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  1. WorthyOpponent

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I've been carrying Bronze with Farragut. Never had a league this effortless to be honest, the ship is kinda awesome.
  2. WorthyOpponent

    What's Your Best Choice In Cruisers?

    Nevsky and Petro. So just grind Soviet cruisers, I'd say.
  3. WorthyOpponent

    download wallpapers

    Wallpaper Engine mods when?
  4. WorthyOpponent

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle,Azur lane, Arpeggio of blue steel,Haifuri)

    I'm going to pull for Xingqui and hope I lose 50/50 to Mona.
  5. WorthyOpponent

    Thank you WG: sincerely!

    Yes, thank you WG for not taking away something we had every year and not putting it behind lootboxes either You refused the opportunity to be worse
  6. WorthyOpponent

    Last time I had fun grinding new line was EU DDs...

    To give my own opinion on this, I think it's not the concepts that are bad, but how WG changed their way of making lines after EU DDs to "Everything trash until you hit T10" Though for the record, I finished and really enjoyed IT BBs, maybe not so much around Lepanto and stock V. Veneto, but Caracciolo is definitely one of my favorite ships. For others, I didn't even bother trying. I got only credits from split German DD event and completely stopped playing on Dutch. For Vermont line, I made a Facebook post about how happy I am to finally get Kansas so I can sell it for 8M Credits even.
  7. WorthyOpponent

    the "carry harder!" thread

    My back broke
  8. WorthyOpponent

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I haven't been playing almost any games lately... It was the last day so I decided I should complete the whole stage of Soviet CV event in one day Biggest mistake of my life, over 40 random games and probably even more co ops
  9. WorthyOpponent

    impossible de tir et torpille

    This is the English part of the forum my dude I'm sorry
  10. WorthyOpponent

    Best HE Spam Cruisers?!

    Mogami Drake/Goliath Not tech tree lines but Azuma/Yoshino Probably french cruisers thanks to their reload boosts US Light cruisers maybe?
  11. Kaga B. I got Lexington some time after and I liked Lex more. Though I love Kaga B, I wish I didn't spend money on this game.
  12. WorthyOpponent

    Premium Time - Time For A Change

    IF WG changes that then they would give like 3 hour premiums instead of 1 day... Because you know, profits.
  13. WorthyOpponent

    Noob question time

    You can't find it on Modstation because it's not a mod. It's in the settings. Switch this to full. It's here:
  14. WorthyOpponent

    T10 Ship for Perma Camo Made of Steel

    So instead of going for steel ships I bought myself a Made of Steel camo and I plan on using steel for it in the future as well, but first decision is always the hardest so I'm looking for second opinion from people. I'm basically trying to choose which ship in this list would give me more fun and credits in the long run. I'm mainly thinking between Nevsky and Petropavlovsk, but Petro is going to have some nerfs soon and Nevsky has ASW while Petro doesn't. While I don't believe the nerf will be big it still makes me doubt.
  15. WorthyOpponent

    WG are amazing at their jobs

    Next Update: "We are happy to Announce the new T9 Premium DD and T10 Special DD in Premium Shop with accurate torpedoes that won't have this bug!"