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  1. WorthyOpponent

    What keeps you playing WoWS (as of June 2022)?

    ...The fact that there's sadly no better alternative for ship battles.
  2. WorthyOpponent

    Hot Fix: Why We Need UX Research

    Just so they can use the fact that they collect some data as an excuse to make up a phantom "silent majority" and act like players want [insert widely unwanted thing here].
  3. WorthyOpponent

    The Ability of one Captain to command all classes

    Isn't it quite sad that we're now questioning why WG didn't get extremely greedy and give us the option to use the same commander on more ships?
  4. WorthyOpponent

    Rework spotting

    I'd say yes. That CL should be the least of that Musashi's problems there and that Austin had nothing to do in that situation except not playing Austin.
  5. WorthyOpponent

    Ruckus is not transparent and WG broke promises

    I didn't read every single reply here to check if this has been said already, apologies in advance Even if you gamble, find the T9 container and get a ship you already had from the ruckus... Your compensation will be in credits. Be careful y'all
  6. WorthyOpponent

    Food for thought. Can you use ASW planes to help your cv?

    Wiki says: "If several planes or squadrons are within an aura, continuous damage at full current strength is applied to each of them. If a plane or squadron occupies auras from more than one ship, each aura operates independently at full current strength." So no, your ASW and the CV would both get hit with full AA, not share it.
  7. WorthyOpponent

    Rework spotting

    This clears up a lot of things, because I was basing my arguments over this. Which is like 10-15 km and definitely not enough. If it's 20-25 km it wouldn't disturb the gameplay all that much. So the main idea is to stop this from happening: In your system, only Gascogne could get the information from the CV, therefore his CV ambush should've worked, Musashi would be forced to deal with his own problems instead of shooting a CL roughly 25 km away, right? Now that I know it's not directly the system from WoT, it makes a lot more sense. I like it. We would just need to educate the DDs...
  8. WorthyOpponent

    Rework spotting

    I have a problem with this. I'm a middle position fan, especially with Slava since that's almost the only thing that ship can do. It is a risky decision that makes you extremely vulnerable to DDs and CVs, but if I can pull it off I can carry the game for my team with my presence and crossfires. With your system, spreading around to punish the enemy is basically removed from the game unless you're divisioned with someone that agrees to be your babysitter. I also have a problem with this. If we can't crossfire the guy, what's stopping all the Preussens, Schleiffens, Hannovers (secondary fire of these ships don't change their concealment, so make them infinitely better) and Kremlins from rushing forward and getting rewarded for it? The only way to handle this is to spot the enemy yourself, which kinda makes brawling BBs seemingly the only consistent option. I think as it is, not shooting and using islands for surprise is good enough of a tradeoff for the lost DPM. At least that potato did some contribution while it was alive, that's my point. Although I would love the spotting effectiveness of A and J line shimas to get lowered. Realistically this makes a lot more sense indeed, but it also encourages more lemming than the touching magical circles system, as it requires you to get closer. Yes, the specific ranges of radio is a thing that needs to be measured very carefully. That's why I said supposedly fast paced. I never really understood WoT, neither do I like it. It seemed like T6-T7 and above was a lot of camping behind bushes. It's also extremely hostile against new players so dare say I, I wasn't given a chance to understand it naturally. I like T2-T3 there though, it's total, beautiful chaos.
  9. WorthyOpponent

    What is the role of the submarine in World of Warships?

    I think you're asking the question from the wrong angle. The question is, what can a sub do that other classes might also cover? Submarines are supposed to be very little, sneaky, torpedo based, damage dealing and area denying class. Which is what something like a Shimakaze is. Therefore, a submarine's job is to either be better than what a Shimakaze is, or worse than what a Shimakaze is at very close situations. Which is why you can't balance it. Either it's so good that it's griefing, or it's too bad that it's not worth bothering. How many times WG tries to change that doesn't matter, they will always fail.
  10. WorthyOpponent

    Rework spotting

    What I understand from all of this explanation is "Long range camping bad. Please make battles closer range." Which is not a bad statement, the system, however, I'm not a fan of at all. Might be because I despise World of Tanks with almost all of its aspects. This takes away my map control and puts it into a random potato's hands. Also, I would need to know the radio ranges of all ships in my team to make sure they touch, which if showed on the minimap would create a huge mess. In WoT you also build on this, and that would just create even more mess if your classical 17900 Shimakaze has no idea how spotting works, for example. World of Warships and World of Tanks are also completely different games on way too many aspects. In World of Warships it is desired to spread around to make sure you can catch broadsides. World of Warships doesn't have destructable walls, altitude, terrain differences or bushes/trees. World of Tanks is (supposedly) a fast paced game where you can quickly change your position while World of Warships is slow paced, encouraging you to plan minutes before something actually happens. I really doubt that implementing a whole system from one game to another, in any circumstance, is a good idea.
  11. WorthyOpponent

    1 vs. 1 Brawl With Tier IX Ships

    And as I said, they are cut. Around this much. They cut most of the open sea, which makes a lot of sense, no?
  12. WorthyOpponent

    1 vs. 1 Brawl With Tier IX Ships

    but the maps are already cut
  13. WorthyOpponent

    Update of the Ruckus in the Depot Event

    Wait- Did WG really just nerf the already extremely rare T9 Ship Container for this event? When they gave T9 Container for returning players, it included rare ships:
  14. WorthyOpponent

    Update 0.11.5: U.S. Independence Day

  15. It sounds good and all but my main concerns still aren't answered as far as I can see. What happens to the existing camos and flags we have? What does this new system offer to the people who are sitting on hundreds or even thousands of camos and dragon flags? What happens to the Made of Steel perma camo on the Steel shop? Is it going to become cosmetic only and turn useless or will it be sold in a package with economic bonuses? What happens to the permanent camos we have in our inventories? What happens to unique permanent camouflages like HSF for Yamato(that didn't give credit income but 50% CXP instead) and Kobayashi ones?