

    I believe they had to set manually what depth the charges explode, fortunately WW2 submarines don't dive very deep, around 150 meters is the red zone for most subs where hull starts giving up. Put we know from Gamescon that the work-in-progress submarines will only have 3 depth levels. Surface, periscope depth and deep water depth. So probably the depth charges will be mostly RNG with periscope depth being highest chance to inflict damage and deep water having reduced chance to deal damage.
  13. Personally I think aerially dropped acoustic torpedoes for BBs and CVs might become reality since WG somehow think Submarines need a semi-active acoustic torpedo for submarines to be competitive. Also not to mention voice makers like the Royal Navy"Foxer" may become a consumable for ships in the future. Atleast Royal Navy should be most specialized nation against submarines, most RN cruisers had some ASW onboard.
  14. They most likely have to surface to capture else thats plain unfair for surface ships. Subs already will have very good concealment no point making it even more dumber.
  15. Well most ship lines are in-game besides "Paper" lines. So it's logical they need a new cash cow to get players invested buying free exp or getting premium submarines.