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  1. TsundereCptn

    New ship preview: High School Fleet

    It's still tier 8, just typical EU professionalism
  2. TsundereCptn

    Otranto mission

    Many language is of hard translating comrades. Nice to see doable weekly missions with good rewards.
  3. TsundereCptn

    Server down

    Lol at people who expect to get service they paid for (or any info why they can't get it), right?
  4. TsundereCptn

    Is it a good Idea to remove Manual Atacks for low Tir CVs

    So sealclubbing is wrong, but only when cv does it? Also, apparently making tutorials is too hard, let's have players learn ALT attacks against tier 8 AA. Nothing can go wrong here.
  5. TsundereCptn

    The relentless drive to try to make us play high tiers continues

    There is, but it mostly ends at tier 7. With all the camping in t8+ fun is questionable.
  6. TsundereCptn

    Alternative Music that suits a naval battle

    Maybe they're not very epic, but I like to listen to shanties when playing, they just somehow fit. AC4 has some really good versions, they sound like they're sung by sailors who can't sing at all and forgot half the lyrics, so points for realism And with a special dedication to Izumo: Other than that, military marches work really well: And for Russian ships there's always Alexandrov Choir:
  7. TsundereCptn


    YAAAAAAMAAAAAATOOOOOO! Huh, OP was right. We need more quality content like this.
  8. TsundereCptn

    Event Calendar - February

    I don't know, every nation's weekend has an "awesome premium" bundle, so it's probably just Atago or maybe Mutsu. But if they release PoiShip, it's an instant buy.
  9. TsundereCptn

    Shares Gold on WOT and WOWs

    Probably never gonna happen, too many people in WOT with tons of gold = potentially less money spent in WOWS.
  10. TsundereCptn

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Why do people still believe that admitting you made a mistake is somehow worse than pretending to be an idiot and that everything "works as intended"? It doesn't work, after they tailored it to our needs cut out content the clients are different versions.
  11. TsundereCptn

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    1. Are WG NA, SEA, RU blind? They didn't see any problems. 2. How are we different from audience on the other servers? 3. The point of an "experimental" campaign is to see if it will work, how can you know that before actually running it? 4. Those who "do not want to struggle between the game and family time" buy the Graf Spee and have plenty of time to complete the campaign, those who do not - try to complete it after 9.01. How is that still holiday season? 5. And you couldn't add the camos to shop AND leave a way to get them for free in a limited time why? 6. I'm saddened that NA activities overshadowed EU ones. How about that account transfer? 7. You obviously don't learn since this is not the first time it happened.
  12. TsundereCptn

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Here's a simple idea for you: offer us a time-limited option to transfer our accounts to a different server. You'll get rid of unsatisfied customers and will be left with players who are happy even without any events, missions and discounts. You get less work and we are treated like a non- third world region. Everybody wins!