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  1. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Graf Zeppelin underperforms. Please fix it.

    I've got the GZ couple days ago played 2 games with it all I can say it does an alright job. Mostly rely on torps to do the dmg. Rockets does surprisingly a lot of dmg on it if you have a squishy ship, only negative I can really say is the bomber reticle RNG, the bomb drop is kinda inconsistent. I went for the WG recommended module build on it and it has a heavy emphasis on dive bombers, I can say it's better to focus on torpbombers instead. I don't really have much difficulties with it on a Tier 10 game since the slingshot exploit that I found out the other day kinda makes it manageable at that tier other than receiving negative karma for using it.
  2. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Wargaming is scared of even the tiniest organized player protest.

    3. Don’t resort to personal attacks, abuse or harassment: Avoid: Insults Racial or Ethnic slurs Promotion of national hatred Real-Life Threats Spamming or Trolling Distribution of Real-Life Personal Information Links to websites containing any of the above mentioned cases. It isn't that WG is preventing you to protest just it doesn't give them anymore rights than any other forumuser, so if you just stick with the rules and make a protest thread in a more constructive fashion it should be alright.
  3. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Wargaming is scared of even the tiniest organized player protest.

    I personally haven't bothered to check but his poll the participants had to fill with real names and such.
  4. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Wargaming is scared of even the tiniest organized player protest.

    He probably should have done his homework before posting the thread that sharing real life personal info of any kind is against the forum guidelines.
  5. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Graf Zeppelin underperforms. Please fix it.

    Still contemplating if it's worth the money to invest into a prem CV in T8 matchmaking.
  6. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Weekend Highlights – Graf Zeppelin Strikes Back

    Honestly only played the game to get the carrier I really wanted, but all the fun has drained from CVs to the point that I can't even consider buying the CV cause I don't really play anymore but again they may do the same stunt of removing the GZ from sale, hard choices WG. This should been such an easy buy for me atleast you could have made GZ historical with it's proper aircraft loadout and toned it down to T6.
  7. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Graf Zeppelin is nerfed

    It had really powerful secondaries equipped to fight surface vessels since Germany lacked ships and it had an armored deck. Thats pretty much it. Later modernization suggestions it would had replaced the single-mount 20mm AA guns with quadruple Flakvierling 38 guns. More protections to key compartments / citadel improvements and a more modern catapult to get the planes faster out from deck.
  8. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Graf Zeppelin and Soviet Battleships Changes

    When I saw this title I was hoping that GZ would be down tiered in favor of having historical loadout and get stuka bombers but instead we have to deal with this being T8 with T10 matchmaking and having fantasy aircraft loadout to have a chance in this tier range with added nerfs. Since this is your final decision on balancing this CV I am quite disappointed that this is the final and best outcome the developers have come out with this CV before coming out for sale, since people who think this CV will be good will be sorely disappointed cause the balancing of this CV mostly been done with statistics of veteran players who owned and mastered the CV for 2 years.
  9. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Do CVs belong in Clan Battles? (Poll)

    I would say yes but the current state carriers are right now, no.
  10. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Sea Fury and Graf Zeppelin

    You couldn't be more right, I honestly will never understand why they decided Graf Zeppelin should be a T8 CV considering the date of construction and planned aircraft for the carrier. This should been an easy T5-6 CV.
  11. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Sea Fury and Graf Zeppelin

    Yes, thats why I call it fantasy for it to be in an aircraft carrier specially as a bomber fighter role. I honestly think there is nothing wrong with stukas being in the graf zeppelin other than it being a rather slow aircraft for T8 games.
  12. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Sea Fury and Graf Zeppelin

    Didn't they remove the Stukas for fantasy Ta-152s tho?
  13. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    More carrier nerfs are coming.

    Yes it's a useless mechanic, why even have it? Unless they can actually make use of it like having DD detection revealed in a longer range if they have AA on and it's shooting at your planes. God forbid to make some sense in this game other than soon making DDs only detectable by ships only.
  14. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    More carrier nerfs are coming.

    Clearly ships that don't get detected and still are firing their AAs are working as intended without even needing to use smoke consumables to be invisible to CV player eyes. You could say most ships are already dumbed down without ever needing to put much thought if they disable or enable their AA cause there is no real mechanic or depth in it.
  15. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    More carrier nerfs are coming.

    Slowly but surely they will get their act together hopefully. Offtopic, I kinda wish using AA inside smokescreen would reveal them like back in the old days or using AA in-general. Right now disabling AA only benefit pretty much luring some poor lad into an AA trap thinking he is flying a safe area. Man they probably could solve most spotting issues with CVs if ships keep their AA disabled they enjoy better concealment against air but don't think they have thought that far ahead yet how to balance out CV spotting that isn't one sided.