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  1. Burning_Rovu

    Looking for causal clan.

    Hello everyone, I'd like to join an EU clan that doesn't require some sort of communication(Skype, TS, Discord, etc). My WR is crap(I do blame my CA playing style and Bismarck campaign XD), same goes for avg dmg(I should have played DD/CV/CAs with bots)
  2. Burning_Rovu

    Akagi's Tea Party

    Yea, figured that 47% WR is bad for a clan to have. :/
  3. Burning_Rovu

    Akagi's Tea Party

    I like this clan, where do I apply? XD (Dunno if stats are above avg or not)
  4. Burning_Rovu

    Returning captain's questions.

    So, hello there fellow captains. I used to play a lot during 2016 but dropped the game soon after German BB patch, and after that I would play 2-3 battles, get angry and drop the game again. The reason I dropped the game in the first place was because CV's were OP during that patch, that and damn Tirpitz and Bismarck, followed by a buff for NC and Amagi (my main ship at the time) was getting nothing. After hitting TVIII I started facing strong adversaries (Bismarck/Tirpitz/NC aside) like Iowa, Yamato, Shimakaze and Des Moines. I couldn't help but die even at 25km range trying to shake off a Shimakaze I was getting sniped by a Yamato and so on (I am not really complaining about anything). I returned to the game during an event including all ARP ships (I wanted that ARP Kongou so bad) so I started playing again. After getting ARP Myoko, I managed to get Izumo. I liked it although I dumped my performance in order to get ARP Takao (I would join battles only to get the win without caring much about my performance). Anyway I got this E-Mail about the French CL line and I jumped in again. I noticed the new(for me) commander skills. I'm aiming to get another TX ship (Already got Yamato, but the ~100k I have to pay after the battle isn't exactly appealing). My reason for getting the Yamato was... well, it's the Yamato and I didn't care at all if it was good or not. But now I want a line that is good and not frustrating (I found Nagato awful Amagi was a nightmare because of all the Bismarcks/Triptzs, and Izumo was bad although I liked it). Anyway, back to the point, I want a summary of the best ship for each tier. My summary for this would be: TI Orlan (dunno why) TII DD Umikaze TIII CL Saint Luis , BB Kawachi (I love it) (I'm more of a BB player so I have no clue about DD's) TIV CL Phoenix(people are always screaming about how good Kuma is, but I hate it), BB Wyoming TV CL Furutaka(I hate Kuma, but I think that Furutaka is one of the funniest ships to sail), BB Kongou (My favourite ship, superior range and speed to other TV BB's NY is shite and I never died versus one or two Konig), DD Minekaze TVI CL Aoba(once you accept the fact that when broadside to a BB or a higher tier CL will get you killed in a second or two, it's an amazing ship, I would even get so far as to say that Aoba was OP, the fact that she carries 10km torpedoes makes it superior to Cleveland imo), BB Fusou(every time I play this ship, either because I'm bored or because I need credits, it feels like cheating, EVERY TIME) TVII CL Myoko, BB Nagato/secondaries specialisation (Let's face it, when I was on my Nagato, New Mexico was a fearsome ship while Colorado was laughable and after my last 3 matches on my Amagi it seems like it still is laughable. The only way that a Nagato can die to a Gneisenau is by being torpedoed) TVIII CL Either Hipper or Mogami, BB not Amagi, Tirpitz can snipe her, Bismarck wins at a dogfight and North Carolina is overall better , DD Benson/Fubuki (now she's at TVI for some reason) TIX CL Baltimore?, BB Iowa (I don't think that someone can negotiate about that) TX CL Des Moines (although I love Zao), BB Yamato (Low pen. machine), DD Shimakaze That's my summary from when I last played. Now there are German DDs, HMS and French CLs and the alternative DD lines for USSR and IJN. Q1: IJN BBs that were shooting HE all the time were just bad captains, now, every single BB is shooting HE, should I continue shooting AP by default and change to HE when needed? ( I don't want to shoot HE with Yamato ...) Or should I change to HE by default? (IJN/US BB's, I don't really like German BBs) Q2: What's with all the people that are complaining about how bad "Belfast" is? (I was checking Reddit from time to time when HMS CL's came out and this was the main topic XD) Q3: Should I get Mogami or stop the line at Myoko? I mean Takao seems better, and so does Hipper/Prinz Eugen Q4: Is Colorado still bad or did I came across bad captains every time both then and now? Main question: Should I get Colorado or free XP through it? (I want NC and Iowa) Q5: Best non prem ship to farm credits? 1 BB and 1 CL. Q6: I have yet to buy a prem ship but I plan on getting one, what should I get? I plan on getting Atago/Prinz Eugen because of Kancolle, Atlanta because it gave me nightmares(RAINBOWS), Tirpitz(Overall a good ship and is a BB). I did notice 2 ships that should be good but I have yet to see them in battle: Alabama and Mutsu(also, why is Mutsu at VI? She was a sister ship to Nagato right?) Q7: Standard HE vs AP question about cruisers, IJN line and French line, what to use and when? (I'm still firing HE for both) Q8: Uhm, legend says that there are HMS ships in the game but I have yet to meet them. XD What's up with that? Q9: I don't sell my precious IJN BBs (Kongou aside, got 4 of them and captain went to visit Hotel Yamato), so I was wondering about commander skills, Is a secondary guns focused Nagato still viable? Where did I went wrong with Amagi(I know that my stats suck) http://prntscr.com/ezu8rn / http://prntscr.com/ezu9ib (red squares are my next target, I was building Amagi in order to deal with planes and DDs. But I know that 2 wrong skills wouldn't mean the end of the world, but after many battles I still can't figure out what I was doing wrong.. Q10: What is the current status of the game? Players, toxicity, OP ships(liike Furutaka and Fubuki), useless ships(like Colorado and Izumo)
  5. Burning_Rovu

    Nagato help

    Thanks for the replies.
  6. Burning_Rovu

    Nagato help

    Just bought the stearing gears modification 2, I will try staying back, shoot at max range angled and see what happens, but still since I use the catapult I find no reason to give 22k exp just for AA protection. I read somewhere that the hulls give you a penetration bonus, is that by any chance true?
  7. Burning_Rovu

    Nagato help

    I find High Alert better because I couldn't pick Fire Prevention. Moving at full speed means 22 kts... Which doesn't exactly help you get away from a wild encounter with a N. Carolina.
  8. Burning_Rovu

    Nagato help

    My main issue asside that I can't get citadel hits with the Nagato(and only with the Nagato) is that I get one shoted by enemy N. Carolinas or Izumos even when I am angled.
  9. Burning_Rovu

    Nagato help

    I know about angling and that's not the case, I dunno why my stats are bad with the Kongou but with the Fusou and the Nagato that should be the enemy tier IX ships oneshoting me even if I am angled. I used to play ranked games with the Fusou and I was going right in the middle of the points in order to deny the enemy team from getting it, other than that I usually get sink by enemy Aircraft Carriers.
  10. Burning_Rovu

    Nagato help

    I don't know if I'm underperforming, I'm first in my time almost every single game, except with the Nagato :/
  11. Burning_Rovu

    Nagato help

    Hello everyone, just wanted to ask, isn't 22.000 exp A LOT for just A-A guns? Also I would love if you guys give me some advise over the Nagato, it's upgrades and captain skills. It seems that I'm doing something very wrong with the ship: Can't land citadel hits(although I know how to hit them and where they are located) and can't do any damage overall. :/ It was different with the Fusou and the amazing Kongou, I just don't get if I'm really bad at this game or Nagato sucks