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  1. paalecpa6975

    Test environment Dockyard

    Hello, Thank you for the answer and the quick response from you.
  2. paalecpa6975

    Test environment Dockyard

    Hello, I completed the dockyard in the test environment and got the message "congratulations". The ship was leaving the dockyard and I pressed the skip button. question, where is the ship? There are no more new points etc. Dockyard is obtained Saturday 11/23/2019 at 4:00 PM 11 minutes.
  3. paalecpa6975

    permanent camouflage

    Permanent camouflage for the Replublicq dosnt work.
  4. paalecpa6975

    Invisible ships

    My last fight 17:24 date 2018-05-30 in Random. What is going on, with invisible ships for more than 5 minutes? what is the purpose of this "game"? Fight against others, or hunt ghost ships that can not be seen? This is no longer a fight, but something. Where is the "game fun" HERE NOT. This is not the first time I write this to you. And nothing happens. Do something about this...............