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  1. caract4cus

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    amusing bending of the truth and you have 10 premium ships (with stock stats) and I am the wallet warrior? or did you mean 'Valet Warrior' because my ship was very clean?
  2. caract4cus

    [-GOD-] Grumpy Old Dudes

    Having -GOD- on your name in battle and raining down fire with the Orion and Belfast....such fun. On the negative side, a few minus points on the karma from victims.
  3. caract4cus

    [-GOD-] Grumpy Old Dudes

  4. caract4cus

    [-GOD-] Grumpy Old Dudes

    As long as there are no bloody kids, grumble grumble.....will that do? applied
  5. Agree - I am only up to T6 but will look forward to next year. Actually T7, I forgot my belfast prize.
  6. See bramby old boy, not too bad after all......Especially after you allowed yourself to be wound up into one of your little tantrums about it on Reddit yesterday by MrFingers and his BS version of what was coming.
  7. All ships have very high individual stats but a higher percentage of bad players will have terrible stats in all ships and bring down the average eventuallly. P2win is basically bragging about his stats in the Conq and in no way would he want it nerfed. EDIT - to add to this, average highest damage after 80 battles (wows numbers) in conq is an OMNI guy with 147k in a yamato average is 150k as the top guy
  8. I think you know what I meant
  9. Judging by the abysmal play in brit bb's at lower levels, the average stats of the T10s and 9s will drop like a stone when the spuds eventually get up to high tiers
  10. caract4cus

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Also came across TobyJug on the opposing team in his Scharnhorst......he had a good game and got a 'worthy adversary' point from me, whereas I had the team from hell.
  11. caract4cus

    Mines !?

    plus the second line torpers could also lay second line mines? 4 or 5 pinkies a battle after a week of mines.
  12. caract4cus

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Liking the Fuso
  13. caract4cus

    Who Dares Wins

    Confused? You write a clan advert and in the next 30 minutes apply to 4 or 5 other clans?