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  1. Naja, sieh die Flugzeuge als Munition an - die geht den anderen Schiffsklassen auch nicht aus. Die "wächst" auch nach.
  2. byDealerus

    What was your highest "Potential Damage"?

    Its not my highest pot. dmg, but the highest I've had in Moskwa so far I guess. (The text in the screenshot is german, sorry) Might as well mention that I did 31k dmg to DDs this game, but thanks to that my average dmg in the Moskwa decreased. Doesnt seem right imo. And tanking 95k real dmg is not that far away from the max. limit the Moskwa can tank.
  3. byDealerus

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Im so sorry for filling up so much space in this topic, but everyone keeps quoting me... I know what random means, trust me. So its not allowed to be happy if you're one of 10% rich people and its not allowed to be frustrated to be one of the 90% not rich ones? But in this case, I feel like being one of like 3% who gets nothing at all. So if I was one of 3% getting something nice, I should be happy, but when Im one of 3% getting nothing Im not allowed to be angry, sad etc.? WIth the (maybe?) given 10% of common ships, I didnt get any of those. And I didnt get any of the rare ones. So im clearly breaking the statistics. In a statistic the smartest way is to expect the average... Or dont you leave your house because theres a small chance of something killing you once you step outside?
  4. byDealerus

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Just cross the 1. point. You act like I dont know that. Cross the 2nd one. Ask real questions. As if you first ask how many people die by crossing the street before you cross the street. You dont do that because you know that nothing will happen to you because all the others did the same and only a few got hit. A few not checking the situation out (not buying the largest package to increase chances to not get hit). Whatever, not the best example. That dude a few posts above got 3 ships out of 5 crates.
  5. byDealerus

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    A withdrawn ship with the biggest picture of all 37 ships on the website. Yeah. I bought the 20 to get the Nikolai, but I only paid that much because it looked so promising of getting ships, since there is even a mechanic that you cant get some ships twice because they get rerolled. I spent so much time in this game over the last one and a half years, and so much money. The two most important things in our days... And I cant even get a single ship in 20 HUGE crates at christmas from WG.
  6. byDealerus

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    I guess we are just quoting each other without listening. As I already told you, all my friends got ships. WG didnt say anything about the ship chance, thats the problem. They show 9 bad drops and 37 good drops. I get only ones of the 9 bad ones. If I combine what I read and what my friends had, ppl get from 10 to 30% ships. And that even with medium ones. So with 20 the chance is from what I see around 200%. Even if the chance is only half of that, still 100% of getting one ship.
  7. byDealerus

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    I got all the ships I want, but try to buy Nikolai I. Read all my comments if you want to tell me that im insanely retarded.
  8. byDealerus

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    15 different boxes. Huge ones? Or dont you tell what you bought to make your number sound large? If you want to know, I opened 24 in total. 20 huge, 2 medium, 2 small. 15? So you went for 10 and then 5? First med and then large I guess, is that 70 euros? Or did you buy 20 and got something in the 16th so you can try to use 15 non-good-content crates in a row as argument? Im trying to use arguments, youre just using "grow up", "its a gambel game for 7 years old" and how "grown up" you are and smart. But to be fair, your last answer (the quoted one) was quite nice and is a lot more appreciated than the others. So thanks for that at least.
  9. byDealerus

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Yeah. I bought 20. Because chances of getting a ship in just one is low. Yeah. There's a drop chance. I bought the largest amount with the largest crates to compensate that. What worked for everyone else. Yeah. There's a risk of getting nothing out of it. But thats again why I spent so much. Almost everyone else got good stuff, me not. And you try to tell me that I shouldnt be annoyed? Depressed? Yeah. You for sure need to be grown up to buy crates. Thats why you can play this game as a 7 years old. So youre trying to say, that losing a large amount of money in a freaking game with a digital, non-random at all "gamble"-mechanic and getting angry because of that is something that wouldnt happen to adults? Thats why so many of them lose everything they own by gambling... But for that reason gambling is for 18 years old. Because they lose all in a grown up manner and commit suicide instead of complain. So much grown up. Sure, my overlay is german, but I cant see that there's somewhrere something announced like "HUGE GAMBLE" in the news. Theres something about crates with guaranteed value in them.
  10. byDealerus

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    I dont consider it to be that. For me, gambling is all or nothing. You dont put your money on a table and get it back if youre lucky. You get 20 X-tra large crates with guaranteed value. Together with all the sh*t they promise and all... If I went for the smallest crates, ok. I went for the biggest ones, since there is the biggest chance of getting something. Why are there big crates with the same crap, if its not worth it?
  11. byDealerus

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Sure, 25% is what some lucky guys had, but I dont know a single friend who didnt get a single one. This is not gambling, jesus. Its a christmas event. To make the ppl spend money for virtual crap and make them happy. Can you see how happy I am? They even said that you get the spent money or more back. Did I? If I had gotten at least ONE ship, then maybe almost more than no value at all. But like this... Only the bad stuff? If you go for the largest package and get litterally nothing, I cant take it without at least complain in forums.
  12. byDealerus

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    I bought 20 freaking big crates. I got 4x doubloons, not a single ship. Useless camos and useless signals. 70+ euros, and NOT A SINGLE SHIP. Thats just so much wasted money... Everyone who bought some told me that theiy're worth it... I want to take my life. I want to take some WG stuff's life. But thats just because I could explode from aggression and die from depression. Yeah, I for sure got all my money back. Since 8k doubloons, 120 red dragons, 150 frosty camos, 60 type 59, 30 Wyvern and 30 auroboros are totally 70 euros worth. Its like last year. Everyone gets the nice crap, so WG can give me the shitty things. Like come on, im sitting here, hoping for a Nikolai and then this... There is a chance of getting THIRTY-SEVEN premium ships. There's a chance of getting a ship of 25% per container. I GET ZERO. Like I spent so much money, im still in school and I left in total more than just a thousand euros in my time here. Im so depressed I cant think anymore, someone should just end it. There were three rules: You cant get your money back and two more rules about ships. What ship? WHAT SHIP? Why are below any package information 3 ships? Why are there THIRTY SEVEN FREAKING SHIPS listed, IF YOU DONT GET A SINGLE F*CKUNG ONE. I HATE YOU. I should just start the same crap someone started on battlefront II, complaining about the game being for children when its more like a luck game... Poker.
  13. byDealerus

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I hereby state that I want to join the raffle. 1. Prinz Eugen 2. Huang He if its still avaiable (or any T6 ship, which gets into the shop for the first time, but after I posted this, if that should happen), if not I'd like the De Grasse o7 3. Premium time 6. Same as 3. Thank you, dear gentlemen for donating that stuff o7
  14. byDealerus

    Odem Mortis [OM] rekrutiert

    Sei gegrüsst, Odem Mortis! Ich stiess leider erst 2016 auf World of Warships, weswegen ich bisher "nur" gut fünftausend Gefechte in Randoms geschlagen habe. Zudem waren mir meine Stats bis vor wenigen Monaten komplett egal, weswegen sie erst seit kurzem langsam, aber stetig nach oben gehen. In meinem jetzigen Clan "SBG - Schweizer Brigade", bin ich erst seit wenigen Monaten im Kompetitiven aktiv geworden. Davor war ich ein zwar aktives Mitglied (habe viel WoWs gesuchtet), war aber dafür nur bedingt von nutzen für den Clan (sowohl soziale als auch spielerische Interaktion waren bei mir nicht stark vorhanden). Erst jetzt in den Clan Wars bekam ich mehr von der Mentalität meines Clans mit, und bis vor Gestern war ich noch fest entschlossen, diese Saison in der SBG durchzuziehen, jedoch teile ich nicht die selben Ansichten, wie die meisten anderen im Clan: Nach den gestrigen sieben Niederlagen und nur drei Siegen, hiess es zum Beispiel von einigen, dass man die Sache realistisch sehen müsse, dass unser Clan an die Grenzen seiner Möglichkeiten gestossen sei - Wir waren kurz in der Typhoon Liga und schieden vier zu eins direkt wieder aus. Dann folgten noch ein paar weitere Niederlagen. Die Aufstiegsphase verloren wir auch wieder zwei zu drei. Ich für meinen Teil will jetzt aber nicht klein beigeben. Und bei der Jagd nach der Stalingrad direkt in der ersten Runde auszuscheiden... Ich könnte heulen bei dem Gedanken. Zum Alter bezogen bin ich "lediglich" 17 Jahre alt, aber ich wüsste nicht in wie fern sich mein Verhalten im Verlauf eines Jahres verändern sollte. Im Moment habe ich noch genug Zeit, um Abends aktiv zu sein, dass könnte in einem Jahr ganz anders aussehen. Lest den Text besser zweimal durch, der rote Faden fehlt (sorry). Wenn ich es auf den Punkt bringen soll: Ich würde gerne für den Verlauf der Clan Wars eurem Clan beitreten, wenn ich mir die Möglichkeit bei euch erarbeiten/verdienen kann, die 30 Siege im Verlauf des nächsten Monats zusammenzubekommen. Neunundzwanzig fehlen noch, Kappa. Ich fühle mich dabei zwar etwas nuttig, dass ich meinen Clan nur für ein kommendes Schiff eintauschen würde, aber die Tatsache, dass ein guter Freund von mir in seinem Clan bereits die Flagge erspielt hat, gab mir den letzten Stoss. Also habe ich mich Mal im Clanbereich umgeschaut und... Hoffe dass ich im Nachhinein wenigstens sagen kann, "Ein Versuch war's wert", ohne gleich clanloser Streuner zu werden. Vielleicht überschätze ich mich auch masslos mit der Annahme, dass ich gleich bei Odem Mortis anfangen könnte - Meine Stats sind nicht wirklich das Ah und Oh. Hier muss ich allerdings noch hinzufügen, dass ich die grösste Zeit eher Mid-Tier Spieler war (T5-7), weswegen Durchschnittsschaden, Durchschnittserfahrung, Durchschnittstier - und alles andere tierabhängige alleine dadurch heruntergezogen werden. Sollten meine Stats, mein Alter (beziehungsweise meine geistige Reife) und meine Absichten nicht euren Vorstellungen entsprechen, kann ich es gerne in einem Jahr noch einmal versuchen. Oder kennt ihr einen Clan, der mir eher entsprechen würde? Naja, zu letzt bleibt mir nichts anderes übrig, als euch für eure Zeit, Antwort(en), Ehrlichkeit und (hoffentlich) Freundlichkeit zu danken. Freundlichst grüsst, und viel Glück und ruhige See, wünscht euch, byDealerus, naiver Junkie, der an der WoWsSpritze hängen blieb. o7
  15. byDealerus

    USS Salem TX Us Cruiser is on it´s way

    Well, im much more interested in the Stalingrad... I hope my clan and me will get the flag at least in this first season. But if Salem becomes a CW reward, which you will get after like 2 more CW seasons after you got Stalingrad, she has to be better than Stalingrad, right?